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Ying and Yang: Star Sign Opposites Explained

All of us have a star sign, which means we all have our opposite sign of the zodiac too. Your opposite sign will also be ruled by a different element which means you will be very different people yet will often equal each other out. When it comes to your personality traits, what one of you lacks, the other one will bring to the friendship or partnership. Many of these opposite signs could experience an argument or two since you can clash in opinions and you will be wired differently. It’s the tale of chalk and cheese, which can either work well with your efforts or it could make you both want to give up.

This can also be a tricky situation if you have a parent that is your opposite sign. They might bring you up to be like them however when you grow older, you might not be like them at all. For example, a Pisces parent is ruled by the element of Water, meaning they can be a very emotional person who tends to take things personally. This can be really hard if there is Virgo child because they have a blunt way of thinking which feel be like salt in the wound for Pisces, even if it’s tough love.

An opposite type of relationship can be excellent for business ventures. At first, you might believe it’s the best idea to start up a business with someone who thinks and acts similar to you, however, this might not be the case whatsoever. If one sign is very analytical and practical whereas the other is creative and emotional, your business could have all the positive traits it needs to bring the two of you success. If two people are creative, your business might discover problems with keeping control of money and organisational activities in the very early days, which could put a massive brick wall in front of where you both want to go. If you work well with someone, don’t be surprised if they are your opposite sign!

Having someone close to you who is of the opposite sign can actually be an incredible gift because of how much you can learn from each other’s traits. One of you might need to learn to be more compassionate whereas the other person might need to learn how to be dominant in life. Whatever the case is, the aim of the game is to find a balance between the two of you, regardless what type your relationship is. In life, we all must work together one way or another and reading our guide could help you understand how to combine forces with an opposite sign to create an ultimate dream team twosome!

Aries/Libraaries and libra

Aries is ruled by the Masculine planet of Mars whereas Libra is ruled by the Feminine planet of Venus, which makes this couple extremely different from one another yet a partnership that just clicks. With two elements of fire and air, they work well because Libra will never extinguish the fiery attitude that Aries prides themselves on. Libra is a free spirit who doesn’t like to feel pressured or trapped, which is an excellent deal for independent Aries who also wants their personal space.
These two can go for months without seeing each other yet will never be bitter about it. They understand that life often gets in the way and when they meet up again, it will feel as if no time has passed. These two can spend hours chatting to each other over dinner, filling each other in on the different things that have been going on.
Aries strive to do better in their lives and a Libra will like to go with the wind but it’s the fiery side they admires because when an Aries goes for their dreams, it will inspire them to do the same. Libras are commonly guilty of being indecisive and an Aries will help them make important decisions that will bring positivity to their lives, such as going for a new job. It’s a similar situation to having a gym buddy because Aries is the motivator and Libra is the follower who likes being shown the right way.


Taurus/Scorpiotaurus and scorpio

Taurus is an Earth sign therefore when they meet Water sign Scorpio, their relationship can become very involved yet problems can crop up from the word go. Both signs are fixed which means neither will want to back down when it comes to what they believe in. They think that their way is the right way and don’t like being told otherwise. A Taurus in an argument will back up their point with stats and facts where Scorpio will throw in their understanding of emotion and how people communicate, which can baffle dominant Taurus. However after some time, these two signs will have a mutual understanding of each other and the partnership can be a perfect one. Both intelligent yet in completely different ways, they make incredible business partners and friends that can take on the world!
In romantic relationships, Taurus will say exactly how they feel, which is great because Scorpio is an emotional and charming water sign that doesn’t like to beat around the bush. You will both know exactly where you stand, which should take silly games out of the equation altogether. Whatever you do, at the beginning simply acknowledge that it’s a blessing that the two of you are different instead of seeing it as a curse that can stop the formation of a brilliant relationship.


