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Which Star Sign is your Spiritual teacher?

When your sign is brought together with another, there can be many positives and negatives that you will experience. A spiritual teacher is when two signs create a square, due to their combinations being three signs apart. This unusual combination is special because the third sign after yours creates a 90-degree angle and you’ll learn a lot from the other person. It might be a maternal figure, a wise friend or partner who helps give you guidance in life so you can reach important goals. If you have this match with a particular sign, it’s common for you both to exchange roles. In one circumstance you might be the teacher and in another, they might be. The combination of these signs is a positive one because you can learn so much from one another. You will both have contrasting personalities where you fill in for what the other lacks. As an example, one of you might be very practical, yet the other might listen to their emotions. If two people three signs apart come together to form a romantic relationship, it can be a very challenging one. You both must establish roles in a relationship so you can share an equal amount of dominance. Creating the right balance can take time, but once it is established, you’ll both be happy as Larry to do your part and build a life together in harmony. Below are the different spiritual teacher combinations in astrology. Understand more about your match and what you must do for it to be a blissful partnership.

Aries & Cancer

  • Mixing a Fire and Water sign can sometimes feel very yin and yang but on the other hand, can feel like a constant battle.
  • Aries likes to act rapidly whereas Cancer analyses feelings before they make any decision.
  • Aries can be a little too blunt with their words, which can easily offend the emotional Cancer sign.
  • Cancer can be way too wrapped up in their emotions to the point where it can push Aries away.
  • It’s important for both parties to learn how to be on the same page when it comes to developing a friendship, relationship or business partnership.
  • Focusing on the love you have for each other will always help you overcome obstacles.
  • Cancer will teach Aries to slow down and enjoy the present while Aries will help Cancer realise how vital it is to strive for greatness.
  • Due to this being a Water and Fire combination, emotions can be read quickly, thanks to Cancer’s intuition.
  • Aries is passionate about success yet still understands why Cancer can be passionate about feelings. It can help them both discuss issues that crop up.
  • Both need to be very open with each other about needs and desires so you can work together as a team instead of opponents.

Taurus & Leo

  • Mixing an Earth and Fire sign can lead to stubbornness in a relationship.
  • Leo wants compliments to feel loved while Taurus might think this comes across as narcissistic.
  • Taurus appreciates action in relationships, so it’s important a Leo shows their love, instead of just saying it out loud.
  • Leo must not be offended if a Taurus doesn’t tell them every day that they look heavenly because the sign’s mind will wander to more important matters, such as their career and goals.
  • A Taurus will teach a Leo that not everything is about looks.
  • A Leo will teach a Taurus how to take care of themselves a little more so they can feel better about themselves.
  • Since Leo is often admired by many, it’s important to Taurus that they know the relationship is a secure one. Finding out their partner is getting attention from another source will damage the bull’s confidence.
  • Both of these signs like the finer things in life, meaning you will both enjoy living a cosy life together.
  • It’s also important that if you don’t have money, you don’t spend more. An afternoon full of window shopping together can cause HUGE damage to your joint bank accounts. Leo will say “Oooh, this would look great in our home” and Taurus won’t have any willpower to say no.
  • Leo’s self-confidence can teach a Taurus a thing or two about loving who you truly are as a person, instead of always looking for ways to improve.

Gemini & Virgo

  • Mixing an Earth and Air sign is great because both people are very open when it comes to communication.
  • Sometimes, you can get a dreamy Virgo and a practical Gemini where they can both talk about ideas, yet manage to make a solid plan together.
  • Whenever they have an argument, they always (and we mean always) talk it out.
  • Even if they see each other all the time, they are likely to talk for hours on the phone every day, especially before going to sleep.
  • Gemini can teach Virgo how to remain calm before jumping into a new opportunity or life chapter. As an example, if Virgo has a new job role, Gemini will emotionally prepare them for their first day.
  • Virgo helps Gemini see their real potential in life. Gemini has two minds where on one hand, they feel very confident but then suddenly; they feel useless. A Virgo will pretty much list thirty reasons why a Gemini is brilliant.
  • Virgo loves to look their best at all times, whereas Gemini will find them even more attractive because of their personality as well as good looks.
  • This partnership is very quirky and full of banter. If problems occur, the both of them will create a huge spider diagram full of different solutions.

