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What Your North & South Nodes Say About You

What does your life hold for you and how are you meant to achieve your goals? These questions can pop up time and time again, making us wonder whether we are truly on the correct path towards happiness. When we look at astrology, your life’s path is all down to your North and South nodes which are connected to the Moon. These are opposite signs of each other and they can tell us about how our lives are destined to be. Unlike Star Signs in astrology, nodes in the sky change every year and a half, meaning that people who fall within the same category are the people that will feel most connected to each other. During the ups and downs in life, these people will understand one another greatly, creating a brilliant team of friends, even if your ages are decades apart.

The North Node is always going to be the opposite sign of the South Node, for example, Virgo’s opposite is Pisces and these signs are like perfect jigsaw pieces that fit together. The North Node is all about our future and will teach us to take a leap into the right direction in life whilst learning many different lessons along the way. We all make mistakes and with many of these, we might look back and cringe, however, we all need to go through these rough patches in life to learn how to think clearly in the future. Life might see us break out of our shells and experience something we never thought we could, such as changing a career or moving to a different country. Even though we go through changes, we’ll still remain true to our South Node, which is our original self.

The South Node tells us about our past lives and how we are naturally gifted in life, which is a great way to spot talents. For example, we can be good at some things from the early years of life and these could set the path for our future careers. If we are artistic, we might find careers in the creative field are best suited for us and this can apply to many different abilities. Certain qualities will stick with us throughout life and it’s important that we don’t forget about them. We could pick up a hobby and lose it for a few years. Later on, we could realise this hobby plays a huge part in our lives and could open up new doors.

To find out your North and South Node read the dates they all fall under. If your birthday is between two dates on a particular North/South node, that’s the one you belong to!

Aries North Node/Libra South Node

January 27th, 1949 – July 26th, 1950
August 20th, 1967 – April 19th, 1969
April 7th, 1986 – December 2nd, 1987
December 27th, 2004 – June 22nd, 2006

If you are born with an Aries North Node/Libra South Node, you are someone that from the very early stages of your life tends to avoid arguments as much as possible and can’t stand to see them happen, even if you aren’t always a part of it. The natural mediator, you are the person who tends to hold a group together and iron out any problems that appear along the way. You go through life wanting to help people and as a child, you may have felt obligated to assist and doing so is what makes you feel great about yourself. A lover of animals, you’ll want to be surrounded by them, which could see you own quite a few cats and dogs throughout the years. In your career, you want to be able to help people as much as possible, which is why jobs that allow you to show this side of your personality is what will suit you best.


Taurus North Node/Scorpio South Node

August 3rd, 1947 – January 26th, 1949
February 20th, 1966 – August 19th, 1967
September 12th, 1984 – April 6th, 1986
April 15th, 2003 – December 26th, 2004

If you are born with a Taurus North Node/Scorpio South Node, you are someone who is often seen as a very charming person who can get their own way a lot of their time due to how well you persuade others. Sometimes, this can make you end up in tricky situations where you are accused of using people for your own gain when actually, you just want to succeed by doing the right thing. The best way to stop coming across like this would be to speak the truth about how you really feel instead of sugar coating it. You shouldn’t have to persuade if you are honest about it. In many areas of your life, you are extremely hard working and hate feeling lazy, meaning that the start to your career will take off like a rocket, making others look at you in admiration. Careers that allow you to be entrepreneurial are the best suited to your personality because you never put a limit on what you can achieve. Go for it!


Gemini North Node/Sagittarius South Node

December 14th, 1945 – August 2nd, 1947
August 26th, 1964 – February 19th, 1966
March 17th, 1983 – September 11th, 1984
October 14th, 2001 – April 14th, 2003

If you are born with a Gemini North Node/Sagittarius South Node, you may have noticed throughout your early life that you can accomplish many things if you put your mind to it. Being great at different subjects could have seen you score incredible grades in school and college, however, would have made it difficult to decide what you really want to do. Knowing the right path for you can be a struggle and you could even change your job roles many times in your adult life, searching for the one that fits best. Instead of rushing yourself to decide right here and now, take the time to try out different things without changing jobs too often. In a particular role, other tasks could appear that cater to all of your different talents but you must be patient to discover this. Take every day as it comes and don’t overwhelm yourself.


