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What do black feathers mean?

Have you stumbled across a black feather? Whether you’ve lost someone close to you or you’re struggling to make a big decision, the black feather could guide you through life and help you achieve happiness.

You’re being protected by someone you loved and lost

It seems like someone you loved and lost is watching over you and protecting you. The appearance of a black feather may suggest that a little negativity is heading your way but, with the help of this special someone, you’ll get through any rough patches and emerge stronger than ever before.

You’re not alone

We all have times in our lives where we can feel overcome with a sense of loneliness or isolation. It’s perfectly natural to feel this way and more often than not, these negative emotions will soon pass us by. If you stumble across a black feather while suffering from a prolonged period of loneliness, take it as a sign that you’re not on your own. Although you might not realise it, a spirit is watching over you and encouraging you through life. This spirit could belong to a loved one who died recently or it could be your guardian angel. You can learn more about guardian angels in this guide.

A sense of clarity is on its way

Are you struggling to make a big decision? Perhaps you’re at a crossroads in life and you don’t know which path to take. If you stumble across a black feather, it could be a sign that clarity is on its way. You’ll need to use your intuition so you can follow the path you’re most drawn to.

When you see a black feather, it may be wise to follow the strongest emotion you’re currently feeling. Have you been offered a new job but you feel oddly suspicious of the company? Perhaps the feather is trying to tell you to continue your job search and find something else. If you find a black feather when thinking about embarking on an exciting but scary adventure, it could have appeared to give you a nudge to take the leap. After all, you’re being protected by someone you loved and lost.

What Do Black Feathers Mean


  1. i just loss the love of my life in March. I came across a black feather while I was at my son football practice. It’s crazy because I had a bad day all day. I’m glad to know he with me and watching over me.

  2. I have been struggling a lot in the past two and a half years since my daughters death at age 33. I’ve had no signs at all from her and she was such a strong person who would have contacted me if she could. I am in such a deep depression and so lonely lately. Walking down my path into that leads to me door i found a large black feather by the path. I have picked it up and googled it. I do realise that it is most likely that it is simply lost from a bird of which there are many i guess. But a tiny part of me is clinging on to the meaning given here that my daughter is trying to tell me she is with me. I hope you’re right because it is all i have left.

  3. It’s my 3rd dayin a row I keep seeing feathers in a very strange place❤️ white and black

  4. July 5 2018
    I was on my way home from shopping and I was waiting to cross the road. I waited for the black car to go passed me before it was safe to cross and after the car had passed a small black feather flowing down onto the road in front of me. And I knew it was my little girl in heaven sent me a message. I was happy and couldn’t wait to find out what it meant on the Internet. And yes I knew that I was been protected my special little angel (my little 11yr and 4 month old girl I lost 1 and half ago) I could feel negative vibes from people around me. Finding a black feather meant yes I was been protected from above. ❤

  5. I always run into black feathers and if my friends are trying to do something with feathers they know to talk to me cause I find someone many feathers wherever I go…Does that mean I’m being followed by a guardian angel?? Idk anyone who died in my family who could be protecting me.

  6. My young son passed away where I am living . I am a Christian but feel this feather has meaning I found. I caner stop thinking on it. Most of my family has passed but my loving first born son Austin has most of my heart. Lonely, feelings of guilt and misunderstood.

  7. Wishing Moon,

    I am currently on a Twin Flame journey and very close to union w/ flame but then I meet an unusual guy like a instant connection and this was predicted by a intuitive advisor. While getting an insight of teaching this guy how to meditate a black feather slowly fell down by random in my mind. I instantly stopped this visual and jumped up to search what it means as it scarred me a bit. I am still a bit unsure about this

  8. So this morning, I was getting ready for the day and found a black feather on the floor on my bathroom. It was not there last night and no windows were open near it to have it blow in. Then my 5 year old daughter wanted to take a selfie with me and what looks like a “swirl of light” is in the picture right above my head. We live in my aunts house who passed away a little over 2 years ago. She has moved things in the house before but for both of these things to happen in 1 day about an hour apart from each other is amazing!

  9. Yesterday i was eating some grapes. When i pulled a bunch from bat a small brown feather was attached. Today i reached for my sage pot and found a black and red feather! I am full of joy!!!!

