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You need to know what Ancient Runes can tell you now!

Runes are wonderful ancient symbols that originated within Germanic tribes as a type of alphabet centuries ago. They were often used as a powerful tool for divination and protection from evil. There are several versions of the Runic alphabet each with different names, shapes and meanings. The most popular Runes are the “Elder Futhark” which are what many psychics use today as a method of divination. Each rune is inscribed with a magical symbol on a small smooth stone or a piece of wood. Psychics can read the runes to gain insight and provide guidance, much like tarot cards. Runes are kept in a bag and then pulled out one by one and laid out in a spread. They are then read and interpreted by a psychic. Some psychic readers prefer to throw the runes onto a surface and read whichever of the runes land facing up.

Are you interested in reading runes, and want to learn more about the meaning of each of the rune stones? Keep on reading!


This rune represents wealth! It is a sign of financial strength and good luck. An incredibly positive Rune, this also indicates new beginnings and social success. If you are having a difficult time and are experiencing a lack of security, this rune is an excellent one to pick in a reading.



Uruz represents physical strength and health. This is a great time where you will have plenty of strength and courage against all odds. This Rune will come in handy if you are going through some healing after an illness you’ve suffered from.



This Rune is often seen as “the thorn”, it can be sharp and evil, yet it can also be beautiful and protective. Thurisaz indicates that pain must but endured in order to gain rewards. For example, a lot of hard work and studying must take place in order to gain a qualification. It can also represent a painful lesson to be learned. You do however have the power within you to face it and move on. Look at the bright side during this time.



Ansuz can represent an authority figure such as a parent, teacher or boss. This person may be about to change your life for the positive, perhaps a promotion or bonus is on the horizon. Ansuz also represents communication, creativity, wisdom and knowledge making it a great time to improve skills.



This rune represents travel or a physical journey. A journey or change of scenery will be successful and lead to important life changes. Are new experiences such as a move or change of career in your future? If they are, a new place could be revealed as a future home.



You will finally gain clarity which will help you find a solution to an issue. This rune indicates sudden insight or enlightenment and you will find this after a long-standing struggle. This is the revelation you’ve needed! You will be able to put this behind you and start fresh.



Gebo means gifts and the act of giving. You may receive a gift soon which could surprise you. This could be anything from a divine gift, a wonderful opportunity, or even a proposal of marriage! Gebo can also mean a partnership that is a positive one. Whether it be romantic or a business relationship, a generous person is about to enrich your life.



This Rune could mean success and achievement are on the cards for you! Wunjo indicates happiness and celebrations. This indicates that you are about to be rewarded with the ultimate achievement. Romance may be in your near future, as this rune represents success in romance and the flourishing of partnerships. If you’ve been feeling hopefully of late, sit tight because things are going to improve.



It’s time to let go of the past! You must move forward and let go of any emotional blocks and ties to the past in order to experience positivity. This rune also represents the weather as a significant factor. Are you vulnerable to destructive, uncontrolled natural forces? Take preventative measures such as insurance against storms or floods so that they is no groundbreaking damage.



This can be seen as quite a negative Rune as it represents delays, restriction, distress, confusion and conflict. Surprisingly, there is also the power to overcome these with the indication of endurance, survival and determination. It is not the time to rush. Be patient and face your fears. You can do it!



Isa represents a time of standstill or a wait before what is soon to come. Progress may seem slow and this can be frustrating yet this is a reminder that you must wait because good things will come in time. Make sure you do not get yourself into a rut during this time. Do not abandon your goals and have patience.



Jera indicates a positive change, which can occur as a result of hard work and dedication. You will be rewarded for your earlier efforts. This is a time of peace and happiness so give that extra little push you need to finish a job and achieve your goals.



A major life change may be on the horizon for you. Are you about to start a new job? Move away somewhere new? Are you getting married, changing profession, or even taking a retirement? You may feel uncertain about what is ahead, but you will soon realise that this change is good and necessary.



The Rune of Perthro represents a mystery, or a secret matter and all things hidden! Fate is doing its work behind the scenes in your life right now, determining the future and your path. This rune is also linked to fertility.



Algiz is the rune of protection and opportunity. You might be feeling that the path ahead of you in life is filled with dangers and risk however, this Rune is telling you to have no fear. You currently have the power of protection around you, which is great news. Now might be a good time to go ahead with a venture that you may have deemed to be too risky. Don’t belittle your dreams or become complacent.



This is the rune of energy and revelation. This is a time where you should feel powerful to make positive changes in your life and find victory, health and success. A very successful outcome is heading your way if you pick out this extremely fortunate Rune!



You are a warrior! This rune signifies victory and success in competition. Your management and leadership skills will come to light soon. Make full use of all of the skills and wisdom you have within you and victory is yours.



Berkano is the run of birth and fertility. It is an exciting time for rebirth or new beginnings, perhaps a brand new adventure is on the cards for you! This rune can also indicate a pregnancy or a birth. As this is a rune of growth or renewal, now is a good time to start any new ideas or enterprise.




This is a rune of momentum, forward energy and movement, which could represent physical travel such as a car, plane, boat or another type of transportation. Alternatively, this movement could be in the form of gradual development and steady progress towards something positive.



Mannaz is the rune of humanity which represents the human race and human nature. If you are part of a group or community of people, this could be a reference to how this group perceives you or your attitude to this group.



Laguz literally means ocean, sea, or water. This rune represents uncertainty and the unknown, but you should embrace any change and always remain fluid and moving – much like the sea that this Rune is linked to.




This is the rune of peace and harmony. Revealing this Rune may mean that you should be spending more time surrounded by nature, so why not try new outdoor activities such as sports, hiking or even surfing? This rune can also symbolise harmony, approval and agreement in you life.



This is an incredibly positive rune which can indicate that you are in a good position in life. You should be happy and thankful for this instead of focusing on the negatives. You have, or will, achieve balance and will feel the effect of positive forces in your life very soon. Events will take a turn for the better.



This rune represents a home, a property, or land. You are rich in the sense of having a great home and family, and the safety and security that comes with this. Remember to work hard in order to maintain this and always recognise the importance of the home and family.


Comment below if you’ve ever had a Rune reading. Share your story!

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