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What Do White Feathers Mean?

Have you ever found a white feather on the floor with no explanation as to how it got there? You may be pleased to discover that a white feather could be a gift from the angels above. Whether they’re reminding you to take care of yourself or simply notifying you of their presence, white feathers appear when angels are near.

Angels are near

Everyone has at least one or two angels to watch over and protect them but we tend to go through life unaware of their existence. Angels are usually strong silent types that rarely make their presence known.

If you’re lucky, an angel may send you a tiny ‘hello’ with the help of a small sign or signal. These signs can come in many forms from a subtle flash of light to a sudden feeling of happiness, love and warmth. Often, this signal is in the form of a lone white feather.

A loved one is watching out for you

Have you lost someone close to you? Whether you’re grieving the loss of a relative or close friend, the appearance of a white feather could be a sign that your loved one is nearby. Although you won’t be able to see them, find comfort in the knowledge they’re watching out for you and encouraging you to live your life to the full.

When we lose someone, the best thing we can do is carry on living our lives while taking inspiration from the person who passed away. If you’ve lost a friend who was a budding activist, carry on their great work or find ways to make them proud. If you’ve lost a relative who had a fascinating hobby or interest, take inspiration from their passion and drive by finding a new activity of your own.

TV presenter Gloria Hunniford strongly believes that her late daughter, Caron Keating, sends her white feathers to let her know she’s watching over her. Gloria says: “Racing out of my front door one morning, I was aware that I was running late and felt a wave of panic. As I looked down the drive, there on the ground beside my car lay a single white feather. As I bent to pick it up, I knew instantly it was a reminder from my daughter to drive safely.

“When she was alive, Caron told me that an isolated white feather was an angel’s calling card. And since her death, I am certain that she uses them to send messages to me.”

Everything is going to be okay

If you come across a white feather, take it as a reminder to keep faith and stay strong. Sometimes we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by things that, in the grand scheme of things, don’t matter.

If you’ve been worrying a lot lately, use the appearance of a white feather as a sign you should take time out to calm down and relax. After all, worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace. Everything is going to be okay.

You’re supported and protected by angels who will watch over you no matter what you do. Although you may not realise it, they’re guiding you through life and silently encouraging you to make the most promising decisions.

While white feathers are the most common type of feather sent to us by angels, it’s not unheard of for brightly coloured feathers to appear when angels are near. Whether you’ve found a pink, yellow or green feather here’s our guide to the meaning behind the feathers you find.


  1. I recently found two white feathers. I found out my father is not doing well, and I was extremely stressed out and a nervous wreck. My angles left me feathers letting me know that everything is going to be ok and I feel a great sense of relief from it! Thank you my angels!

  2. We have been through turmoil with a company not paying me for work done; we have brilliant support but has and is costing money to take them to court.
    My wife and I decided to come to St Ives for a weekend; here I am in the shower pondering what will happen, the window open and small white feather swirls through the window and sits on the window sill………..strange but empowering

  3. I’ve been so stressed lately. Business has been extremely slow, I’m equally having a difficult time meeting up with family responsibilities, which apparently I’m the only one who’s in a position to handle them. I walked into my house this evening, was carrying some groceries I bought. On putting the groceries on the kitchen selves, I noticed something white and flashy dropping from nowhere. Checking on it, I realized it was a white feather. It had dropped and was hanging somewhere around the bottom cupboard door. So I had to stoop to have a closer look at it. Once I did that, the feather immediately flew above me and landed on my head… I think it’s someone talking to me, probably a messenger from God telling me to relax or saying things will be okay. I thank God for the sign and for reassuring me.

  4. I have always said my prayers since I was a little girl, although god never listens to me, I have and still am going through a very difficult time which just gets worse for me.however a close friend told me it would have been his dad’s birthday today, so even though I never met him in said a little prayer and at 11 pm at night a little white feather came floating down. where from at that time of night and why?

  5. 6 months ago my father passed away , on the day of the funeral I walked into the funeral parlour there to my surprise right at my foot at the receptionits desk is was a white feather , then few weeks ago I lost my sister my mother found a black feather in her kitchen

  6. My boyfriend passed away 2 weeks ago, we was very close, he was my 1st love, my true love and I’ve been missing him like crazy since he died. Today I was talking about angels to my friend, then 5 minutes later a white feather appeared on the floor. I believe it was a sign from him to tell me everything is going to be ok. I love you my baby forever xxx

  7. Yesterday I visited the cemetery where the ashes of my mother, father and brother are. I intended to buy three roses to put at their site – one for each of them. In the end I bought a bunch of roses and decided to dedicate the extra roses to other people in my life that have passed away that I remember fondly. Then, this morning, I was sitting on a step in my garden and a small white feather landed on me! I immediately believed this was a sign that my gesture was seen and appreciated. I also get other signs in my life that are very reassuring – on a daily basis, the number 44 appears out of the blue – without looking for it. Apparently the number 44 is a sign that you are on the right track. With all of this I get the confidence to know that I am being watched over and guided. Things will be fine!!!

