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What Does Your Telephone Number Reveal About You?

From your date of birth to the number on your front door, the numbers that surround you in your day-to-day life can have a profound impact on your personality. However, although horoscopes are widely acknowledged and used to navigate the complexities of life, many people overlook the influence other numbers have on our lives. Telephone numbers are one such area of numerology that can have a significant impact on our strengths, weaknesses and potential in life.

Wondering what your phone number says about you? It’s time to work out your ‘communication number’. You can do this by adding the digits together until you’re left with one number.

For example, let’s imagine your phone number was 07755544433. Adding these numbers together would give you 47. Adding 4 and 7 will give you 11. And adding your final two digits together will give you a communication number of 2.

Next, it’s time to determine what your communication number actually means:

1: You’re an excellent communicator with a skill for succinctly getting your point across. Chances are, you’re influential, popular and charismatic. If you have big dreams for the future, you’re sure to go far. To maximise your chances of success, focus on building relationships with people and using your connections to open up new opportunities.

2: You’re a caring and considerate person with admirable listening skills. You’re the go-to person when friends and relatives have a problem and you can always be trusted to keep a secret. Although you don’t hesitate to tell people the truth, you’re not judgemental in the slightest.

3: You really are larger than life. You communicate best by sharing your thoughts and opinions with those around you. Although you can sometimes come across as someone who loves to grab the limelight, people love to hear what you have to say and enjoy learning from you.

4: You’re a true individual who doesn’t like to follow the crowd. You know your own mind and you’re determined to stay true to yourself. Although you’re good at seeing other people’s perspective, you’re unwilling to sacrifice your morals.

5: You’re a social butterfly with an ability to get along with just about anyone. You have a talent for bringing people from all walks of life together and helping people to form lasting friendships. You’re also a fantastic peace maker and you’re the perfect person to have around in the event of a crisis.

6: You’re a lovable person and those around you can’t help but fall for your charm. Not everyone will love you in a romantic sense, of course. But if someone asked your friends to list the reasons they love you, they’d be chatting away for hours.

7: You sometimes struggle to get your point across and you can be left feeling frustrated by those who misinterpret what you say. Thankfully, there are plenty of people in your life who ‘get’ you. Surround yourself with those who respect you and appreciate your unusual sense of humour.

8: You’re an inspiring soul with an impressive ability to encourage those around you to better themselves. Friends, relatives and colleagues can’t help but feel influenced by you and your impressive charisma.

9: Use your ability to listen to others and see all sides of an argument to better yourself. By making an effort to empathise and understand others, you can become a more well rounded person and increase your social circle in the process.

What Does Your Phone Number Say About You

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