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Venus Retrograde 2015: What to expect

The largely anticipated Venus Retrograde in Leo will be kicking lives into action as of Saturday 25th July 2015. This happens once every 18 months to 2 years for a period of 7 weeks, making it quite rare. You might wonder what this all means for each and every sign. Each sign will feel a different influence during this time due to where your planet is positioned.

Venus rules Love, Money and Beauty which means when it’s in Retrograde, you might be making some choices when you aren’t seeing clearly. Many signs could want to jump into a new relationship, splash the cash on designer shoes or even go for a drastic hair cut. With this Retrograde, it’s warning you to steer away from actions that are too hasty. After this period of time, you might deeply regret these types of decisions even if you felt so sure about them. Even exciting, new relationships could turn out very differently, hurting your feelings and making you feel insecure. Sure, you can make small changes to your life and go on a few dates but if this change has a huge chance to alter your future, step back for a bit. Just wait!

On the other hand, Venus going in Retrograde doesn’t need to be viewed as a complete negative because it can actually boost our desire to act in a positive way. If you’ve been stepping on eggshells around a matter of the heart, you might suddenly find the courage to approach a problem. During this time, you might really access a situation and realise good things could happen if you actually just did something about it. You might want to resolve an issue that you were going to completely give up on which ultimately means that this retrograde might help you settle an agreement with someone, giving you excellent results.

For some signs, an old love might return but the situation will urge you to wait before you make a decision. Your ex could turn up out of the blue at the same party, making you want to be the couple you once were. Unfortunately, you could forget all the reasons why this didn’t work out in the first place and the wool could be completely pulled over your eyes. After this Retrograde, you might become aware of old, toxic behaviour of theirs which might feel like salt in the wound. Instead of getting back together with them and making everything 100% official, wait this out until the Venus Retrograde is out of the way so you can see clearly and make the right choice.

Read below for your Venus Retrograde horoscope so you know how to deal with all of the changes!

aries venus copy

For you, this is all about love and someone special could completely swept you off your feet, encouraging you to reveal a new side of your personality. People born under the sign of Aries could decide to take a large step forward in a current relationship, where one night you and your partner sit down to talk about moving in, getting married or having children. In the past, these topics may have sent shivers down your spine however with this special person who makes you very happy, you might feel 100% ready. Go for it!


taurus venus copy

For people born under the sign of Taurus, the past might be very much your present within the Venus Retrograde. For some reason, someone in your past such as an old love or friend could resurface and teach you very important lessons in life. This person might know you extremely well, offering you brilliant, logical advice for a situation you haven’t seen clearly. This partnership may have fizzled out a long time ago because you weren’t suited to each other in your youth but now, this could be a very different story. It will be very interesting to see how you can both help each other in the future even if this doesn’t turn out to be a romantic relationship.


gemini venus copy

This Venus Retrograde will connect massively with you because of how amazing you are at communicating with others. As someone with fantastic banter and understanding, you believe this doesn’t need to improve. You are very honest, yet someone you meet might not value this trait as much as you do. During this time, you need to make sure that people are who and what they say they are so don’t expect promises to be carried through. For example, you could meet someone that you desire a romance with, only to find out they are already taken. If you even have the slightest doubt, check this out because who knows, you could be spot on! Take little steps and get some solid proof before you invest your time into someone.


cancer venus copy

For you Cancer, this Venus Retrograde will be focused around finances and even how much you are getting from life. You could be experiencing problems when it comes to how much you are valued at work and in relationships. At the moment, you might be toying with the idea of approaching a boss to ask for wage rise. Unfortunately, this isn’t the right time and you’ll just have to sit tight. Instead, you need to have a look at your personal relationships and ask whether you are getting respect from them. This Retrograde should teach you to let people come to you instead. Let other people make the effort for once! Who knows, your boss might give you a raise or someone close to you might apologise for their recent actions.


leo venus copy

During the Retrograde in Venus, it’s in Leo so Happy Birthday to all those people who will be blowing out candles! During your birthday season, you could be asking questions about your personal development and why true love hasn’t quite happened yet. You need to be mindful about changing who you are to try and impress people. After you analyse what you look like, you could feel like you need to undergo a huge transformation just to get a few dates. This will drive your friends insane and you know what? We don’t blame them. A fiery Leo should never doubt how incredible they are. Changing yourself for someone else’s benefit is never the route to go down. You need to listen to you friends and learn to become happier and more accepting with yourself!