  8. I was at a bar with my husband. Took my jacket off cause it was hot and when it got cold again. I put my jacket back on that’s when I saw a white feather on my left sleeve. Could this mean anything. It’s going to be 4 years that I lost my father. Can this mean anything

  9. My dad passed away two weeks ago, im so devastated, iv been asking him for a sign to know he’s ok, today while I was getting ready I seen a small white feather on the middle of the floor in my bedroom, it came from nowhere, it was him I know it was, telling me he’s ok

  10. This a lovely post I’ve read just now, thank you angles for looking after me and everyone out there. I’ve been very low recently needing a change for something, Party my job I’ve been there for nearly 7 years and it’s not gone so well lately for me. So that I would move on, I’m moving to go live my family for a while for a ‘pick me up’ I handed my notice in and it was horrible how my team have treated me for doing so! I’ve been made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome today at work, took a lot of strength to stay I was absolute tears but tried crying in the inside. As i left work a white feather landed on me so me being me I looked up if there was a reason for it when I got home, I was reading this post and it’s made me feel like I’m not letting anyone down at work that’s (how they made me feel) finding a white feather telling me I’m supported and protected and heading in the right direction and everything will be okay is a lovely sign and my love ones are there for me is a overwhelming and comforting feeling.
    As I was reading this post I saw another white feather in eye sight in the garden so thank you to my 2 angles for being there for me x

  11. Popped to see my boyfriend Peters grave today & a white feather was in front of his headstone. I’m having a Replacement Knee Operation next week so it’s nice to know that my Peter & The Angel’s are looking after me. Thank you. xxx

  12. Ok so i have been a huge skeptic about this. However i recently lost my nan who i was very close to. Only three weeks ago so its still pretty raw. So I decided to go on an autumn walk this weekend as the sun was shining and the trees look amazingly beautiful this time of year. No sooner had i begun walking on the path, when a gust of wind blew a pure white feather up into the air right in front of my face. Just a feather I thought…but it just made me have a small wave of euphoria, almost as if a 6th sense was activated. A small smile appeared on my face and I just felt that everything is going to be ok in life. No matter what you face, you are loved by something higher. I know it was my nan giving me a sign, as im a worrier as she knew. Im sure this was her way of saying im ok and you dont need to worry. Since then I have seen a few white feathers. Im an outdoorsman and I honestly have never seen so many in my life! I never see them so prominent and obvious. I believe there is something beyond death, everyone who has had these experiences can relate to my story. You are all loved and your relatives who have passed continue to love and guide you. Love light and blessings.

  13. My son has just died age 33. On 16th of October 2017. He was beaten up about month ago by his girlfriends ex husband had his nose fractured and bad bruising. He suffered for years with mental health and blood clots which the hospital was supposed to be a treating. They found out from scan 2 weeks ago he had a artery leAking blood in his leg and didn’t treat it. He was was staying at my house on settee. He was talking on phone at about 1 in early hours of morning, I couldn’t sleep so I got up didn’t turn light on so to disturb him about 2.15. I sat next to him playing stupid games on I pad.. He was covered over and he slept heavy but he had took sleeping tablets as he told us he couldn’t sleep. As it was getting late I said to get up sometimes you need a bomb to go off and he still wouldn’t move. I pulled back cover therehe was no clothes on sick down his mouth and nose funny colour and stiff as a board. I feel hopeless I think I could of done more for Karl it’s my fault he could still be alive if I didn’t play games and turned light on.We have now got to wait for Coroners report as there was no telling. But it could of been his blood clots. He told Sarah on phone his legs were hurting like never before that he was scared and he wanted to be with grandad.who was his best mate. He also said he was going to die before us. You don’t expect your child to die before you.. I wento. Night in garden and sat down there on the floor was a white feather and my cat started playing with it. When I went back inside I picked up the tablet and I am. NOT LYING but a voice came of it I AM HAPPY IAM ALIVE. Could this also be a sign. I nearly lost him at birth he was only3lb 6oz born and was on my 21st birthday 27th of November. I am still hurting from my mom who died in May and my auntie was days later. Take care everyone and god bless love Tina Kemp xxx

  14. Oh! My so much has been happening in my life and God has been answering my prayers loved ones have passed and I miss them dearly I been put in situations that have hurt my heart God pulls me through ..I am 54 and I have to get 2 operations at one time seeing this white feather in the grill of my car has warmed my heart. Thank you God and my Angels. Love You!

