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What Does The Sky You’re Drawn To Say About You?

There’s no doubt that the six skies shown in the image above are all eye-catching in some way. However, the one you are most drawn to can reveal a lot about your personality and how it affects your life. Our minds connect to particular colours depending on who we are as individuals, which is why it’s a great way to understand ourselves more. Have a look at what each sky means below!

Number One

You are an upbeat individual who likes to see the positives in life, no matter how many negative circumstances are getting you down. There will be people in life who are envious of your happy-go-lucky attitude and might even try to make you feel as if you can’t achieve what you want. It’s important you don’t allow your light to dim down. You’re also a very creative person and can find many fun ways to do complete even the most mundane tasks. If you have a career that doesn’t allow you to use your innovative mind, perhaps you should try new hobbies that allow you to explore that special side of your personality.

Number Two

As an individual, you can sometimes be too negative and hard on yourself. Even when you’re such an amazing person that helps others around you, your lack of confidence can stand in the way of you succeeding your dreams. The clouds represent your worries blocking the sun from shining through. If you allow the doubts to clear away, you’ll soon start to realise how much you’ve got going for you. In your relationships, you might always compare yourself to others, regardless of how much someone likes you. Stop undervaluing yourself and believe that you are fantastic. Bosses, partners and friends are all lucky to have you around. Trust us!

Number Three

You are someone who loves to get going on projects straight away. You’re super enthusiastic, and people often think you’re the life of the party. You do sometimes run before you can walk when it comes to progress, so it’s important to take your time. If a new opportunity comes you way, take gradual steps to make sure everything is finished correctly. You’re at risk of putting too many tasks on your plate all at once, which can end up making you look messy, In life, you like to celebrate new beginnings, and it’s a time where you can be the most productive. If you’re currently going through a hard time in your life, the light you have inside you will help you bounce back.

Number Four

There are times when you are super confident and others where you are very unsure of where a path is leading. You are often prone to panic when it’s not necessary, so make sure you ask for constructive criticism to ensure you’re doing the right thing. There will be times in life when you can’t always get words of affirmation, so it’s important that you look forward instead of backwards at whatever mistakes you’ve made in the past. You are the perfect mixture of extrovert and introvert, yet you need to make sure you don’t let both sides play with your head too much. It’s important for you to make lists of what you want to achieve, so you don’t lose your way when other circumstances are added into the mix.

Number Five

If you picked this sky, you’re a person who is always looking for ways to improve their life. If you’ve struggled in your past, it has taught you that leaps of faith can get you the best results. It won’t surprise us if you’re the type of person who likes to shake things up a bit. New jobs, new countries and cultures from across the globe interest you. It’s very likely that you’re unsure of where to call your home, but that’s ok because you’re a natural explorer. Once a place has done everything it can for you, you’re the person who isn’t afraid to up sticks and move on to the next adventure. It’s important that you try and establish a career path in life regardless of where you are, just so your life can have some more stability.

Number Six

You are a very thoughtful character who is happiest when helping people. You might be seen as the parent of your friendship group because you always want to make sure everyone is happy. Your exterior is very calm, which is why people often turn to you in times of crisis. As a shoulder to cry on, people appreciate your selflessness and you’re valued. We think it’s important that you learn how to look after yourself a little more. Neglecting your own wellbeing is a recipe for disaster. Treat yourself like a friend in need instead of someone that doesn’t matter as much as everyone else.

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