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What Does It Mean To Have A White Aura?

What Does A White Aura Represent?

Having a white aura can be particularly interesting because unlike other types of auras it can have multiple meanings – it is said that a white aura can be both a beginning and a destination. A white aura is quite uncommon and is a representation of someone who has purity shining from within them. It is a pure state of light that reflects other energy and is most resistant to corruption or negative energy. White auras indicate a newness and are often found in infants and children who have undesignated energy, are untainted and have not yet been shaped by life experiences. A white aura can also be a representation of highly spiritual people who have strong connections to the spiritual world, and have reached a higher state of enlightenment.

White Aura Personality Traits

Those who possess a white aura are closely linked with sensitivity, psychic ability and empathy & intuitiveness. Having a white aura makes you compelled to help others and you’ll find that you have a very protective nature; defending the vulnerable and shielding them as best they can.

People with white auras are not necessarily empaths but they do have a strong intuitiveness that allows them to detect when someone isn’t feeling great or something bad has happened. And they always want to help!

Those with a white aura may find that they can be easily manipulated because they are so pure thinking and can be quite naive at times. Because they are honest, loyal and selfless, they tend to assume everyone is like them and can be easily tricked by deceit.

White Auras and Relationships

There are pros and cons to either being in a relationship or being friends with someone with a white aura. On the positive side, relationships with those with white auras have a deep sense of loyalty and can be extremely fulfilling. Love for people with white auras is deeply pure and they expect the same from their partner, friends and family.

However, those who have many flaws and are not so pure as someone with a white aura may feel judged and unworthy. A relationship with someone with a white aura can be incredibly easy, so long as they share views on morality and “goodness.” Otherwise it can be tough.

Those who enter into a romantic relationship with someone with a white aura will have to accept that their nature will mean they will want to help and heal others; meaning their world will not just contain them.

White Auras and Careers

People with white auras are happiest in jobs that allow them to have a high level of social interaction. Particularly where they can help others. For example, you are likely to find people with white auras in occupations such as healthcare, police/law, therapists, ground level charity work and animal rescue organisations.

When it comes to work, those with white auras are extremely dependable and loyal. They’re always on hand to do extra help whenever they can but can often go too far in their efforts to please others. However, it’s not because they are trying to suck up – they just generally want to help!

People with white auras can often suffer from a lack of ambition because they like to get their hands dirty with work which can cause them to decline promotions that take them away from the work they love.

Not sure which colour aura you have? You can read our ‘What Colour Is Your Aura?’ post to discover more about yourself.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I meditated this evening in a dark , blacked out room sitting in front of my mirror. I saw a white outline around myself sort of like a white fluffyness. It was emanating from my head down around my body.

    Upon reading your blog; i have obtained a new insight

    Kindest Regards

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