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The Different Types Of Spirit Guides And How They Can Be A Great Gift

Have you ever believed something is watching over you to protect and guide you? Many of us could go through situations feeling as if someone is hovering over us, telling us to do the right thing. Are these gut feelings or a spirit guide you aren’t fully aware of yet? It’s said that these spirit guides are provided to us before we’re even born, which means they see us through thick and thin. These guides represent our higher selves and can be something that helps us choose the best route in life. Some guides come in forms that we might feel more connected to than others. What are the different types and how can they help?

Guardian Angels

This type of guide is often desired when someone is going through a time of loss or grief. People believe that someone who has passed through to heaven (such as a relative) is watching over them. Many people can experience an unusual feeling of this person’s spirit surrounding them and appearing in their dreams. It’s likely that you could dream about talking to this person, which could actually offer you brilliant guidance in your life. If this person you knew was always strong, seeing them in a dream could motivate you to go for what you really want. There are also different ancient Angels of the week which represent different qualities, who can also help you become empowered throughout the week.

Ancient Gods

Ancient Gods are historically linked to different planets in our solar system, which are the rulers of particular zodiac signs. Many believe their ruler can help them in particular situations. For example, Mercury is linked to communication therefore if someone’s sign is currently aligned with that planet, they might become motivated to share how they really feel about areas in their life. Whenever Venus is linked to a zodiac sign, it’s an excellent time for love and beauty, which can push someone to ask a crush out on a date or even change up their image.

Power/Spirit Animals

Different cultures believe in Power/Spirit animals and many people feel connected to a special animal. There are many exercises you can take to discover what your power animal is. For example, many people meditate and imagine themselves in a distinct setting. When they are completely relaxed, they can visualize a place they are in and can start to see animals. If there is a group of an animal type or if there is only one that stands out, this is meant to be your Power Animal. Many people prefer certain animals and often assume this will be their Power Animal, yet can be very surprised at their result. Once you discover what yours is, it’s a great idea to study more about the animal and how it can encourage you. If you don’t want to meditate, you could take our quiz and find out which one best suits your personality.

Flowers and Plants

Many people are unaware of this, but flowers are often used for influence and guides. People give red roses to symbolise love and romance, but other flowers have qualities suited to other situations. Lavender is often used to soothe and relax, which is why people might choose to display it in their home. Shamans believe flowers and other plants can guide us to inner peace. Researching flowers and how they help could be a great idea, especially if you are already thinking about bringing a little more nature into your home. Find out more about your favourite flower or discover the flower best suited to your zodiac sign!

Do you think you have a spirit guide? Comment below and tell us about your experience with one!

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