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What’s Your Starsign’s Lucky Colour?

Whether you’re looking to find love, make new friends or progress your career, finding your lucky colour and using it to your advantage could have numerous benefits. Let’s take a look at the most complementary colours for each star sign.



Your lucky colour is green, Aries. To become the best version of yourself, avoid spending too much time indoors. You’re likely to be at your happiest when you’re enjoying the countryside and you’re surrounded by grass and leaves.

To make your home a peaceful and inviting haven, introduce a green aventurine to your living room or kitchen. Keen to carry good vibes everywhere you go? Carry a green fluorite in your pocket.



Red is your lucky colour and it perfectly complements your bold and fiery personality.

Although you appear confident, talkative and loud on the surface, deep down you’re a softy with a big heart. You also have introverted tendencies and strong desire to love and be loved in return.



For joy and prosperity, introduce yellow objects into your life. Yellow will help you unleash your creativity and exercise your wisdom to your full potential. This bright and vibrant colour can also help you attract others by giving them a glimpse into your warm and loving nature.

You’re a cheerful character and an optimist at heart, but you’re certainly not immune to low periods. Be sure to spend plenty of time outdoors and soak up the sun at every opportunity.



Silver is the colour for you, Cancer. Although you’re cool, calm and collected, you’re also fun, quirky and only too happy to let your special qualities shine.

A silver charm bracelet, earring, necklace or ring could bring you plenty of luck. You’re likely to get even better results if you wear a piece of jewellery with sentimental significance. Whether you’ve been given silver jewellery as a gift, you’ve inherited something special from a relative or you’ve spotted a beautiful vintage piece in a second hand shop, pick something that you suspect has history.



For career success, lifetime wealth and everlasting love, embrace the colour gold, Leo.

Whether you treat yourself to a gold sequinned handbag, a pair of trainers that glisten, or a gold watch, find something you’re likely to cherish for years to come. By using your lucky colour to your advantage, you’re sure to stand out in a crowd and attract the joy and abundance you deserve.



The colour navy is reliable, versatile and practical, just like you, Virgo. You’re modest, sensible and able to fit in with any crowd.

Make the most of your qualities by wearing navy. You don’t have to dress head to toe in it or wear it every day, but if you spot a navy item of clothing you love, be sure to snap it up! By using your lucky colour to your advantage, you’re likely to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships.



You’re diplomatic, reliable, and a great friend who will stand by the side of those you care about.

So this winter be sure to make a pair of brown boots your wardrobe staple, Libra. Brown is trustworthy and always there for you when you need it. Introducing it into your life could bring you bags of success and happiness.



You’re one of a kind, Scorpio. Your friends, relatives and partners know just how unique you are. They’ll never find someone else like you. This is exactly why purple is your lucky colour. Like you, purple is extremely rare in nature. It symbolises power, luxury, and wealth.

By using it to your advantage, you’ll strengthen your career, become even more influential, and improve your finances in the process.


Light blue

Curious and energetic, you’re one of the zodiac’s most adventurous signs. You love to travel and approach the world with an open mind. It’s no surprise that your lucky colour is light blue. Like the sky, your dreams are vast and limitless. With your head often in the clouds, using your lucky colour to your advantage will help your dreams become a reality.

Wearing a light blue item of clothing or carrying an aquamarine or calcite crystal in your pocket could bring you countless luck.



You’re perhaps one of the most determined and sensible signs in the zodiac and your independence and unwillingness to follow the crowd tends to inspire admiration from the people in your life.

Like the colour black, you’re sophisticated, composed and mysterious. To really accentuate your best qualities, don’t be afraid of filling your wardrobe with black items of clothing. Alternatively, opt for a gothic black nail polish this winter.



A progressive and modern trend setter – that’s you! You’re creative and popular with others and your unique qualities make you one of the most memorable signs of the zodiac.

Your lucky colour is bronze. To make the most of it and reap its lucky benefits, spend time trawling antique fairs, charity shops and thrift stores. Whether you spot a bronze piece of jewellery or a fascinating ornament, don’t hesitate to snap up the items you love. Bronze items could bring you love, friendship and wealth in the coming years.



You’re compassionate, intuitive, gentle and pure. Thanks to your innocent nature, white is sure to bring you luck.

Whenever white makes an appearance in your life, see this as a sign that new opportunities lie ahead. Whether it’s a new piece of paper, a traditional wedding dress or a fresh blanket of snow, see this as a blank canvas and a time for innovation and creativity.

What's Your Star Sign's Lucky Colour

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