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Understand More About The Native American Moons

Did you know that there are different Native American Moons for each month of the year? These can mean very different things and can reveal a lot about what Native Americans believed the month would bring them. These can also tell you a lot about your personality if you were born under this moon phase. To understand more about the different moons, continue reading!

January- Wolf Moon

Tribes would believe this is when Wolves would stay close to where people slept during this time. This meant that they would have to be very careful when they were out hunting. If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • You might come across as a cold person, even if you aren’t. It will take you time to open up to people yet when you do, they will realise it’s because you’ve learnt to value them.
  • You are very family orientated and will try and protect those around you. Friends will also be treated the same as family members and you adore it when everyone is living in peace.
  • You can be very creative and intuitive, which can really help you tackle obstacles in a unique way.

February- Snow  Moon

This moon is named after Snow because, during this month, it would be the coldest time of year. This was also called the “Hunger Moon” because the weather would make it so difficult for tribes to hunt and feed their families. If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • You might be a little bit of a pessimist because of the hardships you have experienced. This does take a while to resolve however if you try and remain positive, you’ll get there.
  • You’re someone who often pushes themselves to achieve their goals. It’s very important that you remember to take some time off for yourself when you need it.
  • You like to be surrounded by nature. If you have a home, having bright flowers on different tables can keep you cheerful.

March- Worm  Moon

This moon is named after the Worm because it’s a time of year where the weather starts to heat up, making the earth soft. Plants begin to grow, which is why you’ll see insects and animals much more in your environment. If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • You are someone who finds communicating very easy due to your emotional side. This means you can often understand someone else’s point of view clearly.
  • If you go through changes in your life, you can adapt to them with ease. If you need to relocate, it won’t take you long to feel comfortable in your new home.
  • You have an amazing ability to analyse everything around you. This makes it very easy for you to think on your feet when faced with a problem.

April- Pink Moon

This moon is named after the colour pink because it’s the time of year when bright flowers start to grow again. During this time, you might see birds singing gracefully which is why it can be a very beautiful time of year. If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • You are someone who takes negative experiences and changes them into valuable lessons.
  • In relationships and friendships, you want an emotional level. You prefer quality over quantity and this can see you having a few close friends for life.
  • When you attend activities or events, you are very easy going and can find the fun in any situation. Turning a dull party into a hilarious one is something you’ll be great at.

May- Flower  Moon

This moon happens at the time of year when Spring is in full swing. During this time, it’s easier to plant and grow different crops. Different foods will grow and you can enjoy a variety of vegetables. If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • As a person, you can be rather lucky in your life. Even if you have a difficult time, you can come out of it even stronger and more optimistic.
  • You might be blessed with natural beauty that you shouldn’t overpower too much. Wearing your hair natural can be one of your main attractive traits.
  • You are someone who doesn’t like to keep themselves to themselves. You’re very giving and like to dedicate your time to close friends as much as you can.

June- Strawberry Moon

This moon is named after Strawberries because it’s a warm time of year when fruit would start to grow. The sky is often sunny, bringing a positive attitude to many. June is a great time for friendship and communication. If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • You are very intuitive and can stop people’s moods from a mile off. This will allow you to connect with people on a deeper level.
  • In your everyday life, you can be very cheerful and other people will enjoy this trait of yours.
  • Your mind can often wander away with the fairies and you should be careful. In the workplace, you might appear disconnected and this can get you in trouble!

July- Thunder  Moon

This moon is during a time of year where thunderstorms would take place frequently. It’s surprising because July is usually a warm time of year. Many people would choose to stay inside during this time so that they could avoid the bad weather. If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • You can be a little unpredictable which is great because you will always be surprising people.
  • You might go through life struggling with decisions and you will often sit on the fence. You should learn how to make your own mind up, instead of asking other people.
  • You are often happy and find it easy to cheer many people up.

August- Sturgeon Moon

This moon is named after Sturgeons because they are the type of fish that would be caught during this time of year. Fishing for these would happen in lakes and nearby rivers.  If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • There is nothing more you want in life than success. You believe it’s important to set goals, instead of sitting back and letting fate decide for you.
  • As a friend and family member, it’s important to you that the people you love are safe. You’re the type of person who often likes to check up on others to make sure they are ok and finding life enjoyable.
  • You can actually be a bit of an Agony Aunt. Your successes and hardships can bring great guidance to your closest friends.

September- Harvest  Moon

This moon is named after Harvest because it was the best time to grow crops (especially corn). This month marks the beginning of Autumn for many and the colours of nature will change from greens to oranges and reds. If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • You are a down to earth, warm individual who likes to connect with those around you on an emotional level.
  • Artistic talents might play a large role in your life. You could be very good at visualising goals and getting them done at a steady pace.
  • You absolutely love nature and everything about the outdoors. You might find you have a psychic connection to woodland creatures such as Deer, Owls and others.

October- Hunter’s  Moon

This moon is named after the hunting seasons because it’s before the start of Winter. It was important to hunt during this time so that you had enough food to last through a long, cold winter. If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • You are very precise and like having things done your way. You like to set targets to reach often so that you can always move upwards in life.
  • It’s important to you that you find people you relate to. This might not happen all of the time so the best thing to do is stop searching. The more you forget about this desire, the more likely wonderful people will show up in your life.
  • In life, you might need to learn how to accept yourself a little more. We all have faults and you can be a little too critical of yours, meaning you can lack self-confidence. Try listing the different traits you like about your personality and go from there!

November- Beaver  Moon

This moon is named after Beavers because people used to hunt these animals. When freezing cold weather creeps up, it’s very difficult to manage with thin material. Tribes would use the Beaver’s fur to keep them warm in the Winter, which was a matter of life and death. If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • You love anything that is new and are someone who likes to hop on to new trends in life.
  • It’s important to you that you have a clear path for your future. You want to make sure that you are fully educated before you start a new career path. If you can’t be, you will try and do absolutely everything to learn so you gain the upper hand, even as a beginner.
  • You can be very cheerful and there will be times where new opportunities excite so much that you can lose focus. Remember to stay grounded so you can plan your new step.

December- Cold  Moon

This moon is Cold because it is a freezing time of year that many with struggle with. Days are short and nights are long, which used to be difficult for different tribes. If you became lost during this time of year, it would be very dangerous. This is why many would stay as close together as possible until the weather warmed up again. If you were born under this moon, here are your common traits:

  • You like to be someone who makes people feel better about themselves. If a friend is having a bad time, you are a friend that will offer them amazing advice and guidance.
  • You are someone who can go through a difficult time yet will turn your life around and achieve the unthinkable.
  • Since you are the shoulder to cry on, you might neglect your own feelings. There will be times where it’s better than you share how you feel so others can return the favour.

What did you think of these Native American moons? Comment below on which one you are!

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