virgo venus copy

This retrograde has one foot in and one foot out of the sign Virgo, meaning that Venus is giving a subtle, friendly hello but doesn’t make an absolute massive impact for you. You might be a little bit disappointed on missing out however, this is actually a good thing for all Virgos. It turns out this sign is already going through a phenomenal change which has been brewing for months. The amazing changes blossom in September and October, making those months an extremely exciting time. For the first part of 2015, you may been dragging around emotional baggage and quite frankly, you’re sick of it! Venus makes you want to drop this like a hot potato and move on. Finally, you will banish any negative feelings resurfacing from your past and this will be the last phase you need to go through before September starts.
After the Retrograde, you can finally heal and get ready for your birthday!


libra venus copy

Due to Venus being your ruling planet, this means that you will take a comfortable seat on this Retrograde and go backwards yourself. It’s all about reflection when it comes to friendship and you need to tread carefully in this area of your life, especially with friends of the opposite sex. You and a friend might become somewhat of an item yet you realise that you actually despise them as a lover. You might laugh about this with other friends, shocked at how much it has surprised you. Even if this does happen, this person could completely agree. It’s just not a good time to mix two areas of your life Libra, so make sure you step back instead of leaping forward. If this has already been done, this Retrograde is showing that you can turn back the time and go back to being just friends without any bitterness. Yay!


scorpio venus copy

For you Scorpio, Venus is going to warning you to not be too emotional when it comes to people in the workplace. You could start to fancy someone you work with and you can’t put your finger on why. Chances are, this is just a bit of distraction for you at the moment and it doesn’t quite work out well because of your water sign emotions. Is your personal life getting a little boring? We all go through those times where all we do is go to work and then home again. Instead of looking for fun that’s risky, try and take up an old hobby to entertain yourself. Do not make a fool out of yourself during this period because you could stinging yourself in the backside!


sagg venus copy

This Retrograde is going to effect the Fire signs mostly, which is great for people born under the sign of Sagittarius! All the fire signs can expect to see a romance blossom or arrive out of absolutely nowhere so over all, this period of time for you can be extremely enjoyable. There are changes related to love and areas of your life that you need to figure out so that your next step forward is one you feel the most comfortable with. You might need to ask yourself a lot of questions are what you REALLY want in your life. Looking back at past relationships, you might suddenly realise that your “type” actually isn’t the right type for you. This new love could be the total opposite to what you go for yet can be a total breath of fresh air. Big changes about your frame of mind are to be made but afterwards, will put you on a fantastic road towards success.


capricorn venus copy

As an Earth sign, there is a lot of focus on matters connected to your home, wealth and security. When there is a retrograde, it means that things come back from the past. This can be a fantastic time, especially if you get money back from paying too many taxes or an IOU from a friend that you’ve forgotten about. This Retrograde could surprise you with a pay rise. This news could shock you because your sign doesn’t like to make a song and dance about accomplishments. In the work place, important people may have been keeping a quiet eye on the amazing work you’ve been doing, which is great! On the other hand, when it comes to money, you still need to be very careful with what you buy. Just because you receive a pay rise doesn’t mean you can buy tonnes of expensive items! Only spend on investments that will support your life.


aq  copy

This retrograde is in your opposite sign, which means that your life can go through a sudden shake up. Because Leo is your opposite sign, you might suddenly find yourself changing how you feel about relationships. This Retrograde could make you feel trapped, giving you a strong urge to get your independence back and live the single life. Don’t confuse this for how you really feel, Aquarius. These feelings that are consuming you aren’t set to last, so it’s not the time to make major changes. If you do feel as if you’ve lost who you are because of a relationship, express this to your partner and they could be really supportive about it. After this discussion, you might decide to take up more independent hobbies to get back in touch with your true self.


pisces venus copy

This Venus Retrograde is focused about your career and your love life. This will be telling you to step away from that office romance so that you don’t train wreck the work atmosphere that you enjoy so much. Sure, this person stood in the staff room eating a bagel might suddenly look irresistible but this lust will most likely disappear, making you want to bury your head in the sand. The last thing you want is to feel like people are talking about you, so starting something which could be seen as subject for gossip could make you feel very emotional and insecure. Pisces, do not be THAT person that gets caught smooching. Step away and wait for this time to clear. Soon enough, you will look back and wonder why you even imagined this romance in the first place.


What did you think of our Venus Retrograde? Are you looking forward to this time?
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