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The useful A-Z guide of Tarot card symbols

When we have a tarot card reading, there are many different details to take into account and analyse. Each symbol, figure or background of a card can often reveal a lot about what it is telling you. These symbols will help you find guidance during times of confusion in your love life, career, family life or any other area that you want to change for the better. A skilled reader will be able to go through each one with you so that you can fully understand what they are representing and how it can influence your life and choices. To understand some of these symbols, here’s our A-Z guide of ones that are including in particular tarot cards that you might pick in a reading.


aAngel – A message is coming to you to say that soon, you will be able to get great ideas to help your future. Look around you for any useful inspiration in the form of arts and culture which could help you bring a picture in your mind into reality.
An Angel is shown in- The Lovers, The Wheel of Fortune, Temperance, Judgement, The Queen of Swords.

Arch –  There will be a new path or direction for you that will present itself soon. If you feel you are standing in front of a brick wall, this will soon clear and you will have a positive route to go down. This can be in your relationships or career. The first step might be scary, but it’ll work out for the better if you just have faith.
An Arch is shown in- The Emperor.

Armour – This is a time where you will need to protect yourself. There might be slightly stressful times ahead therefore it’s best to remain strong and logical. Try not to get too carried away with you feelings and power through.
Armour is shown in- The Emperor, The Chariot, Death, The Knight of Swords, The Knight of Pentacles, The Knight of Cups, The Knight of Wands, The 4 of Swords.


bBench – Now is the best time for you to take a break. You may have been wearing yourself down with too many tasks and responsibilities you have willingly placed on your shoulders. You don’t realise yet that people will have no problem with you taking a step back to recover. If you can spend time on your own to recharge, this is the best time to do so.
A Bench is shown in- The 3 of Pentacles, The 8 of Pentacles, The 2 of Swords, The 9 of Cups.

Bird – A bird represents freedom and escaping from situations that are making us unhappy. If you have been in a job, relationship or another scenario that is no longer giving you a positive feeling in life, now is the time to fly away from it. Birds migrate and in a way, it shows us that everything is temporary. You can change your life journey if you want to, you just have to spread those wings.
A Bird is shown in- The Wheel of Fortune, The Star, The World.

Blindfold – Can see a situation for what it really is? At the moment, you might have to be honest with yourself and ask what’s really going on. Many of us refuse to see the truth and love to sugar coat facts but now is the time you have to stop doing this. The truth might not be ideal however, it will point you in the direction towards happiness.
A Blindfold is shown in- The 2 of Swords, The 8 of Swords.

Boat – Is the river of your life flowing with ease or are there rocks and other bumps in the way? Many of us might see obstacles that aren’t even there, developed from insecurity, that we must push past. If there is something you really want to achieve, there has to be a point where action takes over from procrastination. Make a plan of action and start moving ahead.
A Boat is shown in- The 6 of Swords.

Bridge – You might start learning a new skill that transforms your career and opens new doors. Opportunities might present themselves, so if you are invited to take on another responsibility at work, be enthusiastic about it in front of your boss or manager. This is an excellent time to learn and could set you up for the future.
A Bridge is shown in- The 5 of Cups.

Bull – Are you battling for dominance in your life? Someone might be pushing your buttons, making you want to snap and put them back in their place. Unfortunately, you will feel regret so it’s best you aren’t too stubborn. Accept their opinions and try and come to a sensible agreement.
A Bull is shown in- The Wheel of Fortune, The World, The King of Pentacles.

Butterfly – You might be going through a transformation in your life and you might even be at the very last stage. Whatever you do, don’t become impatient. These changes can take time and they’re worth the effort in the end. Along the way, you’ll be able to learn a lot more about yourself.
A Bufferfly is shown in- The Fool, The Queen of Swords, The King of Swords.


Castle – Castles are built with durable materials, which is why there are so many that date back to hundreds of years ago. This is a key representation for your life. This is a time where you need to start building something strong for your future. Whether that’s making reachable goals or even putting money away for financial security, have a look over what you want and how you can get it.
A Castle is shown in- The Chariot, The Ace of Wands, The 4 of Wands, The 9 of Pentacles, The 8 of Swords, The 5 of Cups, The 7 of Cups.