Cancer & Libra

  • This pair are very different yet can learn an awful lot from each other.
  • At the beginning of this partnership, both signs will be completely baffled by how the other is wired.
  • Cancer adores Libra’s carefree attitude where they can strike up a conversation with anyone.
  • Libra loves the way Cancer always thinks about how others are feeling. Libra respects people who are open-minded and fair, which is precisely what Cancer is.
  • The sign of Cancer often thinks about their dreams and where they see themselves in life yet Libra struggles to act on it. This combo means both can help each other reach goals.
  • Libra is a party animal, and Cancer might feel a little neglected from time to time if they attend many parties. Cancer needs to learn how to appreciate time by themselves more, just like independent Libra does.
  • There will be significant times where both learn from one another. Cancer will need to know that surrounding yourself with people who enrich your life is better than those that don’t offer any enlightenment. Libra will need to learn that life isn’t always one big game, and they should try and make progress with their life.
  • It’s best for you to have a solid agreement on when you’re going to spend time together. Libras can be a little flaky, so this can drive a Cancer up the wall. Make plans and don’t double book!
  • After any issues occur and once they learn how each other works, this can be a relationship or friendship full of mutual understanding.

Leo & Scorpio

  • This one can be a very tricky relationship if both parties aren’t careful.
  • Both people will struggle with dominance, even though there will be a huge passion in the relationship.
  • Leo likes to be loved and shown that their partner adores them, yet Scorpio sometimes keeps feelings to themselves.
  • The last thing a Scorpio wants is their relationships and life details to be public whereas Leo might enjoy posting cute photos of them all over the internet.
  • For this relationship to work, both signs must set healthy boundaries.
  • Both of these signs can be very stubborn which means they will both learn they have some profound similarities. It can work to their advantage if they work around it.
  • Leo will teach Scorpio to open up a little more about how they feel and what they want from a relationship.
  • Scorpio will show Leo that sometimes keeping things to yourself is the best way forward and that your friendship or relationship should never be used as hot gossip.
  • Leo is a very fun, passionate character who can show Scorpio how to enjoy life, regardless of what pops up along the way.
  • Scorpio is a sign that loves to express themselves in their own way, no matter how weird it seems to Leo. If they want to let out their anger by going out on a bike or by painting a huge picture, Leo shouldn’t turn their nose up at this.

Virgo & Sagittarius

  • These signs like to try and make each other happy even if they are an unlikely match of Earth and Fire.
  • Both like to think a lot about how they feel, which means they can openly communicate with each other.
  • If Sagittarius is unhappy or not quite ready for a relationship, they could completely shut Virgo out.
  • Since Virgo over-analyses and worries, not knowing what’s going on with Sagittarius will drive them crazy.
  • Sagittarius needs to understand that they can’t just disappear from the face of the earth if they need some time to themselves. Instead, they must communicate this with Virgo.
  • These two signs can be a little different when it comes to their spending habits. To find common ground, they must plan a budget that allows saving but with a little treat now and then.
  • Virgo loves culture, and Sagittarius loves to travel, which means the adventures they have together could be something out of a Hollywood movie.
  • If they aren’t careful, Virgo can nitpick at Sagittarius’s relaxed attitude.
  • Sagittarius needs to tread very carefully around Virgo and how they feel about themselves. Sarcastic comments about a Virgo’s image should never, ever be said. Even if Virgo puts on a few pounds, we’d advise a Sagittarius to bite their tongue, regardless of how sassy they feel that day.

