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Moon Magic: The Ultimate Guide to Wishing on The Moon in 2016

The Moon is known by many names such as, “Mother,” “Diana,” “Phoebe” and “Hecate” to name but a few. It has associated with female power, virginity and deities for thousands of years and 2016 is no exception. Many people still follow the moon’s cycle and believe that it holds immense powers that can affect different parts of their lives depending on what phase the moon is in.

The lunar phases demonstrate the portion of the moon that is seen from Earth, the part that is lit by the sun. As the moon travels around the Earth, the lunar phase changes between the new moon, first quarter moon or waxing moon, full moon and last quarter moon or waning moon. Each of these phases can contribute to different aspects of our lives.

The Moon Phases

new-moon 2016

The new moon occurs when the moon is between the sun and the Earth, therefore, it is in darkness and is sometimes called a dark moon. It is the time to start any new venture you have planned as it symbolises new beginnings; it is also an excellent time for love, relationships, health and for you to make wishes about aspects of your life.

first-quarter-edit 2016

This phase occurs after the new moon and is symbolic of construction, with the moon herself building to her full image. It is believed that this is the time where your ideas and new venture start to build momentum; this is the time for action. It is a good time for wealth, success, love, friendship and courage.

full-moon 2016

The full moon is a glorious site to behold with its majestic form filling the sky; this is when the moon’s power is at its strongest. If any issues need to be worked out and need an extra push, such as serious health conditions, finances, career struggles, this is the time to focus on it. All of your efforts will start to show at this time.

last-quarter 2016

The last quarter or waning moon occurs after the full moon and is a time for reflection on your past efforts. This review will lead you to bring your venture to a close and a time to rid yourself of anything negative that is occurring in your life.

How to wish upon the moon

For you to make the most of the lunar phases, on the night of the new moon, wishes must be made. These wishes will then follow the phases and culminate in time.

Here is a step by step guide on how effectively make your wishes:-

• Write at least two wishes, but no more than 10, onto a piece of paper; several wishes can be made in one area of your life that you may be struggling with.

• Place the date on the paper and store in a safe place; they can be left alone or they can be brought out from time to time for reflection.

• Word your wishes carefully and believe in your own intuition. If the wish “feels” wrong and makes you uncomfortable, it is not the right one for you at that precise moment in time. Trust yourself to make the right wishes for your present state.

• Don’t make wishes for friends and family as it won’t work. However, if you wished for something that related directly to you but will also affect your loved ones, this can be achieved.

• Believe in yourself and the power of your dreams.

• Repetition is powerful! If your wishes aren’t coming true, revisit them and repeat them.

• Use the new energy that you will be given, as it will only serve to make you stronger and push you forward.

Example Wishes

Remember that each wish is personal to you and only you can decide what you want at need each time.

Below are some examples of wishes; you may relate to these, you may not, but it is your personal journey to take.

-“I would like to be more focused and driven in my life goals.”

-“I want all of the negativity and fear to leave and for me to be filled with positivity and courage.”

-“I need all of my feelings of giving up and failing to be eradicated from my life and replaced with determination and achievements.”

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