Cat – You’ll need to be aware of what’s happening around you during this time. Cats have high intuition and can inspire us to look past the surface of a situation. Something might be revealed soon and will help you understand people around you, enabling you to find a resolution. Keep your eyes open for anyone trying to place blame on others.
A Cat is shown in- The Queen of Wands.

Chains – When we think of chains, we think about being locked up like a prisoner. This might be the case at the moment for you mentally because you are stopping yourself from achieving. You might have an obsession or unhealthy addiction that is negatively impacting you life. This symbol urges you to think about this and start putting changes into place so you can break free from it.
Chains are shown in- The Devil.

Child – Children are new to the world, which means you need to look at something in a completely new way. You might be very stubborn in your opinions however soon, you will see something from an angle at inspires you. This is a time to remain positive because you will undergo a great mental transformation.
A Child or Children are shown in- The Sun, The 6 of Cups, The 10 of Cups, The 6 of Swords, The 10 of Pentacles.

Clouds – A bright idea is on its way, so look out for anything that can help you brainstorm. Gather a group of imaginative people together so you can discuss great ideas that can develop into something successful.
Clouds are shown in- The Lovers, The Wheel of Fortune, The Tower, Judgement, The World, The Ace of Swords, The 3 of Swords, The 5 of Swords, The Page of Swords, The King of Swords, The Ace of Cups, The 4 of Cups, The 7 of Cups, The Ace of Wands, The Ace of Pentacles.


dDog- Who is loyal in your life? A dog represents friendship and loyal which means this is a time to have a good look at the people around you. Are close friends there for you in times of need? This might reveal that there are certain people who only want you for their own gain. Quality is better than quantity, so appreciate your close few friends instead of trying to make things work with others that don’t show any dedication.
A Dog is shown in- The Moon, The Fool, The 10 of Pentacles.

Dove- These birds represent purity and love, therefore it is a time where romance is on its way. Be open to opportunities where you can meet someone new, even if it is out of your comfort zone. This person might end up being completely different from your ideal type so it’s a good idea to keep an open mind.
A Dove is shown in- The Ace of Cups.


Fire- You will feel a huge spark in your determination and creativity. If there are any projects that you are involved in, this is a time where you will feel very passionate about success. Having a flame inside you is great but be careful not to burn others along the way. If you are too dominant and fiery, this can bring some negative consequences.
Fire is shown in- The Devil, The Tower.

Fish- Are you swimming in all different directions? It’s important that you reevaluate what is really important to you and what is going to make you happy. Knowing this can set you up on a brilliant journey towards success that will make you happy in your personal life and career. Look at new ways to learn and swim upstream instead of round in circles.
Fish are shown in- The Page of Cups, The Knight of Cups, The Queen of Cups, The King of Cups.

Flag- You are going to undergo a big change in your life. These aren’t small changes that will take a while to build up, this is an event or news that completely changes your life. Be ready to become more flexible because changes can bring positivity in your life.
A Flag is shown in- The Death, The Sun, Judgement.

Flowers- What do flowers do? That’s right, they blossom. This is the ideal time to open yourself up to new beginnings and journeys in your life. You might be hesitant to bring down your walls however, this will bring amazing opportunities.
Flowers are shown in- The 6 of Cups, The 4 of Wands.


Globe/World- During this time in your life, you need to step back and stop analysing the small details. What are the truths that are right in front of you? Are you avoiding them and making excuses? You might blame unhappiness for multiple reasons when actually, there’s one big problem you must solve. It’s important that we are honest with ourselves so we can start to build a happier future.
A Globe/World is shown in- The World, The Emperor, The 2 of Wands.


Hand- Soon, you will either need to give something to someone or receive something yourself. For example, a friend might be in need, therefore it’s time that you step up and show your loyalty. Spend time helping them and they will do the same for you in the future. If you are receiving something, it’s probably going to be in the form of guidance from an authority figure that can have you achieve a goal.
A Hand is shown in-The Ace of Pentacles, The Ace of Wands, The Ace of Swords, The Ace of Cups.

Heart- Are you looking towards logic to make decisions? You can make the smartest choices in life but are they going to make you happy? Look at what your heart is telling you and plan around this. If you truly want something, this is going to give you the most satisfaction in life.
A Heart is shown in- The Empress, The 3 of Swords.

