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What Do Grey Feathers Mean?

If you’ve ever found a grey feather in an unusual place, you may have been left scratching your head and wondering how it got there. Whether you’ve found a feather in your house, car or even your purse, it could be a sign that angels are near. Let’s take a look at the messages your angels are trying to give you…

A period of tranquillity may lie ahead

Have you been going through a tough time? The grey feather might have appeared to reassure you that the road ahead is much more positive. The feather won’t undo the past nor will it erase bad memories, but it could help to ease your pain and suffering.

Whether you’ve lost your job or someone you care about has passed away, the grey feather could be trying to tell you that everything will be okay. It might not seem like it at the moment but you’re a strong person and you will survive this. Make yourself and those you love proud by holding your head up high and carrying on with life as best you can. Eventually you’ll feel like a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you’ll start to feel joy again. Things will get better and these negative thoughts won’t last forever.

Think carefully before making any big decisions

The appearance of a grey feather could indicate that the answer to a big decision isn’t as black and white as you’d hope. Take your time and think carefully before making any bold moves or drastic life changes. Have you been offered a new job? Before accepting the offer, ask yourself whether this is really the position for you. If so, congratulations! If you’re not so sure, keep looking.

If you’re looking for a new place to live, weigh up your options and do plenty of research before snapping somewhere up. Consider everything from the property’s location to its price, decor and even its house number. Take a look at our house number numerology post to find out what your future home’s number could mean for you.

Make peace with those you may have fallen out with

Have you fallen out with a friend, argued with your partner, or not spoken to a relative in years? The mysterious appearance of a grey feather may suggest it’s time to make amends and put your differences aside.

If you know deep down that you can mend a broken relationship, do everything in your power to resolve the conflict, even if you know it’s not your fault. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger person and say “let’s fix this.”

Sometimes, big falls outs can be completely out of your hands. If this is the case and you know nothing you do will heal the problem, don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes all you can do is wait for the other person to see the error of their ways and hope they come to you.
Have you found a feather of a different colour? Take a look at our Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near post to learn more about feather meanings.

What Do Grey Feathers Mean


  1. A light grey feather landed on my foot this morning….the meaning is spot on…my spouse and I had a falling out yesterday and I’ve been thinking a lot about my mother who passed almost 7 years ago, as well as a dear friend who passed tragically 8 yrs ago… this feather has brought me to tears…I’m praying to this sign that my husband and I resolve our differences and the sign that my loved ones are near and gave me a sign that they are doing well!
    My question is when we find these feathers are we to release it with a prayer or keep the feather?

  2. I found a grey feather under a plate at an outdoor cafe today. Days before I received a devastating cancer diagnosis for my mother. She kept saying that it will all be ok. I guess it will.

  3. I had a small grey feather with a white and blue swoop on it fly onto my arm while I was driving today…

  4. My friend just found one mixed white and gray feather in my hair Last Sunday 27th of May and Monday i found one with the same color floating infront of me while i was sweeping the backyard.

  5. I’ve been going through a rough period of time with my depression/dissociation/eating disorder/dad’s side of family/etc, and I’ve been feeling so hopeless lately. Today, I found a grey feather lying on the kitchen floor, and after reading this article, I am filled with hope. My long-distance best friend’s dog passed away recently, and earlier this week, I drew a picture of him with wings, ascending up to wherever he’s needed now. Perhaps he saw it, and that was his way of acknowledging it, and letting me know that things will be okay for both him and me. If that is the case, I am so thankful, and I wish him the best of luck on his journey. And whoever is reading this right now, you are strong, and you can make it through anything. Don’t lose hope. The silver lining will come into view soon enough.

  6. Very interesting to read about feathers. I just got out of jail last week, and have had a recent HUGE breakup in a relationship but know it’s nest for my mental health. Today while bringing groceries in I noticed an actual pile of gray feathers right outside the car door. I was frantically looking around andninder the car hoping I didn’t hit a bird. Absolutely no evidence of hitting or running one over(thank goodness), and shared with a friend about this pile of feathers. She told me that it’s a good sign and that I should look it up. I’m a skeptic of a lot of things, but it sure put a smile on my face. Thank you

  7. The day after put my most beloved Bellie-cat down from chronic kidney disease after years of utter devotion and love to my constant companion, I only opened my door once that entire day. Yet, where she used to sit to get my attention, there it was. A gray and white feather inside my home. Stunned, but comforted. So I set out to look for signs after, sent gratitude, and continued asking for help and signs. That was over 3 weeks ago. I now have a collection of feathers (about 20), white ones and gray ones. I receive them almost daily. My grief is almost unbearable. I miss my baby terribly. But my faith is stronger than ever. I am so very grateful.