  10. My Mom died month and a half ago. PICKED UP A LARGE BLACK FEATHER…as I read this article my head is tingling…Mama I know you arw my guardian angel.. .Mama I love and miss you…

    Wishing Moon reply: “We’re very sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. Your mom certainly is watching over you. No matter what you do, you can rest assured that she’s by your side and protecting you from harm. Sending you love and happiness! We’re sure that she’s incredibly proud of you”

  11. HA! Found one big black feather in back yard. Wow. I ignored it. Then 2 small ones days later.
    THANK YOU KINDLY FOR YOUR INTERPRETATION on this website.. Yes I have felt very alone and yes I know who is sending protection and encouragement that I am watched over and not alone.
    Thank you.

  12. My dad died 2 weeks ago. Today I was driving his car, and I got into a minor accident. I was asking archangels about the meaning or lesson from this accident when I found a black feather. I guess it made me more cautious and aware, so I would avoid a bigger mishap.

  13. I was walking my dogs at the park during a foggy day and came across a black feather on the grass. It looked very interesting and magnificent, so I picked it up and brought it home. I left it in my room and forgot about it, but once I returned to my room it grabed my attention.I felt that there might be something more than just a black feather.

  14. my dad died 3 days ago, we were very close and i love him so much. today a blackbird came into my house and jumperd around a bit, my husband tried to shoo him out and he left a feather.
    what does this mean please?

  15. I live in a frist floor flat so had my window open yesterday. I popped out to the shop and when I got back went to close it . There on my window sill on the in side was a black feather. It was neatly placed . Checked around to see where it had come from but I know it was not there before I went out .

  16. I have been buying doll to clothe and sell for charity and was wondering if I was doing the right thing as the doll are quite expensive toy buy
    On my way home ther was a massive black feather just laying there in my path
    So I’m assuming I’m doing ok x

  17. I am going for a job interview tomorrow. I just went out side to put the rubbish in the bin and noticed a black feather at the base of the bin… I have been picking up feathers for months now, but never a black one…???

  18. Was seriously considering separating from my husband of 19 years, most of them unhappily. Was trying to muster up the courage for a few weeks and also figuring out other details..Over a period of two weeks found 10 feathers all but one were black.. I found all of them right on my path when walking to work.

  19. My mum whom I was extremely close to passed away on her bday last year the 9 October 2016, since then just one thing after the next has gone so very wrong in my life she was my emotional everything and now this house I’m in since May this year owned by a friend has turned nasty .
    Today I found a random black feather ( almost a foot long ) at my feet while I was drifting off into space like I do a lot so I’m hoping this means mums with me guiding me it’s the first real sign of anything I have ever got since she passed
    I miss her soooo much

  20. While sitting in my car waiting for my kids to get out of high school, I turned off my car and sat and waited a while. I then found a small piece of black yarn on top of my key in the ignition. It was so weird! It just appeared! What does this symbolize?!

  21. i have been struggling so much financially . today l felt l had no more strength to continue, l went to my house to pray and have private moment. . at the door step l found a big black feather . l tried to check all around how made it to my door but it was not clear. l picked it and entered in the house with it… l felt some happiness feeling angels were with me. l hope soon l will have the financial breakthrough.

  22. Ok found a black feather on my passenger car seat..put a smile on my face and was greatful for my angels help…so thankyou

  23. I found a new black feather under my pillow this night, I was worried when I saw it because of its color and I have seen white feathers previously in three different occasions on my 1yr old daughter’s scalp. But when I read this I felt relieved. And I should act fast on my strong decision. Thanks

  24. I found a black feather on my door step this morningand I was a little worried until I read the significance now I feel much better because when u feel anxious and things go wrong you worry about everything and anything so a little positivity is good.

  25. I have been struggling financially for the last 10 years since my ex banrupted us. I have divorced him now and am in a better place but it hasn’t been without its exhausting and very trying emotional times. I have made a decision to move from the area I have lived in for the past 26yrs to a seaside area and I am fearful of this decision. I asked God and my Angels to help me and on Saturday night I was out for dinner with a girlfriend and walking back to the car there in my path was a big black feather. I knew it had a message for me and wow so very thankful I picked it up. So very grateful for the message I am not so nervous now very blessed xx