Gemini/Sagittariusgemini and sagittarius

This Air and Fire sign combination is one packed full of adventure and the two of you will rarely experience a dull moment. Full of ideas and spontaneity, it’s easy for the both of you to come up with activities to take part in together to escape the stresses of daily life. With late night debates and talks about everything under the sun, these two can have very similar interests such as movies, music and travel which they can both enjoy together.
Sagittarius is quick thinking, quick to act at the drop the hat and absolutely hates waiting around for others to make a decision about something. It’s go, go, go with their lives and living life in the fast lane means they always have something interesting going on. If something doesn’t work for a Sagittarius, they’ll quickly move on without a second thought, exploring different ideas with a positive attitude. Gemini admires this about them because they do have a very similar frame of mind however it can take Gemini a little longer to catch up to them, which is ok!
The truth is, even though these two are opposite signs, they sure can have a lot of fun together and have the ability to keep each other young at heart, which paves the way for a fantastic friendship, relationship or business partnership together.


Cancer/Capricorncancer and capricorn

With Water sign Cancer and Earth sign Capricorn, they work together like salt and pepper because of how complimentary they are for each other, even if they are 180 degrees apart. At first, they might not believe you, regardless of how much persuade them to give it a chance. They might meet and decide to tease and make fun of each other so much that it makes their blood boil. Can you remember what they say about people who tease each other? It turns out that deep down, they could be aching for each other’s attention, which could lead to an extremely fiery relationship neither of them has ever experienced before. Capricorn is all about working hard whereas Cancer is about their close friends and family which means their priorities can be very different. This can cause disruption because if Capricorn is working late night, they could wind up feeling neglected. Capricorn could feel disrespected because all they are trying to do is provide for them, which a lot of the time does mean sacrifice. The two of you will have to sit down and go through how you feel so you can have an understanding about how this relationship can work. Cancer will have to stop taking things personally, but Capricorn will have to acknowledge that they need attention. After this is sorted, you can move forward towards a harmonious time together.


Leo/Aquariusleo and aquarius

When it comes to opposites attracting, it’s the exact case for this and they couldn’t be any more different. Fire needs air and Visa-Versa, which is why these two work well when they are trying to help each other. When a Leo is in a friendship, creative partnership or relationship they will want those words of affirmation and validation to feel that they are valued, or else they will feel rubbish. For many signs, this can be seen as self-absorbed and annoying however for open minded Aquarius, they are very good at sharing how they feel and doing so in a positive way that motivates others. If a Leo unexpectedly has a little self-doubt, an Aquarius will say, “Oh, don’t be silly, your great! You know you are!” and so on, which will perk them right back up. It will be the Leo’s job to return the favour because even though an Aquarius will look after others, if it starts being unappreciated, they will eventually pipe up about it and find it difficult to let go.
Communication is key with these two and once you both understand the role you both will play, the quicker you can start having a great time together.


Virgo/Piscesvirgo and pisces

As explained in the beginning, these two put into the partnership what the other person lacks. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and the element of Earth, which means they are very down to earth and hardworking whereas Pisces is ruled by Neptune and the element of Water, they bring the imagination and originality to the mix. Think of them both combining to create a magnificent cake with Virgo acting as the main ingredients and Pisces acting as the icing and decoration. These two work incredibly well together and can help teach each other to grow organically.
A Virgo can be seen as a closed book however, this is often because in the past they have given their time to someone who hasn’t done the same, therefore they want to be cautious about doing this again. Pisces is a sign who believes in true love so if they meet a Virgo, they will remind this Earth sign to throw caution to the wind and give it a go anyway. Living in the moment is more important to a Pisces than worrying about it not working out in the future. Virgo can also teach Pisces to be mindful of others that could be taking advantage of their kind-hearted nature. Pisces could be none the wiser and might need to smarten up a little bit. With these two, both help each other and act as the mentor neither of them ever had.


Do you know someone who is your opposite sign and does it affect your relationship? Comment below and tell us about it!

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