Horse- These animals have helped us travel for centuries and it’s one that represents motivation and movement towards success. Goals can be achieved during this time, so it’s a good idea to put in extra effort so you can speed ahead.
A Horse is shown in- Death, The Sun, The Knight of Pentacles, The Knight of Swords, The Knight of Cups, The Knight of Wands, The 6 of Wands


Key- Soon, you will open a door to knowledge that can help your future. You might not be aware of this just yet, but something will reveal itself and might surprise you with how much it does help. If you want to improve a skill but feel as if it’s impossible, ask for help and someone could show you the way. This will put you on the right track towards a happier future with financial security. Doing more than what you job asks of you is the best way to show your determination and passion.
A Key is shown in- The Hierophant.


Jug- You need to grab a dream with both hands. The water in the jug represents your life. Are you letting everything flow or are you stopping it? It’s a great time for you to plan towards success and let your emotions lead you. This way, the results you see in your future will be ones you actually desire, instead of ones that only look good on paper.
A Jug is shown in- The Star.


lLantern- Something will be illuminated soon, whether that’s knowledge or a truth in your life. Soon, we will start to gain more clarity in our lives, which is great news for people who have been sat on the fence about something. You will see a clear path to follow and before this, you must prepare for any obstacles that might be revealed. You will be able to pass this if you plan for them, just in case.
A Lantern is shown in- The Hermit.

Lightning- A lightning strikes with power and this represents a message you will receive soon that you can’t ignore. It will make you jump a little and might snap you out of a frame of mind that has been damaging. This wake-up call will do nothing but positive things. Now you can see the reality in your life and will begin to make progress.
Lightning is shown in- The Tower.

Lion- As a strong and powerful animal, this symbol represents a time of courage. Are we standing back and letting life go by? You will need to look at what you really want to achieve and start putting plans into action. Don’t waste any more time. If you are too stubborn to make a change, the Lion will show you how this can stop you from leading a happy life.
A Lion is shown in- Strength, The Wheel of Fortune, The World, The 2 of Cups, The Queen of Wands, The King of Wands.

Lizard- You don’t know it yet, but the small changes you start to make will build up to a huge result in your future. For example, if you are taking small steps to learn new skills, this might manifest into something much bigger, even opening doors to exciting career options. Take every step at a time and don’t rush this process. You’ll see the positive outcome soon.
A Lizard is shown in- The Page of Wands, The Knight of Wands, The King of Wands.


Moon- The Moon goes through phases and can boost our intuition. Now is the time to ask yourself what direction you’d like to take. It’s never too late to start something new that could catapult you to success in your future. Note down changes you want to take and start acting on them.
The Moon is shown in- The Higher Priestess, The Chariot, The Moon, The Page of Swords, The 8 of Cups, The 2 of Swords.

Mountains- There will be hurdles that you need to climb soon. These might be difficult but once you reach the top, it will become clear that it has been worth the extra struggle. Your efforts are required now, but you need to be careful not to burn yourself out. The challenge might be great but the finish line will be greater.
Mountains are shown in-  The Fool, The Emperor, The Lovers, Strength, Judgement, The Page of Pentacles, The Queen of Pentacles, The 8 of Swords, The 10 of Swords, The 8 of Cups, The Knight of Cups, The Ace of Wands, The 2 of Wands, The 3 of Wands, The 7 of Wands, The Page of Wands, The Knight of Wands.


Path- There is a direction in you life that you are currently travelling down. Now is the time to remind yourself not to be too impatient. The path might be a little longer than you anticipated but positives will come. It’s important you take small steps and avoid rushing something that isn’t meant to happen just yet. For example, if you are looking for love, you might be looking in all the wrong places.
A Path is shown in- Temperance, The Moon, The Ace of Pentacles.

Pomegranate- This fruit represents luxury, meaning this is a brilliant time to treat yourself a little more. Recently, you may have been running around looking after others but now you should concentrate on yourself. Indulge in great food and a material object that you’ve had your eye on for some time.
A Pomegranate is shown in- The Higher Priestess, The Empress.


Rabbit- Rabbits hop and leap which tells us we should think carefully before jumping into a situation or deciding something quickly. If you have been presented with a choice that could change your life, note down the different pros and cons. Ask your family and close for advice so you can choose wisely.
A Rabbit is shown in- The Queen of Pentacles.