  8. Had a fight w my boyfriend and have been going through some rough times. I woke up this morning and there were thousands of little gray fluffy feathers all over my balcony. We live on the 36th floor in a high rise apartment in Chicago. I’ve only seen a bird this high up once or twice. But when I saw all the grey feathers , I thought immediately that my angels must be trying to send a message. The meaning of grey feathers really resonated with me and made me feel a deeper connection spiritually. I’m going to sit back and believe!!

  9. I have never shouted out to my guardian angel/higher self with the exception to once. I was driving home and in a desperate need of help and guidance on a decision. I shouted out loud in my car, “Guardian Angel help me! What do I do?” I drove the remaining five min home, went in the bathroom, looked in the mirror and took off my shirt. On my right shoulder was a gray/white feather. The tiniest feather you could imagine and it just laid there. It didn’t move when I removed my shirt. I don’t know what it came from or how it got there. And the fact that I was looking in the mirror and it didn’t blow off is no coincidence. Did my “prayers” (so to speak) get answered? Well that, is a gray area on whether they did or didn’t. There are no coincidences. What bites is that I put it in a box for safe keeping and then forgot and accidentally threw it outside and couldn’t find it again when I remembered what I had done. But I do have a photo of it.

  10. i see grey or mixed colour feathers at my room sometime at my door top,most times at my bed….most times i am not sure if my dreams about waters.

  11. I visit a physic and several times she told me there is a native man with a white feather on his head by my side. Today I finally asked his name and it is white feather. So interesting, I suppose this is my guardian angel. Very appropriate being of native decent.

  12. I was sitting in the steps of the Refgue I’m at and a great feather flew pass my arm well brushed pass my arm
    and 2 days ago was in the car a white feather went across my frount window

  13. Thanks for telling me about what it means if you find a grey feather in a random spot☺. I’m 11 and found a couple of darkish grayish feathers floating in my backyard this morning after going on a dog walk. I also have an intuition in my head that talks to me and also the Grey feather that I found was telling the truth once the looked up the answer of it .

  14. I often speak to my angels. Especially my mom. Yesterday I asked for a sign that she is near me. This morning i found a grey feather by my lounge.. I believe in angels and I know that our loved ones who have left us are always with us.

  15. I’m so happy you could shed some light in the meaning of finding feathers. For the past 2 years I have been finding a lot of feathers. I find all different colors. I’m happy to hear someone is taking me under their “wing”. My mom just passed away recently and I lost my job. I need all the spiritual help I can get. I will take note as to what is on my mind next I find one. I’m sure it will be soon. I just found another one othe other day. Great to hear it’s good sign.

  16. Well, feathers seem to be appearing often around me.
    In my garage, inside my car, at my back door at home and now, today right in my bathroom.
    I have no birds around my place whatsoever, no one else drives my car.
    I know feathers are Angels around us.
    Everytime I see one around me, I smile, because I know, I’ve been watched by Angels.
    So, my question is: Do I say a prayer when I see one around me or do I keep on smiling?

  17. I have found a grey one tonight next to me on the floor this is the 3rd one I did ask for a sign of a feather and it’s the same shape of the other 2 one on my pillow one I found next to me and one my daughter gave me from school.. I love receiving little signs like this they make me feel calm 🙂

  18. I have definitely noticed more signs coming from above in the past 2 years just because I cannot deny Him anymore. He has commanded my attention after many years and brushing things off as coincidence. Without elaborating on all of it. I recently read about feathers and although in have had my share pop up in front of me usually white or blue and outdoors, have never seen a gray one other than the Michaels craft store. I wished mentally just the other day that I would see one and just this a.m. as I was doing my least favorite chore of cleaning the toilets, I find not only 1 but 2 of the most delicate feathers I have ever seen. I picked them up and placed them in my hand befuddled as to where they came from. No one has any clothing with feathers in my home and it’s nowhere near pillows being the downstairs guest bath. As I breathed in curiosity and awe of it the slight air from my nostrils had it dancing in my palm up down and all around. I thank God for listening to my subtle wish and grateful for the reminder that even in doing the most mundane task it is a time to be still and know that HE is God and listens. I affirm to pray more when doing these mindless chores.