Libra & Capricorn

  • Both of these signs like to play the leader. Their similarities are what attracts them to each other the most.
  • These two might meet and feel as if they need to compete. Once they realise this isn’t the case, they can form an incredible team.
  • Plain and simple, they get stuff done. If they work together, their projects are completed to perfection, and if they have children, they’ll raise them to behave incredibly well.
  • Capricorn can be a little too harsh on themselves, yet Libra will swoop in there and make them feel better, thanks to their upbeat attitude.
  • Libra loves to go out and meet new people so stubborn Capricorn should learn that in relationships, they are never out on the prowl since Libras (once in relationships) make loyal partners.
  • Capricorn loves to organise goals so they have an established route like you would with a SatNav system. Libra, on the other hand, loves just to go with the flow and go off track. It can annoy Capricorn, especially when they are working hard to achieve their dreams. They could end up helping out Libra see the potential in their lives, so they have something to reach.
  • Once this partnership has a great balance, their arguments and heated debates will reduce.
  • It’s important for these two people to establish where they both stand. Neither will want to make any effort in a relationship unless there is the possibility of a successful outcome.

Scorpio & Aquarius

  • These two signs are fixed, which means they don’t want to budge once they have a belief or ideal. It can get any partnership off to a difficult start.
  • Aquarius likes to view life and their surroundings in a very intellectual way whereas Scorpio is more emotional. It means that there will be times they completely disagree on matters of the heart.
  • Scorpio is a water sign which is independent yet when they desire affection from someone; they want to know exactly where they stand. Aquarius, on the other hand, likes to wait things out before they decide. Because of this, it can make Scorpio even more impatient, which makes Aquarius back away big time.
  • Scorpio might see Aquarius as a bit of a snob, just because they like to keep up with knowledge and culture. An Air sign like this wants to learn as much as they can about everything around them but Scorpio concentrates on learning about people.
  • Relationships are straight forward to Aquarius. They either work, or they don’t, which is why a Scorpio will frustrate them with their endless analysis and need to be the commentator of their relationship.
  • If you are in a relationship, and you and your partner have this star sign combo, it’s essential that you keep some parts of your life separate. Independent bank accounts will rule out any arguments about money, and you can both spend on what you like without questioning it.
  • A Scorpio will help Aquarius learn more about his feelings. It’s tough to get this air sign to open up but after patience and understanding, they might completely let go.
  • Aquarius will be the sign that gives Scorpio the opportunity to learn about the world around them. Attending cultural events and visiting museums in foreign countries will open their eyes a little more to what’s going on.


Sagittarius & Pisces

  • This fire and water sign are both mutual, which means if they feel it’s the right relationship, they will make compromises that suit each other’s needs.
  • There is a lot of tension between these signs, and it can go one of two ways: an incredible, electrifying love or a horrendous, deadly blast.
  • Sagittarius understands Pisces because it is depicted as half man, half centaur yet Pisces is two fish. Their signs can be one way or another, which is what they have most in common.
  • The sign of Sagittarius is one that needs to have exploration in their life, especially when it comes to travel. Pisces is mystical and likes to explore alternative worlds and spirituality. Both are dreamy characters driven by escapism, which is why they understand each other most of the time.
  • If these two signs are in a romantic relationship, it’s unlikely that they’ll set up camp somewhere and stay for a long time. Instead, they want to see what else the world has to offer, so it won’t be a surprise if they move to different foreign countries together.
  • They can work incredibly well in business too, thanks to both signs having the ability to be extremely imaginative. Thinking up excellent business ideas is something that happens every day, yet they must choose one at a time to concentrate on.
  • Both of these signs need escapism in their lives, but it must be the right type. If Pisces ends up adding one or two many shots of Vodka to their morning Mimosa to get through the day, Sagittarius is going to start looking for a way out. Make sure that even through times of struggle, neither sign gets wrapped out in a dangerous vice.
  • Sagittarius will teach Pisces not to trust people straight away. A Water sign can be easily fooled by fake emotion, which is why Sagittarius’s guidance will help them in both business and their personal life.
  • Pisces has the compassion of a thousand people, so when they are partnered up with Sagittarius, they can teach them to be a little more emotional when it comes to others.