Cancer North Node/Capricorn South Node

May 12th, 1944 – December 3rd, 1945
December 24th, 1962 – August 25th, 1964
September 25th, 1981 – March 16th, 1983
April 10th 2000 – October 13th, 2001

If you are born with a Cancer North Node/Capricorn South Node, you will know from a young age that you like to be very independent and you don’t rely on others to help build a future for yourself. Instead of waiting around for things to just happen, you like to strategically plan and execute goals that you can reach by working very hard and then allowing yourself to celebrate afterwards. If you wanted to do something since you were little, chances are you will have done everything in your power to get there. Careers may have brought huge success however, you do need to keep yourself grounded and remember that it can be a little lonely at the top. Don’t forget about the people close to you and make sure you schedule quality time with them so you can have a great balance between your personal and working life.


Leo North Node/Aquarius South Node

November 22nd, 1942 – May 11th, 1944
June 11th, 1961 – December 23rd, 1962
January 6th, 1980 – September 24th, 1981
April 10th 2000 – October 13th, 2001
May 10th 2017 – November 6th, 2018

If you are born with a Leo North Node/Aquarius South Node, even though you have Leo in your sign which is a very confident fire sign, you may have grown up as the cute, shy child. Marching to the beat of your own drum is the complete opposite of what you like to do and instead, you want to make everyone happy, following someone else’s lead. Extremely intelligent with an eagerness to please, getting those gold stars in class is what you lived for as a child and this is set to continue throughout your life. You need to remember that you don’t always get a gold star and words of affirmation every day. So next time you’ve done an excellent job but aren’t congratulated, don’t beat yourself up! In your life, you will need to learn not to be so hard on yourself and just express that amazing character you have without being shy about it. Show off your talents to the world and don’t let anyone dim your shine!

Virgo North Node/Pisces South Node

May 25th, 1941 – November 21st, 1942
December 16th, 1959 – June 10th 1961
July 6th, 1978 – January 5th, 1980 ~
January 26th, 1997 – October 20th, 1998
November 12th, 2015 – May 9th, 2017

If you were born with a Virgo North Node/Pisces South Node, you are someone who often has their head in the clouds. You love to look at the bright side of life and never want to allow those negative thoughts sneak their way in. It’s brilliant that you have an upbeat attitude because you will be seen as someone who is never dull or in a mood, which makes people drawn to you for a good chat. Being surrounded by lots of friends is something you hold dear, however, balancing many different groups might mean you find it hard to maintain close, quality relationships. One thing you must keep in mind is that if your head wanders too much, you might find it very hard to pay attention, making it very easy for you to make mistakes. Also, because you like to look at the positives, other people can take advantage of your kind-hearted nature by being dishonest. Don’t always believe what people tell you and pay attention to detail.


Libra North Node/Aries South Node

June 17th, 1958 – December 15, 1959
January 8th, 1977 – July 5th, 1978
August 1st, 1995 – January 25th, 1997
February 19th, 2014 – November 11, 2015

If you are born with a Libra North Node/Aries South Node, you are someone who has a lot of passion locked up inside of you, which can suddenly burst if you don’t allow yourself to express your emotions. Growing up, relationships may have been rather problematic, especially if you struggled and found little to no help in those that should have been figures of guidance and authority. You may battle with your inner Aries flame which can make you come across as a very aggressive person, especially if you’ve had to fight for justice many times in your life. A tricky start to life doesn’t mean a tricky future for you! You will need to learn how to communicate your difficulties so people can understand where you are coming from. Once you express yourself and start to become closer to those around you, the more you’ll feel settled.