  19. My son has been in an induced coma from alcohol almost 4 weeks now…has a trach..pneumonia etc and not getting better …I’m so scared of losing him…today I saw a white grayish feather as I am getting in my car and thought to myself that is strange then got out of the car and decided to pick it up to find out what it meant..I felt it was from my parents on the other side. ..today I saw my son and although he has a fever and tied down and gaited and slightly still sedated I think he knew it was me and with his lips said I love you and moved his lips to show a kiss…and now I feel so much better because I was a mess last night and today. ..and I feel so much more calmer….I truly believe in signs from our loved ones…so continued prayers for you matt and momma loves you today and always..I leave this in God’s hands for only he knows our future…..

  20. My 34 yr old daughter is in a very strict rehab to help her kick opioid and benzodiazepine addiction. She can’t have contact just yet w family. Life is crazy and upside down in many respects. I was diagnosed w Leukemia and Amyloidosis ( a rare blood disease) less than a year ago. I’m seeing my oncology team in 3 days. I just finished praying for my daughter and for me to beat this. Immediately, a two inch whitish grey feather drifted down from a tree in front of my window, and is securely being held there for me to see.

  21. On July 18, 17. I loss the love of my life, my husband. My birthday is October 11. I had felt so lonely that day as my husband and I had always done something nice and special together for my birthday. I asked him to send me a sign if he were here with me for my birihday. On October 12, I was walking through my garage i found a gray feather. I was so happy to know that my husband honored my request to be with me around my birthday. He is my angel and I look forward to getting more feathers from him.

  22. My wife past away on September27 at 2:50 pm and i was next to her seeing her was takeing her last breath my hand was on her forehead feeling her for last time alive.tiers was falling off my eyes.till she past drop of my tiers fall on my finger and i drew a cross on her forehead for blessing and how much I’m going to miss her.for me is very difficult to forget her,i remembering her all the Time.she was worried how I’m going to live by myself alone because her family and my stepdaughter and stepson will forgetting me.then in October5 when i got up in the morning i found a grey feather on my bed and i was wondering how this feather comes to my bed then at work while i was changing my uniform i saw feather by my nametag next to my heart then at break time i was sitting alone out side work place i found another feather on my pants and i was working at register then i found another feather front of me, i research about it and i learn about Angel feather.no matter what religion are you but Angels are from same god, this what i believe.if angels around me and protect me i want to wish for my wife soul be in rest in peace for ever till i join her when my time comes.i am hopping that i had her forgiveness what ever negative things was between us.god may her rest in peace..i all ways love you Angelica.i have your beautiful picture and part of your ashes with me.

  23. Why are there so many stories similar, without any replies? I was going to write, but my grey feather waiting on my bench didn’t seem important after I read all these. I’ve been undecided about which story I can submit for publication. So rattled I can’t organize What SPECIFICS could this plain feather have for ME?

  24. I am a cook a children’s day nursery, I had just finished when I went over to the door to leave a grey feather was on the kitchen floor near the bin, I found this odd. I went home did my housework, hoovering etc: sat down had a cup of tea went into the kitchen and by the bin a grey feather.

  25. I was sitting in my garden yesterday & a wee tiny grey/white feather landed on my leg(not a bird in sight), I’ve recently been offered a job & was unsure about taking it, so do you think this may be of some relevance?

  26. I found a grey feather in my glasses case. I have been considering joining the military for a very long time and have been wanting a black or white answer. I have recently decided to go through the process of enlisting! I’m sure there will be ups and downs of my career but I’m excited to see what the future hold for me.

  27. Begining this year2017 i became interested in Angelic ministry ever since i bump into deferent colours tiny feathers and deferent sizes i collect them .. i am happy when ever i find feathers.. most of the time i find them in my living room.. Resently some crazy preachers hv said this all are not true.. I am a bit upset over this

  28. i found a black feather then a couple of days later i found another black feather and then a few days later i found a gray feather and today I found a brown and white feather.I want to win the lottery ,so does this mean i will?

  29. I have just discovered that I am expecting another baby. (Our 3rd unplanned child) the morning after I done the pregnancy test on my doorstep was two grey white feathers stuck together and a single grey white feathers blowing up from my feet up towards the street in direction of where our best friend lived before he passed away. I have two girls already and when I asked my husband and eldest daughter if they had seen these feathers they said no and they disappeared on my return home.
    Is the spirit world trying to contact me or what does this mean? I’m really confused as I did see these feathers but nobody else did.

