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What’s So Special About A Super Full Moon?

People often get New Moons and Full Moons mixed up because a “New” Moon doesn’t necessarily paint a picture of what it looks like, without us finding out for ourselves. A New Moon is a phase we cannot see, yet it does have a strong energy to help start new beginnings and chapters in our lives. A Full Moon, however, is always noticeable since it will be in it’s full circular phase and can help people gain courage and clarity. Many like to sit at their windows and observe this type of Moon phase because it’s so beautiful and bright. We have a Super Full Moon in Taurus today, that should affect us in a positive way. But what makes a Moon “Super” and what on earth does it mean?

A Super Full Moon is when the Moon itself looks bigger since it’s at the closest point to our planet. The Super Full Moon urges us to make bold changes for our wellbeing, especially if it’s been a long time coming. Many of us will feel a little apprehensive about this because ending a chapter in our lives requires inner strength. Full Moons can often trigger our emotions and when it is super, this will illuminate matters of the heart that we can’t overlook. It’s important to make a change in our lives that will ultimately guide us towards happiness, even if we must experience times of healing also. Go for what you truly want and don’t make any excuses. You are the one in control of your life, so you can decide how you live it.

super full moons can bring

Super Full Moons shine a light on hidden truths that must be acknowledged, so prepare to let go of any inner battles. This can be a popular time where people make drastic changes, especially if their buttons have been pushed for too long. What do you really want in life and are the people around you encouraging your goals? For the past couple of months, you may have felt held back, unable to stand up for yourself. A Super Full Moon should inspire you to put plans into place so that your dreams don’t slip through your fingers. Putting this off for even longer can result in great regret. If you want to be your true creative self, a change of career might be what is needed to fill the void you’re experiencing.

The Super Full Moon in Taurus is taking place on this day and it is focused around how we feel about ourselves. Are you being true to yourself or are you hiding unique traits for someone else’s benefit? Embrace the type of person you are and don’t feel like you should hide it. Everyone born on the planet is different from one another, which is why being authentic should be encouraged. Celebrate your quirks and don’t conform to what everyone else is doing so you have a sense of belonging. Finding powerful connections with people requires you to open up and show others sides of your character. Even if people have told you these traits were negative, it’s still a part of you. We all have flaws, but the right people will understand this about you.

Taurus is a sign that is connected to money and power, so this Super Full Moon could help you decide to sort out your finances and look towards your future. Are you saving up for a big purchase? This Super Full Moon in Taurus will ask you not to forget about our wellbeing. It’s important that we treat ourselves to good food and comfortable items leading up to the winter. If you can save up, still set aside some money for the finer things in life so you don’t completely miss out. To discover how each phase of  the Moon can affect how you feel, have a look at our special guide.

We hope this Super Full Moon in Taurus brings the clarity you need to make the positive changes, so you can be closer to finding happiness and fulfilment. Do you still have questions unanswered about your destiny? One of our psychic readings could help bring you guidance.

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