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What is a clairvoyant?

The term clairvoyance refers to the ability to gain information about a person, place or thing, by some form of extra sensory perception. Clairvoyants, therefore, can gain information about something without having been there or without prior knowledge of it. Many people across the globe have claimed success through a visit to a clairvoyant.

Clairvoyance has grown very popular lately as many television programmes document clairvoyants who aim to give psychic readings to members of the public. Clairvoyants have been around a long time though; in fact history suggests clairvoyants have developed in many different cultures from the 1700s onwards. Ancient Hindu religious texts document a type of clairvoyant who can gain extra sensory perception through training and discipline.

Many people look to visit a clairvoyant and there are various reasons people might choose to seek their psychic ability. Some people like to know personal things like when they will get married, if they will ever have children or if they will ever find love. Other people like to know about their passed family members who may have recently died, to find out how they died or to find out if they are alright on the other side. Other people have more career minded reasons such as wanting to know where to go with their business or job.

Many people go to visit clairvoyants and speak to them face to face, but others choose to have a telephone conversation or even an email to make it less direct.

Clairvoyants also might offer other services such as dream interpretation or numerology; every clairvoyant will have different abilities.