  15. My beautiful, kind and caring Mum passed away earlier this week after after a battle against that horrible disease, cancer. When she was diagnosed (2and half years ago) it was already stage 4 lung cancer which had spread to the liver and spine. It was a difficult time and we all decided that the best thing we can do as a family is remain positive and be grateful for every day we have. Up until the last few weeks, if anyone saw my Mum they were shocked to learn she had cancer as she looked so well and laughed / smiled a lot. Unfortunately, the trials that she went on stop working and the only round of chemotherapy she had didn’t work either, then to have the dreadful news that there was nothing else they can do. She remained positive and strong all the way through, until the end.
    A day after she sadly passed, my sister was walking the kids to school and hadnt told them, (as she needed a day to come to terms of how to tell them) my 6yr old nephew said to my sister ‘look Mum a white feather, if I see anymore white feathers, I’m going to put them straight in my pocket’. Considering he’s 6 and hasn’t got a clue what a white feather even means let alone that his Nanny is with the Angels, that touched my heart to know she was there walking them to school.
    A few days later I went to the crematorium with my Dad to lay down some roses for my Mum Nan and Grandad of where she will be, to find a white feather on my Dad’s shoe.
    It’s comforting and calming to know that’s she’s with us and always will be watching over us.

  16. My mum was nearing the end of her life. She was very elderly and often spoke very matter of factly of her death. In jest, asked her to send me a sign from the other side if there is an afterlife. We laughed about it. She said she would. Then she said that it would be a feather. She then gave me a silly look and said “a blue one”. She passed away a few months ago. A couple of days after Mum died i went for a walk and within a few minutes of leaving home there was a bright cobalt blue wet feather in my path.
    Today as i left home there was a wet white feather at my gate. Then 2 more this evening in a shop doorway as i left a shop to return home.
    There are many birds. They lose feathers in the same way we lose hair. Feathers are easily caught by the wind. I am a realist but since seeing the blue feather i feel happy when I find feathers, find a coin, see a flash of light or smell a scent that reminds me of Mum.

  17. My Mum died suddenly 5 years ago, I live 250 miles away. This month I was back there and while walking past one of her favourite shops a white feather floated down in front of me. A while ago we got a nest of tables similar to a set Mum had (I didn’t get them from her home due to misbehaviour of executors, but that’s a very long and painful story!) within a few hours a white feather was near the tables. I truly believe they’re from my Mum

  18. The love of my life died on 6/28/17 after a long illness. She was only 64. She gave me the best years of my life in so many ways. Shortly after Her death I began to see white feathers in my path. We have been in communication through dreams and other ways including the feather. She was a pianist and I found a good home for Her piano and the person who has Her piano now encountered white feathers twice so far. Others have also.

  19. In my last job, 3 years ago as a Social Worker, I had to arrange the funeral of one of my Service Users who I would called Jimmy. He was estranged from his family. Leading up to his death, I had spent a lot of time with him supporting with health appointments etc.. On leaving the funeral director`s office, driving back to the office, I was feeling emotional and drained. Now, I have a fear of driving with my car window fully opened as I am always frightened of things flying in the car and hit my face. So that day it was particularly warm and I opened the car window just a tiny bit. Whilst negotiating a roundabout, this beautriful small fluffy white feather came meandering in the car and landed on my right thigh. My very first thought was that Jimmy is here saying thank you for eveything. I have kept this feather to this day and it is safely stored in a pouch tucked away on my sun visor in the car. I now have another job and travel all over the country and I take comfort knowing that someone is watching over me.

  20. How strange, last week I was feeling so low and dreaming about my sis recently deceased, I also dreamed of my mum.I always asked for a sign.Last week we had dreadful rains, I closed all the windows, I got up at 8 am to find a white feather in my kitchen, I’m still looking, so real, how did it get there?.I needed help. I got it, they’re looking out for me and I am not alone

  21. Yesterday I was playing outside in my back yard with one of my dogs with a ball. Then one of my other dogs came outside and started watching me play with my other dog.I stopped playing with the other dog and I said hello to my other dog.The dog smiled at me and then she went back inside the house.Then I noticed that there were at least a half a dozen white feathers all over the grass in the area where I was playing with my other dog.I started picking them up and then I saw at least one white feather float down from the sky.I looked up to the sky and I thought I might have seen a funny shape I also saw black birds flying in the sky.Then today when I went outside I saw one white feather that had been stuck on to door of one of the sheads in my back yard.And this is where I hide all of the balls from my dog so that he can’t get at them when I don’t want to play with him.

  22. So the last 2 weeks I’ve seen small puffy feathers on 3 separate occasions come out of my pants pockets when taking out my wallet when I get into work. I always wondered if it meant something and now I know. It has to be my grandpa who I was very close with or one of my buddies who passed away from cancer a couple years back. I’ve been having a rough time at work with my boss and I really believe someone is telling me that I will all be ok. This really got to me emotionally.