Rain- At the moment, you might be experiencing a difficult time in your life but rain makes us realise that all this will be washed away soon and the sun will come out again. If you are losing hope, try not to! Working hard and staying positive is needed now and you will soon experience a huge change. Hang in there!
Rain is shown in- The 3 of Swords.

Rope- Are you holding yourself back from something? Many of us want to move forward but fear can get in the way. Untie the rope that you have put around your own wrists and break free. You can’t achieve something if you don’t try.
A Rope is shown in- The Hanged Man.

Rose- This popular flower represents beauty and purity, which means you need to appreciate the world around you, regardless of its fault or thorns. Life can be hard at times but it’s not a good idea to believe everything else is doom and gloom just because one thing isn’t going well. Sadness and negativity can have a domino effect so try and stop this from happening.
A Rose is shown in- The Fool, Strength, Death, The Magician, The 2 of Wands.


Scale- Something in your life is out of balance and you need to put it right. You may have been ignoring this and sweeping it under the rug but now is the time you need to take proper action. Sort out any issues you have at the moment and you will feel miles better afterwards.
A Scale is shown in- Justice, The 6 of Pentacles.

Sea- Are you exploring the depths of your emotions? You need to look a little deeper into your desires to discover what will make you happier in life. Anything is possible right now, so it’s time you start recognising how changes can improve your mental wellbeing.
The Sea is shown in- The 2 of Pentacles, The 5 of Swords, The 6 of Swords, The 10 of Swords, The Page of Cups, The Queen of Cups, The King of Cups, The 2 of Wands, The 3 of Wands.

Shield- You will need to protect yourself and others from anything might happen in the future. For example, if you don’t have house insurance, accidents might create huge problems, especially if valuables break. Make sure you have as much as you can prepare for any mishaps and you’ll be thankful for it later. The shield can also urge you to protect others emotionally. Negative news should be said along with a positive, so they can look towards the future with a sunnier outlook.
The Shield is shown in- The Empress.

Snake- Snakes represent transformation and rebirth. If you have been experiencing a difficult time in your life, your life will soon change for the better. Snakes need to shed their skin and never look back, which exactly the type of mentality you must have during this time.
A Snake is shown in-  The Lovers, The Wheel of Fortune, The Magician, The 7 of Cups.

Staff- You will need to give yourself extra stability in your life. Start new beginnings by protecting yourself from any issues that might pop up out of nowhere. Keep attempting your goals and you’ll get there soon.
A Staff is shown in- The Emperor, The Chariot, The Hermit, The Magician, The 8 of Cups.

Star- The North Star guided the Three Kings in the bible and the start represents the same for you. Now is a time where you will gain guidance in your life so much so, that you will be able to follow your dreams without issues. The end result is clear and you’ll be excited to embark on this journey.
A Star is shown in- The Star, The Empress, The Chariot.

Sun- This is a time in your life where you might experience a spark in your creativity. Ideas might flow which help you begin successful projects. During this time, you will have a very sunny attitude which will illuminate others and improve the atmosphere for others.
The Sun is shown in- The Fool, Death, Temperance, The Sun.

Sunflower- Sunflowers look towards the sun, which means you need to look on the bright side of life and have hope that things will improve. Dark times will lighten but for the time being, don’t lose faith.
A Sunflower is shown in- The Sun, The Queen of Wands.


Wall- Are you keeping certain areas of your life private? A wall might tell you to keep some things to yourself in times where you might be tempted to gossip. Telling people too much might result in people having trust issues towards you.
A Wall is shown in- The Sun, The King of Pentacles, The 2 of Wands,

Wolf- Wolves are animals that are very family and group orientated. This might be a time where you are trying to fit in with a crowd so much that you aren’t being yourself. If people don’t accept you, they aren’t the right people to spend time around. If you reveal parts of your personality, you might end up connecting with other people much better.
A Wolf is shown in- The Moon, The Wheel of Fortune.

Wreath- A Wreath represents peace, protection and success therefore if you have been working hard to achieve a goal, this symbol is showing you that you will soon see the positive outcome you’ve been waiting for. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get there soon.
A Wreath is shown in- The Fool, The World, The 6 of Wands, The 7 of Wands.


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