Scorpio North Node/Taurus South Node

October 5th, 1956 – June 16th, 1958
July 10th 1975 – January 7th, 1977
February 2nd, 1994 – July 31st, 1995
August 30th, 2012 – February 18th, 2014

If you are born with a Scorpio North Node/Taurus South Node, you will be someone who likes the comfort that luxuries bring to your life. If you work hard, you will go out and buy that expensive jacket you’ve had your eye on, which is a great treat! Surrounding yourself with all things beautiful is what makes you tick and you could be a big trend setter in your town. You just need to be careful that you aren’t too dependent on posh items because it could allow you to forget about what’s important, such as family. Buying your mother a fancy gift won’t match up to actually spending time with her, so just remember to give attention to loved ones. In your everyday life, you like to sail on by applying your talents to a very specific role that will help you gain success. This is great however, you need to learn how to explore other hidden talents in your life so you can grow and expand knowledge.


Sagittarius North Node/Gemini South Node

April 3rd, 1955 – October 4th, 1956
October 28th, 1973 – July 9th, 1975
August 2nd, 1992 – February 1st, 1994
March 4th, 2011 – August 29th, 2012

If you were born with a Sagittarius North Node/Gemini South Node, you are someone who loves to be engrossed in activities such as reading books, magazines and watching films. You are very visual and this means you absolutely love hobbies that are more on the artistic side. Friendly, bubbly and chatty, you may go through life having many different friends that always go to you if they need a distraction, which is great! Always fun, conversations will be able other topics instead of what is really going on in your life which could lower the quality of your friendships. How do your friends really feel about their lives? Ask this instead of where they brought their new shoes from. Dig deeper with people so your connections can be ones built on strength, rather than on gossip and meaningless chatter. You’ll be able to offer positive support to keep them going!


Capricorn North Node/Cancer South Node

October 10th 1953 – April 2nd, 1955
April 28th, 1972 – October 27th, 1973
November 19th, 1990 – August 1st, 1992
August 22nd, 2009 – March 3rd, 2011

If you were born under a Capricorn North Node/Cancer South Node, you are someone who is a very emotional person that can often get their wires cross. You tend to worry, which means insecurities can build up in your head over pretty much nothing at all. If two people are whispering, you are likely to jump to conclusions and wonder why they are talking about you. Instead of focusing on the negatives, clear your head from the inner battles that go on and just allow yourself to relax. Focus on releasing stress through fun activities such as arts and crafts so that you can put your mind at ease. You are someone destined to live as a happy, carefree person and this won’t be able to happen if you drown in doubt and unnecessary emotions that distract you from the great things in life.


Aquarius North Node/Leo South Node

March 29th, 1952 – October 9th, 1953
November 3rd, 1970 – April 27th, 1972
May 23rd, 1989 – November 18th, 1990
December 19th, 2007 – August 21st, 2009

If you are born under an Aquarius North Node/Leo South Node, you have a lot of confidence which means you will be excellent at expressing yourself throughout your life and this could even see you go down the acting or performing route when it comes to your career. Fun, animated and limitless, you like to push the boundaries in your social life and being the life of the party is something you like to be. One of the issues you could face is being a little too self-absorbed. Because of your talents, you may be used to people’s attention being on you however, you need to remember this won’t always be the case. If you and a friend both have good news, try not to steal their thunder as this will be something that could distance people from you. In your life, try to become a part of a team so you can appreciate input from others, such as taking part in a sport or cause. After this, you’ll soon understand it’s ok to adapt to others.


Pisces North Node/Virgo South Node

July 27th, 1950 – March 28th, 1952
April 20th, 1969 – November 2nd, 1970
December 3rd, 1987 – May 22nd, 1989
June 23rd, 2006 – December 18th, 2007

If you are born with a Pisces North Node/Virgo South Node, you are always the person who likes to help out as much as you can, making you the mother hen of a friendship group. You love everything in your life to be perfect which means from a young age, you want to behave perfectly and act like an angel. It can be very hard for you to keep up with this, especially when you go through hard times in your life. It’s ok to allow people to see the fact that you are human with weaknesses. Don’t lock up those emotions and suffer in silence! You need to learn how to approach others when you feel defeated so you can gain a little guidance from them. Allowing pressure to build on your shoulders isn’t the way to live a happy life. Surrender and let others help you for once!


Which North/South Node are you and do you think it’s close to your personality? Let us know and comment below!



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