  23. This makes so much sense because yesterday I found a sense of peace in me and have been looking for a sign from the angels. Today I woke up anxious and as I was outside I saw a feather from the corner of my eye and ignored it, but something caused that feather to float around me and I realized that it was something communicating with me. So I looked it up and it happened to be a sign from the angels, confirming they are here to help me. I have great gratitude and solitude for this confirmed prayer. I do need to relax because I have been so stressed and unhappy, but having my prayers being answered just helped so much. Thank you angels. <3

  24. Thank You. I lost my beloved pet a few days ago and I was just in my backyard crying and thinking of her and I felt her presence and out of nowhere a beautiful pure white feather flew right up to my feet.

  25. I’m outside in the backyard inside an inclosed canopy , meaning a canopy with 4 walls…. As I was on my phone, a White Feather found its way onto my lap: I was like; “How did it get Inside these inclosed walls and landed on my lap…. Thanks Daddy

  26. What if the person in your dream is alive? In my dream he was on passenger side looking at me. Waving a white feather at me. I caught one words he said to me together. What’s that mean?

  27. Thank you for this article. I had to put my beautiful Labrador to sleep yesterday. He was 10 and had widespread cancer. I miss him SO much. I got up at 4am this morning and as it got lighter I noticed 4 or 5 beautiful white feathers on the bonnet of my car. I trust this was a sign that my beautiful boy is now at peace.

  28. I recently lost my beloved pet Parker. Parker was a human as a dog could be. He was my buddy and went everywhere with me. He was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in late February and with two weeks he was gone. Parker was only 8 years old but he gave me the best 8 years of my life. When he left he took a part of my heart. I know people think loving a pet so much is silly, but love from a pet is unconditional

    I was at the bus stop the other day and it started to drizzle I looked up and this was this tiny white feather floating down in front of me and landed at my feet. Then the other day I was sitting on the beach feeling down. I had been on the boardwalk and saw other people walking their dogs and it made me really miss Parker. As I was sitting on the beach later that day I small white feather came flying by me and landed right in front of me. I pointed this out to my boyfriend who was sitting next to me and he said it was just a feather from the seagulls, but I know it was my Parker saying hello to me.

  29. Just as my mum and dad were about to Face time me to tell me about my dad’s forthcoming knee replacement operation, I walked into my craftroom and suddenly noticed two white feathers lying on my carpet! I am a great believer in angels so I knew instantly that they were there to support me and tell me everything will be ok. My dad is almost 81 years old and needs two knee replacements. He was calling to tell me that he had received a date for the pre-op and the operation which is this month. I have been worried about him going through that operation at his age but now I know the angels will protect him and carry us all through this.

  30. When you find a white feather and put it where it won’t be disturbed, and a few days later it is gone, does that mean the angel or loved one has left you?

  31. My husband of 33 years passed away with a stroke last month. I am terribly grieved and miss him so much!! Infact our anniversary was just 2 days ago. The lonliness of not having him around is unbearable to me. Nights and mornings the tears come easily. Whenever I go grocery shopping, I dread coming home to an empty house or not seeing his jeep parked in the driveway. One day while dusting the library bookshelf, I discovered one little tiny white feather. Hmm, I thought, where did this come from? I decided to save it and put it in a box because I had heard that white feathers are supposed to be a supernatural comfort from heaven and never dreamed I would see one myself!!. Then yesterday afternoon when bringing in my groceries, I saw a single white feather on the back step.. I took this feather and also put it in the box along with the first one I saw.. Then this morning while watering my flower pots, I saw another white feather inside my pot. I couldn’t believe it and also put it in the box to save it. Then a little later when backing the car out of the garage, I saw another white feather floating over the car and jumped out to try and catch it but it got away from me. Could this be more than a coincidence? That was a total of 4 white feathers that I have seen in just the last few days. I hope I continue to see them because I can’t stop grieving for my husband I loved so much and still do.

  32. can anyone help me please i found 4 white feathers at the top of my stairs my mum had one years ago appear out of no where but we can not understand why i found 4 together. if anyone knows please help thank you claire. x

  33. I have been through the ringer in my life! My dad died 10 years ago..on may 3rd in a car accident he was 37yrs old! He was drinking and driving! That’s when I began my horrible road that had lied ahead of me! My addiction! This month I make 19 months clean and sober! I went visit his grave for the first time on Father’s day this year since I’ve gotten sober …and prayed to him hoping that he sees my accomplishments! Well, tonight as I sit in my living room…right before bed..a single white feather just landed on me! His birthday is Friday! So I guess this was his way of telling me..that yes he sees what I’m doing!!! Thanks for this!! Did not know if a white feather meant til now!!

  34. My grandad passed away 9 years ago on the 25th february 2008, I had frequent dreams of my grandad where I would see him and he would be saying that he’s here even though I knew physically he wasn’t. I fell pregnant during June 2016 and was due 27th February 2017, it just so happens I gave birth to my little boy Finley on the day that my grandad passed away. Since then I’ve found 2 white feathers unexplainably as I don’t have feathered pillows or duvets, one was stuck to my wall as I shut my bedroom door and another found today stuck at the bottom of my blinds. I don’t know whether to believe this is a sign or not but I feel a great sense of relief and calmness around me.

