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What Colour Is Your Aura?

Auras are often seen as a very mysterious quality that is surrounding an individual. This often represents emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies that can be subject to change if we go through distress or happiness, due to feelings altering the flow of our energy.
However, many believe that as people, we have a specific coloured aura and this can be a lot when it comes to our personalities and how we live our life. We can see this as an overall view into who we are as people and why we act a certain way most of the time.
To find out what your aura is, read below and discover our step by step guide.

First step:
Make sure you are sat down or stood a few feet away from a mirror that you don’t often look into. For example, do this if you are visiting a friend’s house or a bathroom in a cafe because it’ll only take a minute or two.

Second step:
You need to look at yourself in the mirror deeply without blinking, if you can help it. Focus all of your attention on the outline of your body and you’ll begin to see it change.

Third step:
A white haze will appear around your body and soon it will begin to change into a certain colour. This will become more apparent and you will suddenly notice exactly what the colour is. This will be your aura’s colour.

Forth Step:        
Now find your colour and read the description. It really is as simple as that!

red aura

People who have a red aura are often very adventurous, especially when it comes to their everyday life. Jumping at opportunities isn’t just for a special occasion and people with this aura are often up for anything. You’ll hardily hear them say “I don’t fancy trying that new restaurant, sorry!” because they love trying new things as often as they can.
When it comes to their physical being, they like to be very active, which means they may have be a part of athletic teams in school. Also, they do like to have a very active romantic life full of passion and fun, meaning if a partner is a little on the dull side, they will get bored quickly.
They really want to be successful in life and prefer to set their own goals and complete them at their own fast pace, even if it’s deemed difficult. Red auras believe they can do anything, which is brilliant for their future.

orange aura

Orange auras are often known as people who are fun-loving and cheerful. These people are mostly likely going to be morning people and tend to not let rainy days get them down.
They are amazing at tuning into how other people feel, meaning when it comes to emotions, they know how to tactfully act around others to ensure there is always a lovely sense of harmony. They really value close friendships too and are always the ones who can put a smile back on your face whenever it’s needed.
They can lose their cool easily but then again, will always own up to being in the wrong, which is a really strong point in their personality.
Orange auras are people who love to live life creatively, seeking new experiences and gaining new friends along the way.

yellow aura

People who have a yellow aura are often the brainiest people with all the answers. They do think very logically and don’t like to be caught unprepared in life. Someone with this aura may have thought very seriously about their career or lifestyle from an early life, wondering how to ensure stability later on in their future
These people can also often start their own businesses and attempt to climb the property ladder, while other people their age might only be concentrating on having fun.
Don’t be fooled though, yellow auras can have a lot of a fun and let their hair down once they know projects and tasks are successfully completed to their standards.
These are the people to rely on for any important advice, plus they make incredible friends who will always talk things through with you if you’re having a troublesome time.

green aura

People who have Green auras are a quite similar to Orange when it comes to their creativity. Always looking for ways to expand their talents, meaning they will often take part in different classes, even if they have no idea what they are doing at first.
Instead of challenging themselves with strict, particular tasks such as mathematics and statistics, they love to cook, paint and play music to keep their brains ticking.
These people are also very loyal, generous friends who will always stand by people when they need it, even if there have been crossed wires in the past.
This type of person really likes to be in tune with their environment and like to stay as healthy as possible, meaning they might own a few juicers or smoothie makers so they can always get their five a day. They like to treat people equally and never let their values drop, which makes them happy and fair people to be around.

blue aura

People who have a Blue aura are incredible at communicating with people around them, regardless of how different they are from a group.
These people appreciate differences and often like to seek solutions or agreements in debates, so they everyone can put their point across equally.
Being good with words is something they may have experienced from a young age, therefore it wouldn’t surprise us if they have been someone who has won a few writing competitions or perhaps published their own novel.
As people who are highly intelligent, they want to do good in the world but in areas where it’ll make a difference. This could see these people go into campaigning or political hobbies so they can make sure people have a voice that will be correctly projected to where it matters.

purple aura

A purple aura is very special when it comes to spirituality and the psychic world.
These people are often amazing at feeling the emotions of people around them, plus they often have excellent clairvoyant capabilities. They are often very interested in the world around them, wanting to explore different ways of thinking when it comes to religion, spirituality and philosophy. This can make these types of people bookworms, constantly buying different books that can fill their minds full of different interesting ideas.
These types of people don’t often have a massive group of friends which is actually good in their eyes. Instead, they like to connect with people one on one, meaning they will meet up for a coffee with people so they can fully tune into their emotions.
Purple auras also love animals, and when they were growing up; they may have experienced a longing to be around dogs, cats and other animals which seem to be drawn to you, bringing out your caring side.

pink aura

People with a pink aura will be noticed as soon as they walk through a door. Very vibrant and full of personality, they are people that you won’t forget after meeting them.
Eternal party animals, they are always up for a laugh and may have been the class clown in school. Even though they have matured throughout life and can be very successful in their career, they still have fun at every opportunity they can. These people will never turn down an invitation to a social event and even if they don’t know anyone, their excitement will overcrowd their slight feeling of nervousness.
Many times in their life, these people have high standards that they are reminded to stick by. A Pink aura could meet someone, such as a potential partner and realise something about them that is a deal breaker. To a pink aura, this is something vital, telling them this person doesn’t sit right. Therefore, they will cut their ties and move on. This is harsh? Not at all, actually. They know what they want and won’t let standards slip.

Do you think your aura is spot on? Let us know if which colour you saw and whether you think it’s truthful to your personality!
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