Capricorn & Aries

  • Normally, Earth and Fire sign combinations are about as tasty as strawberries soaked in vinegar, yet because strong planets rule both, they will understand one another’s passion and have a mutual respect.
  • Capricorn is ruled by hardworking Saturn, which is why this Earth sign is amazing at completing tasks and projects perfectly down to the last detail. Aries likes to run before they can walk and will often leave tasks unfinished, which is what will drive Capricorn crazy.
  • In a business partnernship, it’s best for Aries to come up with the crazy ideas and creativity so that it leaves the Capricorn to get down to the finer details.
  • Aries loves the fact that Capricorn can chase their dreams to turn them into a reality and eventually, it’ll inspire them to do the same.
  • Capricorn finds Aries’ passion very intriguing and listening to them talking about what makes them tick will attract them even more.
  • There will be times where the Earth sign will have to kick the Fire sign into gear. Aries might want to sit in bed for a few days while nursing a hangover while Capricorn will get up, go to the gym and get on with life. Aries’ lazy ways can put their career at risk, which is why Capricorn can help them stay on track.
  • If Capricorn has a creative block, Aries is the sign that will create a huge, wacky diagram full of ideas that will get Capricorn thinking outside the box.
  • Together, they must learn how to be inspired by each other for the relationship to work. If they don’t even attempt a compromise, it won’t last a couple of weeks.
  • Aries needs to learn how to execute plans yet Capricorn needs to learn to let go of their business attitude once in a while. If they meet half way, the relationship or partnership will be full of success and adventure.


Aquarius & Taurus

  • These two signs are fixed, which means they can experience problems with stubbornness, regardless of the type of relationship it is.
  • Aquarius and Taurus will have had a very particular way of living their life, which will shake things up a bit when they meet and realise they must learn how to compromise.
  • Taurus is the sign that will laugh at Aquarius’ elegant ways and love for the finer things in life because most of the time, they believe it’s just a load of rubbish that gives life no meaning.
  • If these signs live together, it’ll be a house full of classic pieces that are mixed with contemporary art decor that symbolises Taurus’s traditional taste and Aquarius’s creative influence.
  • Aquarius is the type who will want a fancy wedding or engagement ring, yet Taurus would prefer something down to earth with more of a significant element to it.
  • Both signs love to get involved in a debate, which will impress an Aquarius, who loves to nothing more than talk about intellectual topics over a big glass of wine.
  • Aquarius is edgy, but Taurus is earthy, which is why this combination will be very positive if they both learn how to tone down their stubbornness.
  • With their image, Taurus likes to keep it simple and might turn their nose up at the crazy shoes Aquarius decides to wear. If a Taurus looks beyond that and understands the uniqueness the Air sign brings to the table, the more they’ll be inspired to think out of the box when it comes to their life.
  • Taurus can show Aquarius that not everything needs to be complex and sometimes, thinking about an issue in a simple way is the best technique to solve it.


Pisces & Gemini

  • These mutual signs are excellent at attending to each other’s needs in a relationship. Not only do they make fantastic lovers, but they will be bounded by an incredibly strong friendship too.
  • This Water and Earth sign together can learn quickly how to accept big changes in life, which comes in handy if they both have to move to another country due to a job offer.
  • At first, it can be a little challenging since Gemini sees the big picture but Pisces loves going over the details. Getting a straight answer from this Water sign is like finding a needle in a haystack, which will annoy communication driven Gemini.
  • For Gemini to get on well with Pisces, they must learn to read body language so they can understand what Pisces is feeling, even if they can’t express it openly. Of course, it might be tricky but once they understand a different layer of communication (such as body language), the easier the relationship will flow.
  • Pisces is represented by two fish and Geminis represented by twins, which means there are four personalities in this partnership. Tiring, isn’t it?
  • Gemini can be very responsible yet can be very silly (and sometimes embarrassing). Pisces can be very emotional but then can suddenly tap into their intuition to see things clearly. In a partnership, both signs will understand how having two different sides of a personality is beneficial.
  • For for love of God, Geminis shouldn’t make fun of Pisces’s spirituality when healing crystals are around their home. Even if a Gemini follows and supports modern science, they shouldn’t dismiss a Pisces’s activities.
  • They both understand how emotions work, which is why they can have a fantastic relationship once they’ve spent a good amount of time getting to know each other on a deeper level.
  • Independence means a lot to both signs, which is why a house with another room for “me” time is essential. Allow Gemini to read their favourite novel in another room and they’ll appreciate it.


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