Ways to pay
Ways to pay:

The Affiliation of Master Psychics

The Affiliation of Master Psychics founded in 2001 has been established to provide professional credibility for those who practice the metaphysical arts.

The aim of the A.M.P. is to promote and regulate those who operate in the esoteric and metaphysical industry by means of membership of a professional body. Those who are admitted to the A.M.P. are therefore required to conduct their business with honesty and integrity at all times and to charge a reasonable and fair fee for their services.

The A.M.P requires all members to have completed a recognized course in their area of expertise, or to provide such references that the A.M.P. deems necessary.

By these means it is hoped that the general public will be able to accept the help and guidance offered by the members of the A .M. P. knowing that such help and guidance is both accurate, reliable and given by a naturally gifted clairvoyant medium or accredited Tarot reader.


  • Always charge a fair and reasonable fee
  • State the total cost of the consultation, and clearly say whether the service is inclusive of VAT
  • Conduct their business with honesty and integrity
  • Never offer medical advice
  • Never be rude or abusive to a client
  • Retain client confidentiality at all times.
  • Never become personally involved with a client. (To do so constitutes “professional misconduct”.)
  • Direct clients to recognized organizations should he/she feel that a client needs professional help
  • Not to consult persons under the age of 18 years.
  • Not to consult any member of the public who is undergoing psychiatric treatment or is involved in alcohol or drug abuse.
  • To uphold the highest professional standards at all times.
  • To display on their promotional material the particular skill or art in which they practice and are experienced.
  • Certificates and or diplomas must be readily available for public inspection
  • To provide a written receipt if requested (a receipt must be offered).
  • Telephone readers must agree to uphold the Phone Pay Plus and REGTEL code of practice, telephone regulators for the U.K and Eire. http://www.phonepayplus.org.uk

Membership of the A.M.P. is free of charge.

Email:- amp2000@wishingmoon.com