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What Your Mum’s Star Sign Says About Her

However close you are with your Mum, it’s great to get to know what really makes her tick. Delving deeper into your Mum’s personality and her psyche is a way to get to know her better and you can do that by taking a look at her star sign.

Finding out more about your Mum can also be helpful if you ever butt heads, argue or feel like you don’t really connect that well.

Of course, no two Mums are the same, regardless of whether they share the same star sign but by looking at the zodiac, it can shed a bit of light on why your Mum has certain behaviours or traits.


No doubt your Mum has always been your biggest supporter because that’s what Aries Mothers do! Whether it’s a violin recital, a talent show or a football game, your Mum will have been there, cheering you on and encouraging every step of the way. That’s because Mums who are Aries carry traits such as attentiveness, supportiveness and compassion. It wouldn’t be surprising if you often find yourself arguing with your Mum as those Mothers in the Aries zodiac can also be very short-tempered, stubborn and combative – not something that you will have found easy throughout your teenage years.


If your Mum taught you one thing when you were growing up it is to be kind to others. That’s because Taurus Mothers are full of generosity, compassion and patience. Your Mum will always be a shoulder to cry on but Taurus mothers also require some me-time every now and then which you might not have understood when you were younger. No doubt you will have viewed your Mum as a little overbearing as Taurean Mothers have a tendency to be overprotective and hesitant when it comes to their children. We bet your curfew was earlier than other kids your age.


There’s nothing more reassuring than calling up your Mum for a chat and her letting you know everything is going to be alright. And that’s exactly what you get with a Gemini Mum. No doubt she’ll be full of questions and shows a real interest in every aspect of your life. That’s because Gemini Mums are inquisitive, energetic and always on hand with some helpful insight. Whilst you appreciate it now you’re grown, it could have felt a lot like you were being interrogated when you were growing up. Gemini Mothers do have a tendency to be a little nosy and erratic.


Cancer Mums are so naturally maternal that you’ll have felt incredibly loved, secure and nurtured growing up. Having a Mum in the Cancer zodiac means you’ll always have access to the best advice around. However, they do tend to be prone to sensitivity, mood swings and can sometimes be guarded – so you might have had to really pry the information out of her at some point. Don’t be too hard on her – Mums are only human after all!


We bet you have a whole book of lessons that your Leo Mum has taught you over the years. The main one probably being that you really shouldn’t worry what other people think of you. Leo Mothers encourage originality in their children and they don’t mind pushing the boundaries of conventional motherhood tactics. If you ever get into an argument with your Mum it’s most likely because her bossy and self-centered side has come through and you might not like her “suggestions.”


If you found your Mum a bit too strict growing up, it’s not surprising. Virgo Mums tend to have a lot of rules and their tireless organisation makes them as close to the “traditional Mum” as can be. You might find it annoying that your Mother always seems to be right but that’s just one of the greatest things about Virgo Mums. If you find yourself rolling your eyes when she says “I told you so” just keep in mind that she’s only critical because she worries about you.


You’ll find that Libra mums want to be your best friend as well as your Mum. This laid back attitude means that when you were growing up, you probably got away with a bit more than your friends did and your Mum was most likely considered the fairest Mum of all. With that in mind, it’s not uncommon for Libra Mums to find motherhood overwhelming at times which could have lead to some indecisive moments. As you’ve grown up, at times, you might feel like you’re the mother in the relationship!


Do you find it hard to fully understand your Mum or know her truly as a person? That’s quite common with Scorpio Mothers as they are known for their mystery. Not ones for spilling all their secrets or life experiences with their children, Scorpio Mums find other ways to bond with their children and always respect their kid’s privacy and need for space. With that being said, your Mum always knows when something is wrong with you and has strong perceptive skills.


Fun-loving and young at heart, your Sagittarius Mum is enthusiastic about anything and everything. Growing up she was always up for taking spontaneous trips away, getting into a new activity or enlisting your help with something! Never one to shy away from a challenge her bravery is what you admire most about your Mum but her impulsiveness and insistence on you taking part will no doubt sometimes grate on you a bit.


Whilst your Mum may not have been the loudest cheerer or the most outspoken parent going, there’s no doubt that she’s always supported you in everything you’ve done – whether she agrees with your choice or not. Capricorn Mums can be a little reserved which can be misconstrued as coldness but that simply isn’t true. And try to understand their impatience – they only want good things for you and they want them right now!


Aquarius Mums are often seen as the “cool parent” as they don’t subscribe to traditional parenting rules. For example, they prefer to nurture the individual rather than stick to general rules which means you may have had a relaxed bedtime schedule, you were probably allowed to watch films and listen to music that was considered too old for you and you might have been given more freedom than other kids your age. Aquarius Mums are smart and forward-thinking but at times can be a little too preachy.


If your Mum was ever annoyed or disappointed in you, you’d know about it. Even now you’re an adult, she can’t hide her feelings from you. That’s not to say she only shows negative feelings – quite the contrary. Pisces Mums are very nurturing and warm and can always offer you advice. However, it’s not uncommon for Pisces Mums to be away with the fairies and her absent-mindedness can sometimes be seen as unfeeling.

We hope that by looking at the various star signs you will have gained a little more insight into your Mum’s personality and her behaviour. If you want to go a step further, why not get a psychic reading together?

Here's What Your Mum's Star Sign Says About Her

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