  30. I got in my car the other day and it was a little grey/white feather. The again the following day what could this be please

  31. I’ve just lost my husband age 40 found him past away in bed Friday 30th June just had his funeral Monday 17th July unsure of cause of death yet waiting on toxicology reports and I’ve just open my back door wear he had his gardening shoes there was grey / white feather i found when sweeping up the leafs what have blew under the out house area which is undercover where he use to sit alot out there smoking and I’ve picked the feather up and brought it indoors kept it safe thinking is this a sign from my husband as he must no I’m not coping as ive got the mental health team looking after me cause i can’t cope with out my Simon

  32. Thank you. I came across three small feathers in a clover like space this evening. They looked white to me yet on closer inspection they were light grey too.
    Feathers have always been symbolic for me.
    White: Everything is going to be okay, a reminder to keep faith and stay strong.
    Grey: to reassure you that the road ahead is much more positive. The feather won’t undo the past nor will it erase bad memories, but it could help to ease your pain and suffering.
    Today has been an extremely difficult day after years of misery, this placed me at ease so much

  33. . I found this little baby grey feather on a weight scale in my bathroom at my current job. This feather was just lying there in my personal bathroom. It’s really odd to find this in that certain place considering there is nothing with feathers any where near there. But it could not have come to me at a more remarkable time. My mother and I currently own a business together , but if you ask her she is the big owner, even though both our names is on the building that our business is in. Well I have been really considering stepping out of this business with her and letting her have it and go and find something different so that I do not have to work with family. There are so many issues with working with family , especially your own mother. I am 40 and she treats me like I am 10, especially in front of our clients. That is something I do not like and we have had many discussions about this, but yet she tells me to get over it. I know that this decision will be a difficult move considering all the circumstances that come with this. There is no straight yes or no answer with this decision. I take the risk of my mother never speaking to me ever again, or everything going working out. There will be consequences on either decision. So finding this feather is a sign that I need to hold off a little longer and see if things are going to work themselves out. If not, unfortunately, I will have to take that not so easy step and leave.

  34. My grandad passed away in March and I recently fell out with my uncle. This may mean he is telling me to mend the broken relationship.

  35. I was sitting outside in a lawn chair and all of a sudden a great-looking feather floated from the sky is there a meaning behind this

  36. After working many years in a job that I am unhappy with, I made the decision to return to school to better myself and provide a better life for my family. On top of this, I am already a caregiver for my elderly mother, as well as holding a steady full-time job and home-schooling my son. Although i consider myself a strong person, at times it has proven extremely difficult to deal with everything that is on my plate. Sometimes I wonder how I even made it this far, or if i made any wrong decisions. Today, a Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m., I am feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of tears and ready to give up. I grab a cup of coffee and sit on my back patio to collect my thoughts. After a few minutes, out of the corner of my eye, I see something floating down from the roof. When I turn to look, here’s this grey feather spinning around and landing right next to me and landing right in the doorway. It never would have had any meaning to me if a friend of mine would not have sent me a message, just a week ago, on the significance of feathers and the angels who sent them. I’m not the most religious person in the world, but I do believe in God and the guidance of angels. Seeing this feather land next to me, just when I was at wits end, made me stop and think and it somehow gave me a peace of mind to know that I am not alone.

  37. I lost my dad in May 2001…was unexpected and very hard for me. Then 9 years ago I lost a granbaby Haley at 5 months to sides.. This was really hard on. I’ve been depressed and have anxiety and panic Attucks really bad since the passing of my dad. My marriage has suffered although we are still together we have been sleeping in separate rooms for 10 years now. I’m only 55 and for about 6 years we are not intimate. Almost living as roommates. I love him dearly but it is hard. Then 8 months ago we had to put our Yorker down and that killed me. I was more worried about her playmate Koko who is an older chihuahua they both slept with me and we’re buddies. I have been working at this job for 3 years and it is so divided all the gossip you don’t know who to trust. I don’t have really have anyone to talk to about my problems. Since then my back, neck have bulging desk and my knees are filled with arthritis but under the care of a doctor I manage with medications. Plus have insomnia so bad that I can be up for days even with my medications from my therapist. I’m just not happy and have one daughter who refuses to talk to me for 2 years now. I miss her because I could talk to her. I’ve reached out and no luck. Besides all this I was working late at the store as we locked the doors to clean up I found a grey and white feather. I knew what it meant a few days later I found 2 more. I just want to be the happy person I use to be. I don’t go anywhere but to work and home. And in my bedroom. I’m in there 24 /7 cannot get motivated. If I go to talk to my husband he is always on Facebook he will not put it down. So I’m stuck but deep down I know I have to change I just don’t know where to start……thank you