  35. On 9.16.16 my x husband died. Then on 11.5.16 my 52yo dtr died. Both from lung cancer from smoking. We had no idea how sick my dtr was as she was taking care of/ with her dad when he died. Then she had her 1st chemo/radiation on 11.4.16 and was sent home. At 10pm, she went into cardiac arrest, was taken to the hospital, I got the call from my grandson, at 3:30AM she was on life support and was gone, they would wait for me to get there! I never got to say goodbye. The loss of a child has been my worse nightmare! I have been with God off/on since I was 8yo. I went back to the church in July of 2016, and have not missed 1 Sunday since then. This pain has been so hard. I have been told that my dtr would send me a sign. I kept watching but have not seen one. Today at church, fathers day, her dads day, my grandsons bday, and also father day for him, my heart was so broken. I leave church, I came home, pulled up to the garage, opened the garage door to pull in, and there inside the garage on the floor of the garage was a medium sized white feather! I now feel she has sent me a sign that she is ok! Thank you for your information, it has helped me to make some closure, and to watch from more signs from her!

  36. When my father died my sister’s and I were clearing out his bungalow and upon taking his bed cover off the bed we found a beautiful tiny white feather at the bottom of the bed, which was strange as he did not have a feather filled duvet. At first we thought it was a lock of his hair but it was a tiny curled white feather.
    Two weeks after his death we went to see a spiritualist who asked us “who found the white feather”… We looked at each other and told the story of finding the feather. She told us that it was his way of telling us that he had got his wings… We found this a great comfort and every now and then I see a beautiful pure white feather in the most unusual places and I know instantly that it’s my Dad so I always look up and say hello to him.

  37. I was going through an extremely challenging time last summer with my job and was not having enough clients to make a living in my new town. I have never talked to my Guardian Angel before, but as I drove home on this afternoon, I shouted out, “Guardian Angel help me, what do I do?” When I reached home, I was standing a the bathroom mirror and took off my shirt, pulling it over my head. On my right shoulder sat the tiniest white feather I have ever seen. Oddly, it didn’t blow off my shoulder when I pulled my shirt off. It just sat there. They say (maybe in humor, maybe true) that your Guardian Angel sits on your right shoulder protecting you from evil (the Devil is said to sit on the left). Thank GOD I didn’t find a black feather on my left shoulder, lol. A few months later, I all of a sudden had more clients than I could handle and I STILL have more than I can handle. It’s what I asked for, and it’s what I got. The feather now sits in my “dream box” where I take a bit of extra money from all those clients and put in the box for savings to buy a house which is a dream of mine.

  38. I lost my baby girl a month ago and had her remains cremated. I kept her ash in an altar where I say prayer to God daily and offer him my sadness and grief. I miss my baby girl and think of her everyday. Today, as I was tidying the alter i found a white small feather out of nowhere. I was so amazed how it got there and somehow felt happy and positive it was my little angel hannah.

  39. Last May 20, 2017 in a gloomy after, it’s about to rain. I catch the feather from the sky. After it landed on my palm the rain start pouring.

  40. Not a white feather. Since my mom passed away January 31, 2017 I have been finding tiny clear rhinestones in the carpet at the foot of my bed. I actually saw a clear white figure stand by my bedroom door. A few minutes later I found another one. So far 30.

  41. I had applied at this company for a Security Officer. Its q small prison facility. Ive been worrying about it for a week already hoping that I get this job. On 05-21-2017 I was at my future Nlaws house. I was oitside playing with my twin girls and suddenly this medium size white feather appeared and it was floating close to us in the air. I was walking towards it and the closer I got to it it was floating higher in the air and then it was gone. Is this a good sign?

  42. The very first time I saw this tiny white thing under my 1 year old girl child hair(on her scalp), I thought it was just a tiny tread, when I brought it out and spread it, it was a feather, I just threw it away,now I found same shape of rope on her hair and I discover it a clean white feather again, I’m comfortable when I read this that it’s a good sign but I’m still very worried because I found it in my daughter hair. Please I need more insight about this. Thanks

  43. I have experienced white feathers falling in front of me and near me for some time. It always comforts me. I have lost many loved ones and always know they are near.

  44. I’ve been finding black&white or grey,black&withe or black&grey feathers for months and two days ago i lost my grandpa the thing is today in my way home for a dangerous street i saw a beautiful like perfect totally white feather for the very first time i didn’t know what could mean but now i know thank you

  45. I lost my husband three years ago, April 21, 2014. He was a man of God and loved his family. May 6, 2017 will be our 27th Wedding anniversary. I was in our bedroom closet and going thru some clothes in a basket and at the bottom of it, I found a white feather. It was strange because I don’t have a bird, so I went on my internet to see the meaning of a white feather and was surprise to read about someone else story. Amazing.

