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Types of Psychic Dreams You Might Have

Dreaming is part of everyone’s life. Our brains are a lot more active at night, when we’re sleeping, than we probably realise. There is no definitive answer to why we actually dream but there are certain theories.

Some think we dream as a result of our brain winding down for the night, firing off random electrical impulses and our brain trying to make some sort of sense of the messages. Others think it’s a problem solving technique – we dream to unconsciously work through issues or problems that our conscious mind can’t solve. And some think that we dream for wish fulfilment purposes. When we sleep, we get to act out our desires that aren’t appropriate for our real life.

Whether you remember your dreams or not, everyone has them, but do you know whether you’re having psychic dreams?

Psychic dreams allow us to gain information or guidance while we sleep outside of our five ordinary senses. In our dream state we can access a deeper, spiritual realm that is beyond the physical, to get psychic guidance.

There are three common types of psychic dreams that you might experience.


Precognitive dreams are dreams that predict our future. Of course, you may not know that you’ve had a precognitive dream until it comes true. For example, if you dream that a friend comes to you with a work problem and then a week later, your friend actually does come to you with a work problem, then you know you’ve had a precognitive dream. The more precognitive dreams you have, the more you’ll recognise. They’ll have a particular feel or aura around them which you’ll become familiar with. So if you have a dream that your office building is going to collapse, you’ll know that that isn’t necessarily going to happen. Precognitive dreams can be exciting and can often show you much detail but remember they can predict both good and bad things.


In dream land, there is no such concept of space and time which means it’s very easy for us to have telepathic dreams. This means that we can connect to another person’s consciousness with ease; something that the majority of us would find incredibly difficult, if not impossible, when awake. Telepathic dreams can include things like finding out your auntie is unwell and providing care for her, and then later finding out that your auntie has indeed been sick. You will have telepathically connected with your auntie in your dream.


Clairvoyant dreams can allow you to know information that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Regular people who do not usually have the clairvoyant gift, would not normally be able to access this information but some have a clairvoyant gift when they’re dreaming. Clairvoyant dreams can be about an event or a person. For example, you could dream about a tornado happening on the other side of the world and wake up to find it happened whilst you slept. Or, you could dream about a private conversation between your parents and the contents match up when they tell you about it at a later date. Clairvoyant dreams are different to precognitive dreams in that you are not predicting something that is going to happen in the future, you’re learning information about events as they happen.

Dreams can be a powerful psychic tool so it’s worth paying attention to them!

3 Types Of Psychic Dreams You Might Have

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