  26. I have been struggling financially for the last 10 years since my ex banrupted us. I have divorced him now and am in a better place but it hasn’t been without its exhausting and very trying emotional times. I have made a decision to move from the area I have lived in for the past 26yrs to a seaside area and I am fearful of this decision. I asked God and my Angels to help me and in Saturday night I was out for dinner with a girlfriend and walking back to the car there in my path was a big black feather. I knew it had a message for me and wow so very thankful I picked it up. So very grateful for the message I am not so nervous now very blessed xx

  27. I lost the love of my life April 2017. It’s been so difficult to go on without him ,just to live day to day is a hard task! Most days I just sit & cry. Trying not to question God, leaning for peace & understanding ! Just gaining my weight back I lost over 60 lbs. He is always on my mind. He had a mustang so ever since he past I always see them now and when I do I always say I love you. I feel that’s his way of communicating with me . So, last week I got my car detailed & the next day I found a black feather ! I checked everything after the detail & it wasn’t there. I’m sure he is with me, protecting & guiding me ! That made me happy to know he is with me ❤️I love you Brandon forever

  28. my husband fell in front of shop rite while using a walker, i was a little way and couldn’t get to him. he had a stroke and passed away in november, every time i go and pass that spot, i freeze. yesterday i stood at the spot and there was a large black feather,,,i feel he i still with me and does not want me to feel guilty about not getting to him and prevent his falling. i miss him so much and believe he is waiting for me…can’t wait…

  29. This is the third Black feather I have found in front of my door.thus time the feather was really big..it was not there when I got home..however .I went out side to see why my dog was barking , that’s when I seen the Really big feather.my heart some what stoped not going I picked up and it in the trash..but something in my spirit had me to look up Black feather and what does it mean… Glory Be To God ..I’m glade I did..deep in my spirit it telling me to go get it out the trash can…wow I have chills all over my body.just from saying go get it..Jesus..

  30. This is no lie I was back home and started to cry because Im struggling in learning to drive. I was on my bed and then this small fluffy black feather appeared in front of me from literally no where. I googled black fathers and come across this site and posts. I was considering quitting after another lesson thinking of all the hard work and money I put into it. I’m not sure what it means but I’m keeping the feather safe.

  31. I just had a black and white feather float gently down beside me, out of nowhere, when I was standing on the back covered porch… It was weird because the wind is really blowing and the feather just gently floated down. So I Googled what it means. The answer really fits…I am at a big crossroad in my life. And struggling to make a decision to move back to Michigan from Arizona due to some family problems here. I think this helps me with the decision. As much as it is going to hurt to leave my 5 year old granddaughter, I think I need to move on. Thank you for this article explaining what the feather means.

  32. To the SadGirlinTexas, I too lost a son. He was killed in an accident while working. He was just a teenager. It was the most devastating event of my life and I’ve had a few. It turned my life upside down and I’m still grieving after several years. My heart goes out to you. I believe you will continue to get signs from him in the form of feathers, and possibly other natural signs such as dragonflies, butterflies, or even pennies! May God and His angels be watching over you and guiding you to help you through this tragic time and beyond!

  33. I’ve been thinking about my ex husband a lot and feeling really sad and lonely; extremely depressed even. He passed away 11 years ago today aged 52 from alcoholism. I often wonder if I could have done more for him. First thing I noticed this morning was a small beautiful black feather. I know it’s 11 years but I believe it was him telling me he is here watching over me and protecting me.

  34. My sister passed away 3 years ago Thanksgiving and I’ve been having such a hard time with it for the past 3 days. I walked out to my car and right as I was getting into my car i looked down there was a beautiful little black feather and it made me smile. I keep that feather in my car now..

  35. I found three black feather at my school. Two feather in a day and one another day. They all are of different sizes . smaller one have white colour at its end. I don’t understand what does it means bcz I am not closed to anyone that much. can you please tell me what does it means bcz I feel very rare about these feather
    And now I almost everyday found a feather but they are small and I have only these black feather which are bigger

  36. August 31, 2017
    I lost my dad to cancer and never got to say good-bye. I miss him so much and wish I could talk to him again. Some days I can smell his cologne in my home. I look at his picture everyday sometime I can hear his voice. Dad I miss and love you.

  37. My son passed away in his sleep June 2016
    It was the most devastating painful experience
    I’ve had to endure. I keep praying to God to let me see him
    to get a sign from him. I cry so much .. I can’t sleep.
    Til a few days ago I started seeing feathers. first two Grey ones in different places then a beautiful black one
    outside my front door. I’m starting to believe it’s him
    giving me a sign .