  46. I was at my daughters house this morning and had just walked from the kitchen to the sitting room passing my daughter as she made her way to the kitchen …a few seconds later she called me to go to her and there on the side of the kitchen sink sat a white feather…the window near the sink was open only 3 to 4 inches…we were both amazed to see it there and my daughter said ” the Angels are here”..x

  47. I was at my daughters house and had just walked from the kitchen to the sitting room passing my daughter as she made her way to the kitchen …a few seconds later she called me to go to her and there on the side of the kitchen sink sat a white feather…the window near the sink was open only 3 to 4 inches…we were both amazed to see it there and my daughter said ” the Angels are here”..x

  48. I’ve been so stressed out because of Academics and I worry that I might disappoint my parents. A lot. While studying for exams I set my phone aside on top of my work desk and went down to get a cup of coffee. Right after that I checked my phone and saw a small white feather attached to it. Weird. —– “when angels are near, feathers appear”.

  49. I found two white feather in a roll one fell on me the other I found in the bulding at my feet I been very depress beyond depress feeling worthless nothing going right for me

  50. I was just outside having a cigarette and I noticed a white feather next to me on the ground, my mum has just been diagnosed with cancer of the womb, not sure if this symbolises something ?

  51. My mum passed away last August and I am finding it very difficult to come to terms with it despite nursing her to the very end. I was thinking about moving to the town where she lived and found a house to view when a white feather suddenly appeared on the table. At first I just ignored it but then it moved off the table and towards me. At the same time a robin appeared outside the window just the same way as when mum passed. It made me cry. Does this mean I should move or stay?

  52. I was feeling overwhelmed today at my sons college tour.. concerned with making the right decision to enroll or not.. and at the end of the tour.. I looked down and found a fluffy white feather.. to me that was a conformation!

  53. lost my beautiful parents 2016 dad in jan mom in oct….today is 3 24 17 was helping my sister move into her new home…..on the way down with a trunk full of cloths and other stuff i prayed to mom and dad that they would be with us on that day to enjoy the moment …several minutes later driving dwon a 4 lane highway i say a beautiful
    white feather floating through the air from the left side and gently came to center as i passed it….after seeing it something i have never seen before in my 55 years of age and learning its meaning i spent a large amount of time crying in happiness knowing that my parent have crossed over and they are ok on the other side…. I believe this because i have seen it. and have not seen anything like it in my life…God is Great

  54. It’s just amazing how I saw yet again this white feather this morning as I opened my window. So I decided to check it out online what it means because for years now I have constantly been seeing these white feathers somehow flying their ways to my apartment even when there are no birdies anywhere nearby.

    I do not know which of the explanations to take but I do know that I have lost my dad for 31 years now and last week marked the 31st year since he passed.

    At least now I have a clue as to what it means!

  55. I was visiting my son’s grave today. As I approached my car to leave, right ahead of me was the prettiest white fluffy feather. I knew it was a sign from him. I have other feathers, but this one was so delicate and so special.

  56. I was at work getting ready to leave, I work at a school, so there are no birds or outdoor in sight; I grab my coat and as I started to put it on, a white feather started to fall in front of me and I quickly caught it and put on my coat pocket. Before this happened I been worried about many things going on and my dear oldest brother passed last June 2016 from cancer and it has been the hardest event that has ever happened in my family; my brother’s name had the name Angel in it (Jose Angel (Joseph Angel) popular name in Hispanic countries and we are from Panama. My brother in live was a real angel; every person that he came in contact with had an immediate positive experience with him. He was very involved in caring and helping everyone, not just the family, but distant family members and friends, even friends of friends; there was not many people like him in earth and I truly believe he is either an angel today or has Se t many of them all over to take care of every one of us. I miss him terribly, so my other siblings, his wife, his children, grandchildren and other family and friends. In life, he was always speaking with a smile, and only positive advise and positive thinking came out of him; he helped so many in so many ways and in so many circumstances that he still does from heaven. I miss my handsome beautiful caring brother every single day and now I know he is telling me he is in heaven with Jesus, God and the rest of the family who passed before and watching over us

  57. I lost my father and grandad s few years ago

    Times have been really hard and at a low eb

    Sat in the kitchen with doors closed and windows closed I had a tiny little white feather fall down my shoulder onto the table in front of me

  58. i lost my aunt who was my other mother to me in dec. i was holding her hand when she left this world , she held me in her hands on the day iwas born as she was the one to deliver me. my world died with her that day
    i have had two occurences of finding feathers
    one was on a day i was headed to her house to help clear it up when i jumped into my car a brown and white feather was in the coin holder. couple hrs latr when i took my real mom someplace both of us could smell tea in the car. my aunt drank tea all the time
    then yesterday at work i was talking to a co worker an di went o hand her something and thats when a feather appeared in my hand, . that shocked both of us. we are both spiritual, and there was no reason other than the obvious fora feather to be present.

