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The A-Z Of Spirituality

Here we have lists our A-Z of spirituality. You may come up with letters that represent a different word and meaning to you, which is great! Read ours below and enjoy!


A- Astrology

Astrology is where people look closely into the movements of cosmic objects, planets and stars, interpreting how we can be affected by this due to our date of birth. We believe it’s a fun hobby to have and a great way to find out more about your star sign and how it can influence your personality. For your weekly astrology, click here.

B- Buddhism

Buddhism is an ancient Asian religion, which was founded by Siddartha Gautama in India. A lot of Buddhists teach mindfulness and how to live your life in a peaceful, meaningful way. Find out more about Buddhism here.

C- Chakra

Chakras are split into seven sections, which represent different parts of your body that have spiritual powers. If one of your chakras is lacking energy, this can generally alter the way you feel. Find out here which one of your chakras could be blocked and how you can fix it.

D- Dreams

Dreams take place when we are asleep. Many of us can dream of different symbols, situations or beings which can represent something in our lives or what we hope to have in our future. Find out more about the dreams you are experiencing here and what they could mean!

E- Epiphany

An Epiphany is where you can experience a sudden realisation of something happening in your life or what you want. This is brilliant because you can then begin the journey of inner peace and happiness if something isn’t quite right.

F- Faith

Faith can mean a type of religion or simply having faith in yourself. We believe is this very important because once you believe in yourself, you can live your life to it’s full potential and start to see great benefits and opportunities blossoming. Here’s a guide on what thoughts to banish from your life to help you keep the faith!

G- Guidance

Guidance is often used for people who may have lost their way in life or when they are trying to make a decision. Many can feel a little trapped, believing they are at a point where they can’t escape an experience or situation. However, at Wishing Moon, we offer great spiritual guidance that can help you overcome issues and see your options clearer.


H- Healing

Healing is when you are in the process of returning to good health. This can be physical, however, many people experience healing mentally and emotionally after a bad stage in their life, such as a loss of a loved one or a break up. This guide to meditation and healing could really help you return to your happy self, just in time for the summer!

I- Incense

Incense is a spice/fragrance on a stick, gum or moulded into a shape, which once burnt, release a wonderful fragrance. This is often used for calming benefits in meditation environments or in someone’s home when they want to relax. Find out the best choices of incense for spring here and how it can make you feel amazing and your home smell gorgeous!

J- Justice

Justice is an equality of treatment or behaviour. For example, people may want others around them to be in a happy environment, making them want to seek justice if this isn’t the case. This can mean making sure people feel peaceful, avoiding being prejudiced and disrespected. We believe it’s a key to treat others how you would like to be treated and to be kind to people you meet, no matter how different they are.

K- Karma

Karma is a believe that is associated with Buddhism and Hinduism and it means an equal result to someone’s actions. For example, if you treat someone badly, expect to be treated the same in your life. This is a brilliant belief to remember, because it reminds you that being negative might also affect you in the long run. Here is one of our posts on how to lead a happier life and it has a lot to do with Karma, which could help you.

L- Love

Love is one of the best gifts to life, that we can all experience. Many people have searched for years to find the true meaning of love. We believe it’s when you have a deep passion and admiration for something or someone, no matter what it is. You can love an activity, person or pet and you can’t be parted from it for long! If you feel you need guidance on your love life, contact us here for a detailed reading or read some of our love and relationship posts that could help! Or, if you want to read our wonderfully cute post about how pets keep us happy and healthy because of love, click here!

M- Mayan

Mayan is an American Indian language which is spoken in Central America and Mexico. This civilization created a calendar which consisted of 18 months and 20 days, making their zodiac signs very different from ours. To discover your sign, click here and to learn more about the fascinating Mayans, click here.

N- Numerology

Numerology is the knowledge of numbers and their significance. Many people combine birth dates to reveal personality profiles of individuals. To discover your Numerology digit and what it means for you, click here.


O- Optimism

Optimism is when you are confident when looking forward to the future. You believe that great opportunities can happen for everyone and you will be able to achieve great things when you put your mind to it. We think it’s important to have this frame of mind because it helps you believe in your future, instead of being afraid of it. Here is a great guide that can teach you how to be more optimistic, which can lead to you feel much happier and ready to get what you want!

P- Psychic

Psychics are people who have a gift in clairvoyance. These people can often relate to your mind and soul, often understanding you greatly and able to give you excellent spiritual advice about your life. Click here to discover our amazing Psychics who could help guide you towards happiness in your life.

Q- Quotes

We believe reading quotes in books such as Carpe Diem can help people make the most of their current situation, even in times of struggle. Sometimes, a simple quote said by another can snap you into action when feeling negative. We think it’s a great idea to read a positive quote before you start each day, so you are thinking about the positives in life.

R- Respect

We think Respect is extremely important, regardless of belief, religion or anything else that makes you different from others. Once you have respect for others and you gain theirs too, you will begin to feel a lot happier in your everyday life. This might see you making a lot more friendships, too.
Here is a guide that can help you if you’re in a unhappy relationship that has a lack of respect and how to deal with it. This could also help you find a solution to your friendship or family issues, too.

S- Spirit Animal

A Spirit Animal is a Pagan belief where a particular animal represents personality traits and skills you have or haven’t discovered yet. Many people assume their spirit animal is one they adore in their everyday lives such as a dog, yet they can be very surprised which one is their’s. Take our spirit animal quiz here and find out which one you are today!

T- Tarot

Tarot is a combination of cards that when used in a reading, can tell a lot about someone’s current situation or future. It is used mostly for guidance, giving someone a spiritual insight to how they are feeling and what can help lead them to success and inner peace. Find out our Tarot card of the month here or have a special Tarot card reading with a specialist here. Or to read more about all things Tarot, click here!

U- Unwind

To Unwind is when you relax after a working day, a difficult time or an emotional strain. We believe a great way to unwind is to take a hot bubble bath or read a book with a cup of tea however, it’s different for everyone! It’s important to take time to yourself in the middle of your busy lifestyle to remain grounded and peaceful, regardless of life’s responsibilities. Here is our guide on how to spread positive energy in your home, which could massively help you to relax more!


V- Value

A Value is an importance in your life and a standard you want to uphold. We believe it’s good when someone stays true to their values and doesn’t do something they feel uncomfortable doing, such as changing who they are for someone else’s benefit.

W- Wish

A wish is a strong hope or desire for something to happen in your life. These are mostly positive things and many make a wish on a star, moon or their birthdays. We think wishes are fantastic because it will make people try a little more, to make something come true, such as a new journey in life. To start, find out how you could wish on the different phases of the Moon and how it can transform your day!

X- eXistance (we know this is cheating, slightly!)

We think it’s very important to remember your existence in the world. There may come a time where you feel hopeless and as if people don’t care about you. However, you need to know that you have a purpose just as much as anyone else on earth. You need to be reminded that you are just as special and have just the same amount of opportunities to make your life incredible! Go out there and be amazing, we believe you can do it!

Y- Yoga

Yoga is an ascetic and spiritual discipline which relates with how we breathe. In Yoga classes, you will learn how to be more flexible and how to relax yourself in stressful situations. It can actually alter your frame of mind, so that you aren’t as rattled as you used to be when difficult times come round the corner. Here is how you can create the perfect space in your home for when you want to take part in yoga or meditation to teach yourself to keep your cool!

Z- Zen

Zen is the study of meditation, rather than teamed with religion or worship. Zen can help you find peace within yourself so you can lead a happier life.


We hope you have enjoyed our A-Z of Spirituality. If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We hope you have a fantastic day!

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