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The Ultimate Guide to The Solar Eclipse March 2015!

On this Friday (March 20th 2015), the UK will witness a total solar eclipse, which should be seen across the far northern regions of Europe and the Artic.

This is a significant occasion, as the last time an eclipse was visible in the UK was 1999, when Cornwall and South Devon witnessed a total solar eclipse, and the rest of the UK observed a partial eclipse, and if you miss it this time round, you will have a LONG time to wait for the next, as this will be the last solar eclipse in Europe until the year 2081, and the next in Britain will be 2090.

How you can benefit during the solar eclipse

The significance of a solar eclipse is so great due to the heightened levels of energy that occur during the eclipse.

There are many things we can practice in order to benefit from these extra amplified levels of lunation energy. Why not try….

Meditation. It is particularly beneficial to perform spiritual practices such as meditation and chanting during an eclipse. So take the time to meditate, because energies are much more focused during this time, the effects of meditation are much more long lasting. Moonspells.com have provided an excellent eclipse meditation ritual, which can help you to achieve your goals and more!

Eating lightly. Our digestive power is reduced during a solar eclipse, so it is recommended you eat lightly. You will see this in nature, where animals and birds refrain from eating and instead sleep during an eclipse.

Being mindful. Our emotions can be heightened during an eclipse, making it extra important to be mindful. Be careful with your thoughts and actions in the days before, during, and after the eclipse.

Trying something new. A solar eclipse represents new beginnings, and is a great time to begin something new, take on a new challenge or make new goals or promises to ourselves.

The effects of the solar eclipse can occur up to three days before, and three days after, although the effects are strongest during the eclipse itself, you can reap the benefits in the days before and after!

How the Eclipse Affects Your Star Sign

Aries. You need to be more patient with people around you around the time of the eclipse, especially family members.

Taurus. Relax! You need to take some time to yourself. Pamper yourself and indulge a little, avoid any stressful situations.

Gemini. You may notice changes in your work life during this eclipse. Be aware of this and also try to eat a little healthier.

Cancer. If you’ve recently had things your way quite often, you many notice a shift in this.

Leos. Be aware of family issues and challenges. However, this is a great time to refresh your image and try something new.

Virgos. Take the time to get plenty of rest else you may start to feel rundown! Also remember not to take things for granted, no matter how small.

Libra. You may notice the start of change in your finances, but remember to be realistic.

Scorpio. Take the time to revise your career, are you where you want to be? You can expect plenty of changes in the next 6 months or so.

Sagittarius. Now is a great time to open your mind to new ideas in all aspects of life.

Capricorn. Let go of any friendships that no longer make you happy, the eclipse signifies the end, but also the beginning of something new.

Aquarius. You will be affected particularly strongly by the solar eclipse. Spend plenty of time to yourself and avoid anything too stressful.

Pisces. Now is the time to re-evaluate your life be clear on what you want from life, particularly romantically!

Witnessing the Solar Eclipse!

In London? The Met Office states that London will see a partial eclipse, where 84% of the sun will be covered. For the best views, get out of the city centre and visit an open park or a rooftop. In London, the action will start at 8:45am.

94% of the sun will be covered in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and 95% in The Shetland Islands, Hebrides and Orkneys. If you’re in Edinburgh, expect the eclipse to begin at around 8:30am, in Belfast at 8:26am and 8:23am in Cardiff!

No matter where you are in England, you should at least witness a partial eclipse (at least 80% coverage of the sun). The best spot in the UK to witness the eclipse is the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, with 98% coverage of the sun at 9:36am.

So make sure you’re ready on the morning of Friday March 20th to witness the eclipse, and maybe even try out our tips for benefitting from the powers of this significant event!

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