  38. I grey feather blew in through my dining room window this afternoon & landed on my shoulder.
    I’m definitely going through the most difficult time of my life and with it has brought so many life changes. New job, new home, relocation etc. I’ve been asking my angels continuously to help things fall in to place and the feather was exactly what I needed. I’d never seen a grey feather before and was very relieved to read it’s meaning.

  39. My husband passed away suddenly on June 15, 2017. I have found three gray feathers. The first one on the day after he passed, the second on the ninth day and the third on the 24th day of having passed to the next plane of existence. There were feathers sticking up everywhere on the lawn this afternoon while I was cutting the lawn. I hope he is surrounded by love and continuing with his soul’s work into the next astral plane. I found have found nickels and dimes in unusual locations.

  40. So a gray feather randomly landed on my chest today. I feel like its,s,sign of something.. my mother hasn’t talked to me in months,since my aunt’s passing I worry about everything but I felt like my aunt is telling me all will be well any thoughts are appreciated please.

  41. Today, I found a white and grey feather on my front step. My husband committed suicide six weeks ago. He shot himself. I found him right after. He was still alive. I haven’t been staying in our home. Today, I decided to return. I kicked the feather aside but as I was doing it, I felt uncomfortable. I felt angry. My husband loved birds. After a time, I went out to find the feather and it was gone. I look everywhere. What have I done? I am heartbroken and have cried off and on ever since.

  42. My girlfriend and I of 5 years have been fighting very badly lately, so much that it is causing stress and health problems for both of us. I found a grey and white feather on my home from work one day. It is very uncommon to find one this size in the city I live in. At first I passed it, but then something told me to go back and retrieve it. While walking home I looked up information on my phone and felt this sense of relief and comfort. I’ve been stressing out about whether we should stay together or break up. I really do love her and she means the world to me, and I know she feels the same way. I’ve been seeing a lot of Angel numbers too lately, mostly “616” and “919”. I believe the feather is letting me know that my answer to our relationship problems aren’t a yes/no or black/white, but it is reassuring that the angels are helping us. The feather is telling me that everything will be OK and that we can fix our relationship. Today while listening to some beautiful, relaxing music I had hung up some photos of us together and taped the feather above them.

  43. Found two grey,black and white feathers in path recently on separate occasions. Recently put house on market aND got offer very quickly. Longing to move close to grandchildren. Wondering what feathers mean!Idea to move by grandchildren good one?

  44. I’ve been so depressed an crying lately. Me n my boyfriend been having problems and financial issues. Im so sad i been praying alot asking God to help me. Well went outside an found a black feather but it look like grey too! What does this mean?

  45. This past week i have been depressed, crying all the time getting angry an even crying myself to sleep, i have gotten myself loads of interviews for work but i havent been to any of them due to my depression. I use to love going to work but now am to scared to step foot outside. So today i let my 2 dogs out in the front garden an i sat on my bench an this grey feather appeared infront of me came from nowhere. Is this a sign i have lost a few people that i love in my life can anyone tell me what this means?

  46. Today I found a grey feather in my car near my cup holder. And instantly I knew it was magical. I pray every night for a sign from my angels, and it came. They are listening!

  47. Christina.. Please believe because it’s true. You are loved and valued even if you don’t think you are. Don’t be afraid… Speak out and let someone help you overcome this pain. Your life matters and you can be happy again.. Be brave and take that first step. You will never regret it.
    Love and light

  48. I found a light grey feather about a month ago now. I put on a freshly washed fleece sweater but took it off later on because it got too hot. I was in the middle of zoning out having had a lot on my mind and something told me to look over, seemingly my subconscious. I looked over, on top of the same sweater I had taken off was a light grey feather. I used to believe in things but I have gone through so much since 16 (now 29) that I don’t believe in myself let alone the mysticism behind a random grey feather. But, how did the feather get there I wonder?! Nothing I own contains down feathers and I haven’t had visitors in months. If someone is watching over me I wonder if they see me sob myself to sleep. I wonder, will this misery ever end?

