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Your Boyfriend’s Best Qualities According To His Star Sign

What’s your boyfriend or crush’s star sign? Not only could the time of year he was born have a profound impact on his personality and best qualities, it could also give you an insight into the type of boyfriend he’ll be.


An Aries boyfriend tends to be caring, loving and protective. Whether you’ve had a bad day at work following an argument with a colleague or a relative has hurt your feelings with unnecessary criticism, your Aries boyfriend will always be on hand to defend you. He knows and appreciates how amazing you are and won’t stand by while others knock you down.


Taurus boyfriends tend to be loyal and dependable in every way. Right from the early days of the relationship, you’ll notice he loves to support and help you in everything you do. Although he’s passionate about being by your side, he’s an independent soul and knows that you are too. Therefore, he’s a strong advocate for spending quality time apart, as well as together.


Gemini men are often fun-loving and spontaneous. So if you happen to be dating a Gemini, you’re in for a treat! You can always count on him to transform the dullest of days into an exciting adventure, whether he’s planning trips away or setting a tent up in the back garden for a midnight picnic.


Cancer men are often extremely intuitive. They’re wise beyond their years and can sense when something’s wrong. If you ever struggle to put your feelings into words, a Cancer boyfriend will be by your side to help you express yourself and resolve your problems.


We bet there’s never a dull moment with your Leo boyfriend around. Leo men tend to be hilarious, warm and charismatic. Their sense of humour and confidence makes them stand out in a crowd. Whether you’re doing chores around the house or attending a dull event, your Leo beau is an excellent companion to have. He can make just about any activity fun!


Virgo men tend to be incredibly honest. They’re confident enough to speak their minds when it matters the most and their communication skills are second to none. As a result, they make excellent boyfriends, particularly if you’re an ambitious soul who has big dreams for the future. Your Virgo boyfriend will support you every step of the way, but he won’t be afraid to tell you like it is or warn you if something seems like a bad idea.


Libra boyfriends tend to be peacemakers who dislike arguments and drama. Your time together is likely to be harmonious, tranquil and enjoyable. So whether you’re trying to decide where to eat or you’re splitting household chores between you, his flexibility and desire to make you happy will make for a harmonious life together.


We bet your Scorpio man is passionate, wistful and ambitious. Not only is he open about his feelings for you, he often talks about his big dreams for the future. Whether he pictures travelling the world or living in a gorgeous house in the countryside, the best part is you’re included every step of the way.


Charismatic and adventurous, Sagittarius men are wonderful travel companions. They have impressive organisational skills and can always be counted on to plan fun-filled and action packed adventures, whether in your hometown or overseas.


The average Capricorn man isn’t shy of commitment. When he find the one for him, he goes ‘all in’ and isn’t afraid of sharing his true feelings. Although Capricorns are loyal, dependable and love being in a relationship, they’re strong enough to spend time alone too. Capricorn men love to fall in love, but they wouldn’t dream of being in a relationship with the wrong person to avoid being alone. So if you have a Capricorn for a boyfriend, you know he’s crazy about you and in it for the right reasons.


If your boyfriend’s an Aquarius, we bet you’ve already shared all your secrets with one another and know exactly what makes the other person tick. There’s nothing you love more than a night in together. You’re not interested in spending too much time binge watching Netflix, though. You’d rather spend all night talking about your dreams and ambitions.


Pisces men are sensitive souls who care deeply about not only the people they know, but also the people they don’t. When you date a Pisces man, you can be proud that you’re with someone who not only wants to make your life magical, but also make the world a better place.

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