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The Number One Thing That’s Most Likely To Annoy You Based On Your Star Sign

In a perfect world, we’d all skip through life without a care in the world. We’d shrug our shoulders at the first sign of an inconvenience and any worries or criticisms would be treated like water off a duck’s back. But let’s face it – in reality it’s only natural for us to get irritated from time to time. Let’s take a look at the number one thing that’s most likely to annoy you based on your star sign.


You have a childish side, Aries, and you can wind up angry when you don’t get your way. If you feel like you’re being ignored, you snap and turn into the Incredible Hulk. Although your fiery personality makes you one of the most ambitious and driven signs, it also makes you a little hot headed from time to time. Next time something doesn’t go your way, breathe deeply and count to ten. In the grand scheme of things, it’s probably not worth getting angry over.


You have your own way of doing things and when other people don’t follow your strict rules, you can’t help but get riled up. Nothing angers you more than putting your all into a certain task only for someone else to undo all your hard work. Cleaning and tidying is a prime example of this. Whether you walk into the kitchen to find someone else’s dishes piled up in the sink or a friend leaves empty drinks cans in your car, uncleanliness really riles you up. Be tactful when confronting people, Taurus. Although it’s good to stand up for yourself and your hard work, there’s no point falling out with people over dirty dishes.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

There’s nothing you hate more than being told what to do. Actually, there is… being told what not to do! In fact, being told you can’t do something angers you so much that it inspires you to do it even more! Try to find a balance between ignoring orders and using other people’s doubts to spur you on. After all, there’s only so many times you can ignore your boss before you get shown the door. Think carefully before making any bold moves or drastic decisions.


You can’t stand being undermined, Cancer. You sometimes have a bit of a ‘what I say goes’ attitude and the moment someone goes against your words, you feel your blood boiling. We hate to say it but you aren’t always right. Sometimes, another person’s view can add a bit of perspective to a situation, so try not to fly off the handle as soon as someone suggests the opposite.


Your number one pet peeve is when someone tells you to ‘calm down’. You’re a feisty, energetic and passionate sign and the moment someone suggests you’re being irrational or unreasonable, you lose it. Nothing calms you down less than being told to calm down. Next time someone says the dreaded two words, take a second to ask yourself why they feel the need to silence you. Is their request justified or are they trying to seek the limelight themselves? Whatever their reason, don’t let their words steal your peace.


Indecisiveness is your biggest gripe, Virgo, even though you have a tendency to sit on the fence yourself! Being indecisive isn’t always a bad thing as it shows that the person in question is weighing up both sides before taking a leap. Nevertheless, if a friend is refusing to make an important decision that impacts you, or a partner is blowing hot or cold, keep your distance until they make a move. Sometimes you’ve got to give people a bit of space for their answer to become clear.


You hate conflict and it really winds you up when people are argumentative for the sake of it. The funny thing is, your hatred of arguments sometimes sees you behaving in a hostile way to others unnecessarily. This attitude could cause conflict in itself and lead to an outcome you don’t want. Try to distance yourself from situations that rub you up the wrong way. As soon as you see a storm brewing, take a step back and focus on your own thing.


You’ve got a rebellious side, that’s for sure, and as soon as you find yourself having to follow a ‘system’ or a set of unrealistic rules, you start planning your rebellion. You can’t stand people who blindly follow the rules irregardless of the outcome. There’s nothing you’d rather not be than a sheep. As great as it is that you’re an independent soul who knows your own mind, remember that there are times when authority and order are necessary. If you’re so unhappy with the leaders in your life, why not strive to be one yourself? Perhaps you could inspire people to do bigger and better things.


You hate it when people succeed at things they don’t deserve. Whether your greatest rival manages to do something you’ve been trying to do for years or some money lands in a lazy relative’s lap, let’s be honest, jealousy plays a role in these feelings. Try to pay less attention to the lives of others and focus on what you’re doing. You might have to work harder than them to get the results you want, but when you achieve your goal, success will taste all the more sweeter because you’ll have worked for it.


Considering you love organisation and like to know exactly what’s happening in the days ahead, you can’t stand surprises… even nice ones. You like to be in control and as soon as something strays from your very detailed calendar, you can’t handle it. Although your friends and family have probably learned not to throw you a surprise party by now, unfortunately, some surprises are unavoidable. It’s time to be a little more spontaneous and learn to roll with the punches. It’s impossible to know exactly what life’s going to throw at you.


There’s nothing that annoys you more than two-faced people, Aquarius. When a friend complains to you about another friend, you lose interest straight away and question their loyalty to you. Remember, talking behind other people’s backs is often a sign of insecurity and while your two-faced friend may seem sinister, in reality they might need more help than you think. You wouldn’t dream of joining in with the nastiness, so stand firm and stick up for your other friend. Hopefully, your insecure pal will learn to love themselves over time.


You’re often known for being the sign with the biggest heart, Pisces, and this love for others sees you getting annoyed when people are treated unfairly. Whether you see someone at work getting bossed around or you’re watching an upsetting news story on the TV, you can’t help but clench your fists at the first sign of injustice. Put your anger to action and use it for the greater good, Pisces. By joining worthy causes and standing up for those in need, you can change the world.

The Number One Thing That's Most Likely To Annoy You Based On Your Star Sign

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