  38. My Grandma died yesterday and this morning I found a beautiful black feather… I always look up feathers and when I found the meaning I broke down. This has to be the most memorable feather. Wow. How amazing!!!

  39. Opened my fridge and a black feather appeared from nowhere and fell on the glass shelf of the fridge would like to know what this means

  40. I found a black feather, in fact 3 black feathers when I was walking to the store…I had a man I love on my mind thinking if I should send money to him, but I’m stuck paying bills that I haven’t paid in months bcos of sending money to the man I love…now I feel that I have to pay bills bcos I got a collection agency letter for a bill I hadn’t paid in months…the man I love is a bit upset that I won’t send money to him…I want to send him money but I also need to take care of my bills…
    I feel stuck bcos I’m on disability and my income is very limited…I feel like I’m on a cross road and not sure what to do…

  41. A week ago today my black Labrador passed away. As she passed I said goodnight and to send me little black feathers. Today, one week to the day, I had the black feather in my door step into the garden. I am now at peace with my decision to let her go as I know she’s safe and well x

  42. So lately I have been under a lot if stress due to the scandalous owners I work for. I have been torn because I really want to quit, but at the same time I don’t want to leave my manager and supervisor shorthanded. And I do love most if the people I care for at this facility Today, as I walked into work, I found a black feather on the steps leading to the front door. What could it mean?

  43. I found a black feather walking this morning i know God is on my side and while i am going through a family situtation my mother raised my neice and so she took my mother and left all to her and my brother it not the material things it is the mistreatment of them that brothers me we going to leave all here God loves u

  44. Found a black feather I hope and pray someone is looking after me, and this terrible time is coming to an end

  45. Omg I’m going though some bad times in my life I wonder when it will all end I don’t no how much more I can take all kinds off testable things have happend but today I found a black father at the side off my house I hope I am at the end off all these bad things happing to me it’s like someone has put a spell on me

  46. I have had rsi in my wrists for past year I gave up my last job (6 months ago) because of it and found another job it helped but now symptoms have started again and now thinking I going to have to give this job up too Last few weeks I have found lots of white feathers and few days ago in crack of path outside my front door is a black feather so not sure of the meaning whether things will get better or have I got to give my new job up,

  47. I lost my boyfriend on September 2016. It’s really hard for me to survive without him. I started getting feathers from the day he left. Most of the feathers are black in colour… what do I do with the feathers? Can u please let me know what he is trying to say???

  48. My husband passed away in Nov 2016 and I have been living n limbo ever since, I miss him desperately. I have recently bought a little dog for company but she can never get rid of my broken heart. When walking the other day she picked up a lack and white feather, I took it off her and threw it away, when walking the following day she actually picked up the same feather and then this morning she brought in a black feather, is it my darling husband with me.

  49. The last 4 months have been a struggle ,especially with work. I feel like everything I do at work could go wrong. I work in a very busy enviromnent , the stress levels are so high. I have been looking for another job but have lots to consider especially when it comes to my family. I keep on finding black or white feathers and pennies. I have read the meaning of finding feathers I strongly believe that my Guardian Angel is watching over me and protecting me. Things will get better soon for me.

  50. A day after I learned from an ad who my Guardian Angel was I found a black feather on the floor in my bedroom. My door is always closed and so is my window (my window has also a filter which keeps insects from flying in).

  51. I found a black feather while walking back from the shops..
    I picked it up and took it home and placed it in my box of feathers, I believe my best friend is watching over me and guarding me.
    And helping me make a big decision in my life.
    Thank you my guardian angels

  52. I lost my black Labrador a few weeks ago and such an emotional wreck. Also today my current employers / friends r leaving to move far away so really emotional today to find a black feather at such a random place. Let’s hope this is a sign I’m not alone

  53. I woke up and a black feather,on bed sheet,never hve I seen 1 or been left 1….my black cat passed a couple of mths ago and yesterday,I had the chance to gain a kitten from a friend..I am trying to make my mind up,whether to have last female kitten …weighing up the pro s and cons,perhaps this black feather is a sign of clarity and/or a blessing from my deceased cat,to go ahead….

  54. I am going through a major break up with a woman who I care for very much. She thought me the spirituality of animal totum , which is why I am here. She wants a split and I am resisting with hopes to work it out. However, when I found the feather I may have been resigning my self to that departure. I can only hope it helps make my path clear.

