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The heart chakra: Live from the heart and welcome love and happiness into your life

If you want to welcome love and happiness into your life along with compassion and peace then you need to ensure that your heart chakra is balanced.  For those who aren’t familiar with the heart chakra; it is sometimes known as Anahata Chakra and is the fourth of the seven chakras and is located right in the centre of the body, acting as a dividing line between the upper three chakras, the world of spirit and the lower three chakras, the world of matter.  It is located in the area of the body where it is believed that compassion, love and the desire for happiness are birthed and is usually associated with the thymus gland.

If your heart chakra is in balance then you will be open to feelings of love, acceptance and fulfilment and it will vibrate with an energy which allows you to live your life right from the heart; and not be ruled by your head.  Those who aren’t living with their heart chakra in balance will often experience a lack of empathy for others, or an inability to forgive along with feelings of loneliness and shyness.

Of course, nobody would choose to live their lives feeling deprived of love and happiness, but if you need help to ensure that your heart chakra is balanced then the use of stones and crystals can be a really good starting point.

The chakra colours of green and pink resonate most with the heart chakra and there are many pink and green stones which will heal not only your physical body but also allow healing in the spiritual when it comes to love, compassion and truth.  The use of high vibration healing stones is recommended as the heart chakra is considered one of the higher chakras.

Some great examples of stones which you can use include:-



It is recommended that you use Kyanite before any other stone as its purpose is to bring all of the other chakras into alignment.  Although Kyanite comes in many colours, the heart chakra is particularly attuned to the colour green, and so use of green Kyanite is ideal.  This will not only bring stability into your life but will also allow you to know if those who are speaking to you are speaking truth.  You could also use green Kyanite alongside blue Kyanite to help you be more balanced.

Green Gaia Stones

These stones have a heart based energy as well as carrying the energy of the earth.  They are particularly useful for women to use as they embody Goddess energy as well as helping to stimulate loving relationships.

Pink Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Another heart based stone, pink rose quartz emits a strong vibration of love, joy and warmth.  Quartz crystals are amplifiers of energy which means they will help to stimulate feelings of happiness, love and sensuality in you and those around you.

Pink Kunzite


This high vibration stone will encourage the energy of love into your life.  They are ideal healing crystals which will lift your mood and help to sooth emotional problems such as anxiety or stress and thereby making you more receptive to creating loving relationships.

Of course there are many other fine examples of pink and green crystals which can be used to balance your heart chakra, and these are just a small fragment of those which can help.

Once you have chosen your crystals, then one of the easiest way to start the healing of your heart chakra is to wear the crystals.  Jewellery in the form of pendants or bracelets is the ideal way to do this and there are many lovely jewellery items you can purchase.  The closeness of the crystals will mean that your chakras energy as well as your own aura will be directly impacted giving you the most benefit.

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