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Your Psychic Medium Style According To Your Star Sign

With each star sign having their own personality traits, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses it would make sense that each would also prefer a certain medium style when they get psychic readings.

We’re going to look at each star sign and outline what kind of psychic you should go for and what kind of reading will work best for you.


Those under the Aries sign like to get straight to the point with their readings and have a great ability to process information very quickly. Aries don’t like to wait around and can get impatient with long drawn out readings. If you’re an Aries, you need a psychic who is going to cut out all the nonsense and just tell you how it is.


Unlike Aries, those under the Taurus sign love long, drawn out readings that go into great detail. They can stay focused on the spirit world for long periods. With brief psychic readings, Taureans can miss important information and need longer to process all that they are told.


A successful reading for a Gemini is one where they get direct messages from the spirit world. Whether that’s through a spirit board or through a medium, it doesn’t matter, they just need a clear message from the other side.


Those under the Cancer sign should seek out psychic and mediums who have the ability of being natural empaths. They connect with these psychics much more easily and can get much better readings because of it.


Leos are all about finding strong clairvoyants and like readings that are inspirational. Positivity is key with a Leo and they like to feel like they’ve been healed after a strong psychic session. However, if you are a Leo and you’re getting a reading, try not to want too much out of it as you may be disappointed even when the reading goes well.


Virgos love the little details in their readings, rather than general over arching themes,  so they need to find mediums who are very detail oriented. Virgos can be a little overly critical at times which can stunt the flow of the reading so be mindful of that. Let your psychic do their thing!


Libras like to get stuck into their readings with lots of questions and back and forth with their psychic. Not all psychics like to work this way so it’s important to find one that likes interaction and doesn’t need to focus too much within themselves. It’s all about conversation!


Scorpios have a strong interest in clairsentience so need to find a psychic that is strong in this area. Scorpios tend to enjoy very intense readings and like to get into the mysteries of the spiritual world, such as the afterlife.


Those under the Sagittarius sign love positive and optimistic readings. They want to leave a reading feeling completely uplifted. Quick and joyful readings are perfect for Sagittarius signs as they don’t like really lengthy readings.


Capricorn signs like to micromanage their readings and have a tendency to be a little overbearing. Whilst the determination is admirable, it’s best to let the psychic get on with their reading as it will turn out much better.


Those under the Aquarius sign have a love of claircognizance so should find psychics with a natural flair for this. Aquarians love to be inspired but can be a little dismissive of nature so don’t like readings that feature this topic heavily.


When it comes to their psychics and their readings, Pisces can have problem with boundaries. Those under the Pisces sign get so excited and involved that they can overstep. Just make sure to take a step back every now and then and give your psychic some breathing space.

Now you know what kind of reading suits you, why not choose one of our telephone psychic readings & gifted psychics?

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