  59. I lost my son October 8th 2016 he was born sleeping at 36 weeks was gorgeous. Cleaning this morning n by the back door there was a single white feather be lovely to think he’s here watching over me miss him so so much

  60. I just found a white feather in my front yard its my daughters 18th today and she was hoping to get a message from her pop who passed 3yrs ago we miss him so much ive also found black & white feathers recently so thanks dad

  61. Hi everyone I lost my best friends on the 16/12/16 I had a reading this day so I have been speaking a lot to her, I was sweeping my living room floor and came across a white feather then 10 mins later I was hoovering my hall stairs and there was one there aswell. Last night at work I got a msg from a Psychic saying to look to the light so when I came home and was telling my mum I went over to my lamp and down the side was a White feather. I know this is my best friend telling me she’s here and she’s ok I find so much comfort from the feather s and hope yous do aswell god bless xxx

  62. Wow when I was 26 I saw my first angel at the time I was in a very dark place in my life an still are,today, at 45 about 15 mins ago while sitting on my door step I saw a small white feather flaoting gracefully from the sky I watch ii to it fell towards me what dose this man please

  63. My brother passed away 2 weeks ago today. Since the day of his passing his fiancée, my boyfriend and myself have seen feathers in random places. My brother’s fiancée found a single white feather in my brother’s room the day after he passed. I found one just this morning in my bedroom as I was thinking about him. None of us have down filled jackets, nor do we have birds, so it’s odd for us to see feathers in our homes….The following story is a funny one…the evening after the funeral while we all gathered at my home, my boyfriend comes out of the bathroom with a worried face asking me for the plunger…he reassured me that he had only gone to do number “1”, but for whatever reason the toilet was plugged. After my family had left, my boyfriend told that while he was unplugging the toilet, feathers were coming up(????). At the time we were just shocked about it but after we started seeing more feathers around us, we now know it was my brother’s way of telling us that he’s ok…he loved to joke around so it was his way of telling us he’s still with us, I did not believe in this stuff before, but I do believe now.

  64. I started Se white about a 4 years ago during a rough patch in my life. I didn’t notice at first and couldn’t ignore them typically In my path as I was about to step on them. I realise they are signs to have faith, everything will be okay. See these are wonderful and I have expressed my gratitude and speak to God and my angels everyday. After I received these messages, i figured they would stop. They haven’t and I am still receiving feathers everyday. It’s funny and I smile every time I see one. I usually see a least 5 a day. Lately they have been only black. The question I have is what are they still coming? Am I missing the message? Will they keep coming until I get what the message is?

  65. Hi everyone my son passed away only 2 weeks old and years on not a day goes by I don’t think about him I was at work yesterday and talking to my team about feathers white feathers never seen one or had one by me we were talking in details about them and when I arrived home from work a white feather was where I sit I picked it up broke my heart and took me most might to figure it out it was my son telling me his my angel my work colleagues. Could not believe it to thank you my angel x

  66. I have been going through a stressful time lately worrying about family members health and in what direction in life, at age 66, I should be aiming for. On November 8th, the day after my late father’s 96th birthday, I found a beautiful white feather woven through two strands of the fibres on my brown tank top. There is no way that could have happened by accident. I tried to copy it using a needle on the same tank top but it was so difficult to do.
    I am convinced that I have received a sign from a departed loved one not to worry about current problems or difficulties.

  67. I’ve recently went through a move into a house after 6 years of renting. It was the most stressful move ever. Financially it drained us and left much stress between my husband and I. I cried so much hoping it wouldn’t tear us apart and doubting our decision to buy. It was hard to move since I moved away from where I grew up. My aunt passed away earlier this year. My mom 27 years ago. I always think of my aunt and I always talk to my mom when I am going through difficult times asking her to some how give me strength to get through whatever I’m going though. I believe she is a guardian angel to my kids as well. Today I was trimming up the landscaping and buried in the shrubs were two white feathers. We don’t have many birds in our area. Before the move in our old neighborhood I use to find white and brown feathers while I would go on my daily walk. I believe the feathers I found today were a sign from my mom and aunt that everything will be okay and they are looking our after me. 🙂

  68. I have only found out I have a serious health problem and have been so anxious for two weeks. This morning I went to pick up my coat lying on my bed and found a tiny white feather on the pocket of my coat. I’m hoping this is a sign to reassure me of things from my angel. !!!

