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The Fascinating Meaning Behind Your Horoscope’s Symbol

If you enjoy reading your horoscope, you’ve probably noticed that every star sign is represented by a symbol. For Capricorns it’s a mountain goat while Taureans have a bull. Gemini is symbolised by twins while Cancer is a crab. But what do these symbols actually mean? Let’s take a look at the meaning behind each symbol while assessing how your personality relates to the traits of your zodiac figure.


capricorn2016Mountain goatCapricorn is represented by a mountain goat. Goal orientated and driven to succeed, you’re willing to work long hours if it means you’ll achieve your dreams. You’re motivated and focussed and you’re not easily distracted.

Your friends think of you as a superhero. You’re a human of many talents and won’t let obstacles stand in your way. You’re also family orientated and loyal through and through.

You tend to take life very seriously but this can make you a bit unsympathetic to those who are not like you. Those that don’t know you well may struggle to see your fun side and, as a result, may assume you’re overly serious and unwilling to let your hair down. Be sure to share your wisdom with others and help your friends achieve their goals. By keeping your secrets to yourself or refusing to support those around you, you can come across as selfish.


aquarius2016Water bearer – The symbol for Aquarius shows a man pouring a pitcher of water. Like the water bearer, you’re generous with your time and resources.

You’re a humanitarian and enjoy helping others less fortunate than you. Because of your kindness, those around you value your friendship. Your willingness to help is infectious and it’s not unusual for your friends to become inspired by your generosity.

However, despite being one of the kindest signs of the zodiac, you still have your faults. You can become frustrated if you feel others are not listening to you, particularly if you’re trying to raise awareness of the plight of others. Although you’re compassionate and able to see things from another person’s perspective, you sometimes have a habit of always thinking you’re right.


pisces2016The fish – Like a fish, you’re surrounded by mystery and unfamiliarity. You’re a daydreamer at heart and love to wander through life filled with contemplation and reflection. You really care about other people and hate to see those around you without a smile on their faces.

You’re fiercely loyal and unlikely to quit easily. You’re probably still in touch with childhood friends, you’re happy to stay in the same job for many years, and you enjoy long term relationships as long as you’re with the right person.

Unfortunately, because of your caring nature, you often worry too much. As a result, you sometimes struggle to make decisions because you’re afraid of the outcome. You’re a people pleaser and reluctant to hurt the feelings of others. However, you can’t please everyone, Pisces.


aries2016The Ram – Courageous, energetic, wilful and leading, the symbol for Aries is a ram for a very good reason.

If you’re an Aries, chances are you’re full of energy, vitality and curiosity. You’re constantly on the lookout for the next challenge and adventure. You’re ambitious and, when it comes to your career and self-progression, you’ll rarely take ‘no’ for an answer. You want to be the best and if someone tells you that you can’t do something, it will spur you on and inspire you to prove them wrong.

However, while you suffer from no shortage of self-belief or determination, you can sometimes be a little stubborn or abrupt. Also, as a fire sign, you may have a habit of being impulsive or short tempered.


taurus2016The Bull – You’re peaceful and methodical by nature and you love having fun while enjoying the finer things in life. However, although you don’t become angry easily, once you’re wound up you can sometimes snap. You can be volatile when disturbed.

You seek stability in your personal life and career and you’re happy to take things in your stride rather than rush to make big changes.

However, the phrase ‘like a bull in a china shop’ is certainly the case here.  Taurus can be clumsy and reckless at times. You also may be reluctant to plan ahead and this can increase your chances of making mistakes.


gemini2016Twins – Sociable, energetic and friendly by nature, it’s no wonder Gemini is represented by twins. If Gemini is your star sign, chances are you’re a team player who rarely does things alone. You’re a great communicator and love talking to people. You’re adventurous, ambitious and will try almost everything once.

Gemini is an air sign meaning those that fall in this category are light, airy and carefree. Chances are, you have a natural ability to attract people and, whether you’re aware of it or not, others are drawn to your confident and optimistic personality.

Despite your positive qualities, you may have a reputation for being a little controlling and commanding. When things don’t go as planned, you may find yourself feeling frustrated and, rather than looking inwardly, you may blame others.


cancer2016The Crab – Like a crab, those with Cancer as their star sign carry their shells on their back…metaphorically, of course.

You’re likely to feel at home with your family and be very loyal to the people you care about. Like a crab, you may have a tendency to move sideways through life in a bid to avoid conflict. You’re a people-pleaser by nature and you thrive on making people happy. Your desire to spread joy and optimism is appreciated by those around you but it’s important not to sacrifice your own happiness in order to please others.

Despite having your own dreams and aspirations, you may sometimes lack motivation. Don’t let this lack of get-up-and-go stand in the way of your success.


leo2016The Lion – Like a lion, a Leo is proud, relaxed and dominant. You’re laid back and wise and those around you tend to look up to you for advice.

Although you’re easy going, if something seems either too complicated or tedious, you’re unlikely to have the patience for it.

You’re a natural leader and you’re unlikely to feel comfortable taking orders from others. As much as you like to be in control, there will be times in life where you need to sit back and let other people lead the way. Although your confidence is what makes you special, be careful not to cross the line into arrogance.


virgo2016The Maiden Virgo, you’re probably a cool, calm and collected character who exudes composure and wisdom. Your mind is never quiet. You’re always thinking, watching and assessing.

Chances are, those around you look up to you like a mother or father figure. By supporting others you help them to grow and develop into even better versions of themselves.

Although you enjoy spending time with others, you also don’t mind being alone. You’re sympathetic, a great listener, and ready to help those in need.

However, despite your warm and nurturing qualities, you can sometimes be a little judgmental and critical of those who you feel are not fulfilling their potential. There’s nothing wrong with being opinionated, but it’s important to be aware that you’re not always right.


libra2016Scales – Represented with scales, those with Libra as their star sign are in need of balance in their lives. It’s important to find a balance between work and play while also balancing your emotional and spiritual life with your physical life.

Because of your need for balance, you may sometimes find it difficult to make a decision. You like to ‘weigh up’ your options to ensure you’re making the best possible decision. However, try not to sit on the fence too often as this could cause you to miss out on potentially beneficial opportunities.


scorpio2016Scorpion – Like a scorpion, you’re contemplative and certainly not aggressive by nature. However, if provoked, you may lash out.

You enjoy time spent alone and are more than happy to sit back and people watch. Scorpio’s ability to keep a secret makes you a trustworthy person to confide in and your friends love you for your sympathetic and understanding qualities.

We bet you’re a brave individual who’s constantly on the lookout for adventure. Your friends may even be in awe at your willingness to do things they’re afraid of.

Your downfall is your inability to forgive and forget. Your reluctance to make amends with people who have wronged you could see you missing out on valuable friendships. Before cutting people off, ask yourself whether they deserve a second chance.


sagittarius2016Centaur – According to mythology, the centaur was half man and half horse. Equipped with a bow and arrow, the centaur shoots the bow before travelling to its destination to retrieve it. While you certainly don’t have a horse’s backside, Sagittarius, chances are you share some personality traits with the centaur.

You have a love for travel and adventure. You enjoy meeting new people and exploring new places. You’re forward thinking and willing to go the extra mile, whether that’s to get to your destination or to help a friend or relative.

However, despite your positive traits, sometimes you set goals that you’re unable to complete. When you fail, you’re prone to taking your frustrations out on other people. Either try to set smaller, more manageable goals or learn to be content with what you have.


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