  49. Interestingly I walked outside my job today because I just couldn’t focus at work. I changed jobs within the same company but this one is easier but boring and every payday I’m broke the day score. The other job was no better but more freedom to come and go but the travel expenses was killing my pockets which always seem to have a hole in them. I was quietly praying at my desk that I couldn’t do this anymore I have to have a miracle or something.

    I walked outside and around in the sun for a few minutes, dried my eyes and headed back in. When I looked down and saw a three toned black , grey, and white feather . Somehow it’s going to be okay I just know it is. That’s what the Angels are telling us.

  50. On the bus on my way to work tonight I was thinking how I haven’t seen any feathers from my angel for a while. Anyhow got off the bus and was walking the road to my job when for bout 50 yards there was a multitude of grey & white strewn the length of the path. No sign of a dead bird or any blood so THANK YOU ANGEL!!! ur always with me xx

  51. Ive recently moved and keep finding grey feathers around my new place i found one today inside my work place i thought wow wat are you doing here there was also are little white feather in the grill of my car and another little white / grey feather near the passenger wheel of my car whenever I find a feather I always thank my dad

  52. I lost my husband 6 months ago and really miss him loads. This morning I found a feather on my driveway , what does that mean?

  53. I just found a grey white & black feather on my back table but the wind should have blown it away but it didn’t . Not sure what it means as yet but thankyou Angels ❤

  54. I was having a few bad weeks. Depressed, anxiety, worrying etc. I lost my daughter on May 1st 2015. She just turned 20 and was murdered by an ex boyfriend. She was moving home on Sat and he murdered her on Friday afternoon before she went to work. It seems like I closed everyone out since then. We are planning on building a new house real soon because of health reasons, and my style house and my husband’s are two different things, and I was upset with my husband. I took my youngest daughter to school this morning and when I came home, there was a grey and white feather in my path. I thanked Miranda for the sign to give me strength and hope. I’ve been talking to her alot these passed few weeks and asked her for a sign that she hears me and to help me. I believe my prayers have been answered. Thanks Miranda. Love and miss you so much!!”

  55. Yesterday as i was sitting in my car, as song came on by Celine Dion – “My Heart Will Go On” and I started to cry because i lost the love of my life last June 2016. It reminded me of him. All of the sudden a grey feather landed on my windshield and i stopped crying and said thank you for the sign. I know he’s not just in my heart but he’s around me. I love you babe! <3

  56. I was having a difficult conversation with my Mum today about physical abus
    I was trying to get her to see how my sibling had abussed me
    all the way up until my late 20’s
    & that we would never tell a woman to go back to her husband who had bashed her
    But why does the family try to make me have a relationship with my abusser
    Right at that point a grey feather floated into where we where sitting
    My mum said she gets what I mean
    I hope the feather means she does
    Sibling abus is something I didn’t even get myself till a few days ago

  57. I am organising a family get together and wasn’t sure who to invite. Went outside for a breathe of air and when I came in a very small grey feather was clinging to my shorts! My guess it is dad telling me I am doing the right thing.

  58. Today I was outside sitting at the picnic tables located near my house. I was on the phone with my boyfriend we were arguing we have been arguing a lot lately. When he hung up on me I felt sad and then all of a sudden this bird flew by and a little gray feather landed. I picked up the feather and placed it in my pocket I feel as if this is my good luck feather.

  59. Hi today I found a grey feather in where I always do workouts on a park in the gym i feel so happy so bring it the feather with me to my home but when my little retriever black coat saw the feather she became sooo scare and angry and carefully try to bite it and she will and I think she eat it and I dont know where are know the feather and I have another golden retriever of seven years old and she get in to my room and smell the feather and nothing happen but my little black coat became soooo crazy

  60. I found a feather baby white a Gray. I lost my Mom 15th September 1915 Ithink she is my Angel feather mean something good I feel her presence when I get feathers no wind but always feathers in my house and outside at backdoor

  61. Thank you so much. Just lost my baby boy last week and have been lost on top him being breastfed. Trying to play with my four year old and I see to tiny baby feather rolling around in the middle of the living room and after four or five circles it c straight between my feet and stops. I picked it up a found your sight on Google.
    Angel baby 10-17-16. 01-26-17

  62. Today I have been really feeling depressed and severe anxiety it has been going on for 3days well tonight in my room a baby grey feather appeared it was my angel it has eased me alot and everything it says is true, thank you to my buetiful angel for being here when I needed u the most

  63. I found a grey feather in the inside lid of my cigarette packet!! I have been looking to move house due to flooding and unsure where to go. Decided on an area when the feather appeared. It has made me feel safer in my decision.

