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What Does Your Mayan Spirit Animal Say About You?

Animals were incredibly important to Mayans, they held them in extremely high regard, and even thought of animals as their Holy teachers in life.

The Mayan people related a different animal to each sign under the Mayan Zodiac, and it is thought that each animal of the Mayan Zodiac is attributed with unique characteristics, which can be reflected in your personality.

Knowing your Mayan spirit animal can give you real insight into your personality, needs, desires and spiritual path. You can find out what your spirit animal is by taking your date of birth and reading the descriptions below.

Does your Mayan spirit animal match your personality?

January 17th – February 10th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Bat

Bats are adventurous and exciting individuals! You are widely seen as the centre of attention and you make a great leader due to your natural air of authority. You are well respected amongst your peers and have a strong desire to excel in all that you do. If you’re not careful, you tend to pass judgement too quickly or speak your mind without thinking of the consequences.

February 11th – March 15th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Wolf

Trustworthy and loyal, you are seen as an incredibly stable person, who is always reliable. You are a great listener, and people often come to you for your invaluable advice and logical thinking. You make a wonderful member of a team as you love the sense of belonging that comes with teamwork. Due to your persistent and resilient nature, you can sometimes come across as stubborn.

March 16th – April 13th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Snake

If your spirit animal is a snake, don’t worry! Unlike today’s perception of snakes as deceptive creatures, Mayans thought of snakes as a good luck sign. People with the snake spirit animal are full of energy and compassion. You will be highly intelligent and full of wonderful ideas, your strength and courage is often admired by others. You might find that often people are unable to understand your ideas and wisdom, so be careful to only share your thoughts and knowledge with like-minded individuals. Be careful to keep check of the slightly greedy and vain side of your personality!

April 14th – May 10th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Jaguar

The Jaguar spirit animal can be full of contradictions! On one side, a Jaguar will seek comfort and security, yet are constantly chasing new adventures and challenges. You are cool and calm in your demeanour, yet can be incredibly commanding at the same time. You have a wonderful knack for getting your own way.

May 11th – June 10th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Fox

You are a wonderful influence with a great sense of humour and smart wit. When you are feeling your very best, you make a brilliant leader. Despite this, you are someone who needs to spend time alone, in order to reflect, gain perspective and recharge. You can have a difficult time communicating, which can sometimes hinder your friendships and relationships, however once you overcome these issues, you make strong, life-long bonds.

June 11th – July 16th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Monkey

You have overcome some overwhelming obstacles in your life, Monkey, but you don’t let this get you down, despite how few people understand your struggles. You are someone who can often feel lonely, even though you are surrounded by people, and you might not feel valued or appreciated. This is not true, however, your close friends and family love you more than you will never know! You might be a strong person, but don’t forget you are allowed to need love and comfort, too, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends and family.

July 17th – August 14th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Coyote

Coyotes are clever, deep thinkers who love to elevate people around them and engage in meaningful conversation. You are somebody who is constantly looking for ways to improve, and can get disappointed and frustrated when others do not have the same attitude towards self-improvement. You like to look your best and take pride in your appearance, although you are not someone who gets caught up in the superficial world. Coyotes make great teachers and mentors.

August 15th – September 9th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Piranha

The misunderstood Piranha! This spirit animal is so far from its villain perception, in fact, Piranha’s always have people’s best interests at heart and are incredibly brave with great courage. This spirit animal is usually the one to make difficult decisions and life choices that others often hide from and avoid. This bravery can sometimes make Pirhana’s seem like the bad guy in situations, this doesn’t bother you as you understand that sacrifice is needed in order to reap the benefits later.

September 10th – October 14th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Turtle

The turtle can be quite the rascal of the Mayan spirit animals, which can often surprise people as this spirit animal has a knack for blending in and remaining inconspicuous. You like to rebel and get up to a little mischief now and again and are likely to have a top secret hobby that nobody knows about. Discretion is your strong point!

October 15th – November 13th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Owl

The owl is both blessed and cursed with the gift of always looking for and seeing both sides of a situation. This is great because it makes the owl a wonderful judge of characters and situations, however this can also be a curse because this spirit animal can never just see things in black and white, which can make it difficult for the owl to get along with others who have a different way of thinking.

November 14th – December 12th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Dolphin

You are constantly seeking a fulfilled and meaningful life, filling your time with your hobbies such as reading a good book. You are the most considerate and emotional of all the spirit animals and are always understanding of other people’s feelings. Dolphins make great counsellors and social workers and are truly dedicated to making the world a better place.

December 13th – January 16th

Mayan Spirit Animal: Armadillo

Armadillos are great spirit animals to be around, they radiate joy and are always the life and soul of a party. This spirit will always point out when they think something is wrong, however, they have a wonderful way with words which means they unlikely to offend or create any defensiveness. If your spirit animal is an Armadillo, you are likely to be creative, with a great sense of humour.

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