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What your favourite colour says about you

Whether it’s the choice for your bedroom walls, the clothes you wear or the one you find pleases you the most, your favourite colour can actually say a lot about your personality.

Even though the most popular colour is blue and it’s showing up everywhere, on famous websites such as Facebook and Twitter, it’s an easy one to go for since so many people like it. 

On the other hand, many of us like to decide on a colour that represents us and you can begin to see that several home accessories you buy tend to match up. Even if you lean towards wearing dark colours, you can include your preferred colour into your surroundings with a vivid mug at work or eccentric stationary.

What colour is your favourite? Find out what it could say about your personality!


Your personality is: Energetic, Bold, Sensual and Extroverted.

This colour stands out easily amongst the rest and attracts the eye. It’s associated with sexuality since our cheeks get this colour when we are fascinated by someone attractive, plus red lipstick is a famed colour worn amongst very beautiful female celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe.
It’s very intense and if you are fond of wearing this colour, you are likely to get noticed by everyone as soon as you walk in, which doesn’t faze you in the slightest.
This is why this is an amazing choice for you if you want to make a bold statement in your life, especially to important people. Even a red business bag will do the trick teamed with a black suit because it’s staying true to your character but toning it down for the working environment.
You have gone through life being positive and ready to get up and go in life, never missing a moment. Friends will know you as the party animals of the group, who always wants to share new, entertaining experiences. Does your favourite group fancy a weekend vacation? You’ll be first to jump at the chance, organising everything to make sure it’s wonderful for everyone, packed full of activities and exploring.


Your Personality is: Happy, Outgoing, Helpful and Creative

You step out of the door everyday being very sunny and full of ideas, often a morning person, joyful before people have even woken up.
You’re the sort of person who loves uplifting others with a joke and not really caring if you come across as goofy.
At school, it’s likely you have been known for being the class clown yet someone who can show their imagination in lessons such as art, music and English, which has allowed you to put your heart and soul into your projects. You tend to stand out of the crowd due to your sunny nature that brightens up everyone’s day. However, you can’t stand being around people who go through life with a cloud over their head. It makes you question why people are so pessimistic when there are plenty of wonderful things in life that could help them become happier.
Being cultured is important to you because you adore experiencing diverse countries that are completely different from the one you’re familiar with. It’s common that you will experience wanderlust many times throughout the year, making you cram your home full of trinkets from other countries, reminding you of beautiful memories.


Your personality is: Positive, Wild, Quirky and Funny.

Anyone who likes Yellow is often rare to come across. This colour can be a little too much for some people; yet different shades such as amber or pastels can lighten up someone’s surroundings.
Many would describe you as being very different, which could have actually caused many doubts at the beginning of your life, wanting to suit others instead of being different. Did you ever look at yourself and think you should quieten down a little? After a while, you’ve realised it’s better to be unique, plus, it’s impossible to dim your light and you shouldn’t ever do this to please others.
Very naturally smart, you find that you do extremely well in many subjects when you put your mind to it and you love expressing who you are on a daily basis. You may have experienced being very well-liked, having people very interested in everything you get up to. This might mean you have impressive artistic photographs on Instagram or a little artist shop that people enjoy. Being around you feels like a breath of fresh air and you should be very cheerful about this.


Your personality is: Peaceful, Practical, Honest & Helpful

You’re completely ready to help anyone when the chance presents itself. On a day to day basis, you might help an elderly lady cross the road or do something for somebody when they are upset. Careers that do wonders for the world are a huge passion in your life such as being a vet or volunteer even if you don’t have much spare time.
In school you are likely to have been mediator with friends or a class president, making sure everyone is happy and going in the right direction. If arguments happen, you see both sides of the story and love to assist people in coming to an agreement.
You have a very practical side, so you are excellent at making good decisions that are always fair to everyone involved. Even though you hate arguments, standing up for what is right is tremendously important in life and you’ll always be honest about how something can be fixed.
At the end of the day, you want to be in a peaceful environment and you want everyone to be equally involved, so in your environment, they will never be someone who is left out. Instead, you’ll have several friends across all sorts of friendship groups and they’ll adore your company.


Your personality is: Unique, Creative, Innovative and Welcoming

As someone who loves turquoise, people will feel that you are very open and welcoming, especially if you invite someone into your home. “Tea, coffee, wine, or anything else?” you’ll say, wanting to make them feel right at home in your personal space. This will be massively appreciated and will help people open up to you.
You are a little different from the rest, wanting to stand out but also without needing to be the centre of attention. In your daily life, you can get along with pretty much anyone and value different points of view, making conversations and discussions flow with ease.
It’s likely that you do a lot in your life yet still make time for people you care about dearly.
Is it often that at the weekends, its full speed ahead for you, running errands and feeling the need to make the most of free time? Always out and about, you are the friend that introduces people to a gorgeous cafe that they’ve never even heard of. Light and enthusiastic, you are truly unforgettable and people are lucky to be around you.


Your personality is: Compassionate, Wise, Friendly and Patient

If you were to say you are blue, it means you are upset, however; this isn’t the case when it’s your favourite colour. Calming and subtle, it can be used for many different things, such as an office space, bedrooms or clothing. Denim is traditionally blue and it is extremely popular amongst different genders making it a very safe pick.
What does it mean for a personality? You are superb at helping people and being observant of other behaviours around you. In the workplace, you won’t ever make a decision without consulting how colleagues think about it first. You’re often someone people confide in for advice because of your practical nature, always having the right answer but also suggesting different options they can consider. You are known to be brilliant to rely on and liked by many. As a friend, you make sure that you will always be there and never let people down. Some people may think you are very quiet however, once people get to know you, they’ll understand how trusting you are, making them want to stick by your side.


Your personality is: Smart, Quick-thinking, Sensitive and Original

You might feel in your everyday life that you are often misunderstood when you know deep down that you don’t mean any harm. In the past, your quick-wit could have gotten you in the trouble when you misunderstand that others may not have the same sense of humour as you.
This can irritate you a little because you want to be around fun-loving, easy going individuals yet might only come across those that take themselves too seriously. Your ideal friendships would be people who love orange and yellow who are quirky and fun.
You love expressing your personality through different activities like yoga plus arts and crafts, never wanting to just sit down and do nothing. You like to work your brain with these different hobbies and even if you want to sit and watch some TV, you might pick different dramas that keep you guessing.
As a friend, you are a tremendous person to turn to for advice without being too judgemental on the situation, no matter how chaotic it is. You can always come up with a great solution and people are always appreciative for that part of you.


Your personality is: Loving, Friendly, Playful and Passionate

In your everyday life, you really like to be light-hearted side whilst still remaining practical. For example, in your relationships, you can be very silly, giving your loved one a playful pet name however, with responsibilities such as finances, you are on the ball and don’t mess around.
Many people who know you will feel that you are a very approachable, sociable person who can make an outing very fun. You might have experienced being popular throughout your life, finding it easy to get along with new people, no matter how different they are from you.
You’re not one to judge either and you don’t believe in treating anyone differently depending on their lifestyle or beliefs.
You will prefer your life to be very social, therefore you might be in a job that allows you do to this, or you could be the one that organises many work events that everyone can take part in.
As a friend, you are very loving and will often show up with a friend’s favourite movie and ice-cream if something has upset them. You might have gone through life giving and not receiving much back however, just hang on because you are bound to find people that appreciate this loving nature you bring and will show they care.

Those are the different colours and the personalities to match. Do you want to fulfil the personality of your favourite colour? Contact us here for an excellent reading and discover how you can express yourself and become a happier person.

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