  55. I just found a black feather while walking and Im a 19 year old woman. I have graduated but have no job or dont attend school. Im very down but, I have that faith that God will give me that faith that I need. Im ready to try to get them both.

  56. My youngest daughter found a black and white feather on the floor beside the dining table. Now about 2 weeks later my other daughter fixed inevin our walkpath lawn. My husband passed away 2 years ago and there is going to be a huge celebration happening very soon. Is he watching over us all?

  57. My white feather found in my lounge doorway after visiting my dad who had died in hospital that morning.
    Thank you.

  58. I find feathers all the time in the strangest places in all different colors and shapes. I also find pennies.

  59. I went on a day date yesterday with a guy. It’s my first date in year after I was badly broken after my last bf cheated on me.
    We had a fab time and I laughed to much and really enjoyed myself. However when I got home there was a black feather on my back patio.
    I’ve not seen any feathers for ages. I stopped believing in them. But this has shook me as to what it all means now. Can you help? Is this warning me off new guy?

  60. I noticed 2 black feathers at the entry of my gates to my house. If I didn’t know better I would think they had been perfectly placed directly opposite each other. Do I leave them there?

  61. Hi In the middle of breaking up with my gf after I found out she was sending intimate messages to someone else I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out a black feather. I have no idea were it came from and has knocked me for 6. I have tried to leave this relationship before but i caved and gave in. I genuinely think she wants it to work but is the feather telling me to make the change ot take the chance and stay with her ?? any ideas

  62. Ive found many feathers the past few years. But for the past few months (well, more like year) Ive been really struggling with just loss of interest in everything; in life. Lately especially Ive just been so unmotivated to do anything. But as I was walking to my room and sat down on my bed, I was smoothing out my pants with my hands and a small black feather came off and fell to the floor. I have NO idea how it got there. I thought back to what I had just been doing – nothing I had sat on or anything had feathers. Reading these articles though of them just being about protection from negativity makes me feel a lot better, because I thought they meant just pure negativity. But it makes total sense, because of my struggling with loneliness and apathy for about a year. Hopefully this could mean a breakthrough for me.

  63. My Daughter found a black feather on my floor going into my bathroom. I have no idea how it got there’ now I’m puzzled’ ready other comments’ I know it’s my Mother watching over me’ from up above.

  64. Found a black feather on my bed just I opened my comforter. I’m having an unexplainable disease.my whole body is in pain.

  65. My best friend passed away last week. I play for a football with him, and it’s a huge part of our lives. The first game after he passed away, I found a black feather peeping out the top of my football sock. Hence why I searched for this page <3

  66. After many years in an unhappy marriage, I am finally trying to get the nerve to leave. This morning, I was in one of my fave places, the garden, when I found a black feather! A little further on, a brown one.

  67. I’ve been dreaming my Mom,and numbers like 46,6,2,99,75 and cash,I don’t understand it.and then when I get up I found a feather ,color grey and half of it color black. (Grey/black).What’s the meaning.Thanks

  68. Someone has been leaving black and gray feathers at my front door. They were placed. not randomly falling.
    What is the message they might be trying to give me?

  69. Last night I came home after spending the day at my moms house it was me and my two daughter the other kids were out nobody was home but my 2 kittens and my cat saskay i usually leave the window cracked but i closed it and all doors were locked when we left when i came back my container that was in my kitchen was on the floor that cause my attention to sweap up but it was dark because my kitchen light blew out so i swep up everything into the light and it was black feathers i was wondering how did these feathers appear on my kitchen floor and no bird its wired but i sweap it up and threw it out front in the trash

  70. My daughter had to take her Jack Russell dog to be put to sleep yesterday, although he wasn’t ill,it was due to his aggression and she has been blaming herself and was inconsolable, Tpday she found a white feather and also a black feather next to it in her kitchen. No windows or doors were open and this has helped her to feel Toby doesn’t blame her,

  71. While taking my mum to the car a black feather came from no where and landed on her head.Can you tell me what this means please ,she passed away four days later.
    Thank you.

  72. I found a black feather today. My brother passed Oct 30 14 years ago. Ibe been thinking about him a lot and feeling lost.

  73. Crazy these are all the feelings ive been dealing with lately, alot of rough patches and negative energy, but I have been feeling it’s time for a big decision, I truly believe in all the guardian angel talk thank you for your awesome awnsers.

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