  69. my partner died a year ago and i find white feathers all the time in my garden which to me is a sign he is ok and watching over me, and i have had robins too which are also a sign

  70. I found one on my pillow and i dont have feathered pillows…..and that time i was stressed and really lonely but i have a lot of close relatives that have passed….. both my grandads….both my nans…… a few friends …..and the one that hurts me most my mum………..i was only 11….. so to me i have no idea who send it……. but love them all and they well always be in my heart x

  71. Hi there.. My gran passed away on April 19th 2016 and my late cousin of 22 years old tragically passed away in Perth Australia last year. I’m always wondering how they are on the other side and if they have found the light. Over the past year I have been struggling to secure a job for myself and only last week I had interview after interview and it definitely came in abundance. Today on Monday the 3rd ot October 2016, I was offerd a job. After I left the bank to open my account, me and my fiance were walking home and this is on a busy street mind you.. A lovely white feather floated down right infornt of my eyes and I caught it. I just instinctively knew there and then that it was my gradmother letting me know that her and my cousin were OK. I could just feel it so strongly and I have kept the feather and will leave it in my purse when I start work for that bit of reassurance that they are with me and protecting me as I begin my new path in life. Such a beautiful thing to happen. X

  72. Hi I lost my husband 3 years this July. The first white feather I came across was about 3 months ago., was going out one morning and there was this white feather stuck to my windscreen wiper on my car. I had to get out of the car to remove it. And last Thursday I had done some shopping after work, I had to put the inside light on in the car, and there on the passenger seat was a large fluffy white feather. Before I got out of the car when I got home put feather safely in my pocket. Later before I sent to bed, remembered about feather and went to retrieve it from my coat pocket, only to find it was nowhere to be seen. Was a little upset it had mysterally disappeared. Later that next morning put some rubbish in the bin outside & peered into my car parked on my drive expecting to see the white feather in passenger seat only to find it stuck inside of the car on the drivers door just below the window. Opened the door it nearly blew away but managed to get hold of feather and put it in a safe place in my bedroom. Felt very comforted by this event as when my husband was alive he was a non believer in things of this nature……

  73. On the 22 of July 2016 I have lost my baby. At only 9 weeks he or she decided to be an angel and be with God. Science a couple of days I am finding always at the same place in the house tiny white feathers. After reading about it I know now that the baby is fine and it is near me.

  74. Today when I was sitting in the car on the way to a very important doctors visit in the car window flew a white bird feather

  75. I work as a waitress and was wiping down tables tonight and spotted a random white feather. My grandad passed away in May of this year.

  76. Hi
    My dear father passed away on the 4 th september 2016.
    The day after, all his family was at his house after the funeral.
    And before i left the house in the backyard i found a white feather.

  77. I was awarded white feather in pioneer camp for leadership skills. It’s 40 years later. Recently researched meaning of white feather after a friend gave me a needlepoint of a person walking with a feather in their hand. Also, I found some white feathers by my car. I realize now it’s GOD’S way of protecting us.

    I’m about to relocate ti new place further away from my familk and friends. I realize when I began to have doubts, I saw more feathers. It’s the right path for me. Glad I did my research.

  78. I had to tough decision to put my beautiful golden retriever to sleep two weeks before his 10th birthday. I had two days to spend with him before I said goodbye forever. He was lying in the garden and I went and lay down beside him wondering how on earth I was going to find the strength to do this thing. Something caught my eye and i saw a tiny white feather at my foot and I knew that was a message that I was doing the right thing. I have seen so many white feathers since that day. Today I’ve been in tears. Missed him so much. I went into the garden and as I sat down in my chair noticed a white feather on the ground at the side of me. It didn’t stop my tears but it gave me comfort. When I looked to the other side of the chair there was another one there too and also one in front of the chair almost like a circle around me. I didn’t really know what white feathers meant but I knew it was a sign. I think from a place of heartache comes a deeper connection that allows us to receive messages and signs.

  79. HI I’m rhea and I’m here because I want to know what white feather means.. my fiancé past away just this month I’m always hugging his jacket and im always putting my hands in the pocket of his jacket since the day he died until one day 3 days after his burial I woke up in the morning hugging his jacket I notice that there’s something white in the pocket I full it then I see a white feather.. is it mean that my late fiancé is now my guardian angel?

  80. I was at work yesterday as I came out of work I saw a single white feather on the ground. When I arrived home there was another one in my garden. My mum passed away on (9th August 2016) two week ago I’m having a tough time at the moment with my 2nd job. Least I know she is near me still looking after me.

  81. My mum passed away nearly 5 weeks ago. This morning I found a small beautiful white feather on my pillow. I have been thinking of my mum in the last 24 hours and 2 nights ago my mum came to me in a dream as a beautiful butterfly and talked to me and kissed me. This confirms mum is my angel looking out for me and guiding me.

  82. I found a white feather today and knew it was a gift from late fiancé. I came here to look up the meaning of it and its ironic that the last two people to reply to this were named Andrew and Drew. My late fiancé’s name is Andrew but I called him Drew. I know our deceased loved ones are always with us. We just need to remember that

  83. Been having a few worries lately and as I walked down my path a small white feather floated down I font of me and I caut it in my hand. I presume I don’t need to worry.

  84. I read someone’s blog yesterday who was talking about angels and then I prayed to angels afterwards. Today, I found a small white feather in my path while outside walking.

  85. I’ve been finding tiny white feathers occasionaly since my huusband passed away 2 years ago. Now I know. Thanks for this info, very reassuring.

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