  64. I was in my husbands wagon at work with him and a grey feather fell in front of me from the dky what does this mean?

  65. I keep finding more silvery gray feathers with a touch of white on the end of it what does that mean I have found like four in the last three weeks and let me know Thanks

  66. October 16, 2016
    Something happened in my home before I went to church. My husband made me very angry and I try not to take those feelings to church. But it happened and those feelings set in my spirit. After church the feeling was so so overwhelming I felt like I just couldn’t go on anymore I want to give up it was like the more I try the more I went backwards and I just wanted to pull out. After service I talked to a minister and we prayed. When I got home and got out of the car I saw a gray color feather in front of my car. I said thank you Jesus. It’s going to be alright and I’m going to continue to trust Him!

  67. I have recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I found a Grey feather today. I’m hoping for a miracle but your words are welcomed.

  68. The past few days, I’ve been suffering from anxiety. I was crying all the time and I was so afraid to talk about my feelings to anyone because I know that they would just laugh at me so I write all the things on the notebook while crying. People always put the blame on me, says bad things on me, ignores me like I don’t exist and such things. But then today at my little sis’ party, I saw a grey angel feather inside the big toy house (which you can get inside, it’s a bit similar to a tent I guess) I was actually inside there playing and talking with my little sis. At first, I didn’t saw a feather but then when I looked again, I saw one lying on the blanket and suddenly felt peace. (I actually cried yesterday, the day before this happen so I guess it’s about yesterday, I guess?) By the way, thanks for the article! 🙂

  69. I have recently had to have my belived golden retreiver put to sleep due to contracting leukimia i am devastated and am finding it difficult to accept my loss x i keep seeing white feathers in the garden and this morning i had a grey one on my kitchen floor this has give me so much happiness tgat my beloved timmy is letting me kniw he is okay rip beautiful boy x

  70. I have been going through a lot since last year. My Mom died Jan.2, 2015, My Dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer Stage 4 on Jan. 1,2015 and on Jan. 19, 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My father passed away June 8, 2016. I was taking my dog out this morning and noticed a grey feather in our walkway! It has really been hard on me and my sister to lose both parents in a year and 5 months. My husband has been going down hill since the year 2000. Has a lot of health issues. Ive fought breast cancer and now a survivor. I had 16 chemo treatments and 33 radiation treatments. My port was removed last week. Maybe the feather is a good sign. I sure hope so. A lot of tension among family and seems like I can never do things right. Please pray for me to stay strong!!! Some think Im not been a good person or meet their standards. I know in my heart that God knows Im doing my best. I always thought I was doing things right until here lately. Some don’t want me to mention cancer since I got the port out and don’t have it anymore. I always thought if you was a survivor you should be an uplifting example for others. I guess I was wrong.

  71. I have been cleaning my house thoroughly the past few days throwing out unneeded/unused items. Trying to cleanse and declutter my surroundings. I swept and mopped the whole house today. When I came back home I found a tiny grey feather on my bathroom floor. I know it is a sign to me that my angels are watching over and positive changes are in store. It is meant for me to continue to clear my space so my mind is clear to recognize these beautiful signs.

  72. 3 months ago me and my girlfriend broke up and now she won’t talk to me I have found two brown and gray feathers at my work place I prayed that if we was going to get back together show me a feather is it a sign

  73. I am sorry this happen on September 3, 2016 it was this past Saturday.and it was late in the evening.I always pray.But I admit that these past few day’s I have been feeling kind of doubtful about personal issues happening in my life. And also questioning to my self why and for how much longer this pain and sufferings. But only God knows. But know I know things will change for the better. I know this month of September 2016 will be a month to remember. But big changes are coming very soon for the better.

  74. For the past 2 years now I have found and seen feather on my path even at work in my office. But this was a bit to much. September 6, I was looking for my earrings and I check in my bedroom. I went back again to my bedroom and I look at the night stand and I notice the feather on my picture I have by my night stand. I know I am not alone and I know they are watching over meas I am going through some very difficult times. But I was really amazed this time around. I know that better day are coming soon.And is very comforting ..And so I know now not to doubt keep the faith always…

  75. Last week I was in a car accident an while cleaning out my car a few days later in the back pocket on my seat (drivers) I found a grey feather right at the bottom No idea how it got there

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